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The University Offices has details of Blaise Pascal Chairs, which are prestigious visiting professorships administered by the Fondation de l' École Normale Supérieure and tenable at any institution of higher education in Paris or the ūle de France. The awards may be held in any subject. The closing date is 31 December. Further information, including the application form, is available from the secretary to the Secretary of Faculties (telephone: Oxford (2)70014, e-mail:

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Applications are invited for a Pirie-Reid Scholarship, tenable at the University by graduates (including persons expecting to graduate in 1999) who intend in October 1999 to commence working for a degree or diploma.

Preference will be given to candidates applying from universities, i.e. not already matriculated at Oxford, and to those domiciled or educated in Scotland. Candidates not fulfilling these criteria are unlikely to be successful.

The scholarship, which is to be awarded to persons wishing to begin a course of study at Oxford who would otherwise be prevented by lack of funds, will cover university and college fees and provide a grant for maintenance, subject to assessment of other sources of income (maintenance grants for 1998–9 are £810 for undergraduates and £5,680 for postgraduates). It will be renewable from year to year, subject to satisfactory progress and continuance of approved full-time study.

Candidates for the Pirie-Reid Scholarship are expected to have applied for admission to the University in the usual way.

Application forms may be obtained from Mrs J. Brown, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70213, e-mail:

The closing date for applications is 1 May 1999.

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A number of scholarships will be available to British citizens under the age of thirty-five, who have already obtained their first degree and who wish to spend the 1999–2000 academic year studying at selected universities in Israel. The scholarships are not intended to be used to obtain a degree and candidates must have a proposed programme of study or a well- defined research proposal.

The scholarships include tuition fees and a stipend of $600 per month to cover basic living and accommodation costs for one person. Applicants who are not fluent in Hebrew may, where relevant, take a Hebrew language course during August–September.

The government of Israel is also offering two Summer Course Scholarships for courses lasting between three and six weeks and taught in English at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Application forms and further details can be obtained from the International Office (telephone: (2)70241). The closing date for applications to reach the Embassy of Israel is 12 January 1999.

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Two Henry Fellowships are expected to be available for the academic year 1999–2000: one at Harvard University and one at Yale University. Candidates must be citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies, unmarried, and under the age of twenty-six on 1 January 1999. They must either be undergraduates at a UK university who have completed six terms there on 1 January 1999 or graduates of a UK university who are in their first year of postgraduate study.

One or two Procter Fellowships are expected to be available at Princeton University tenable for the academic year 1999–2000. The fellowships are open to candidates who are married or single, who have achieved first-class honours in their first degree at a UK university, and are normally in their second or third year of postgraduate study.

Application forms are available from the University Registry, The Old Schools, Cambridge CB2 1TN. Further details of the fellowships are available from the International Office (telephone: (2)70241).

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Wingate Scholarships are awarded to individuals who need financial support to undertake creative or original work of intellectual, scientific, artistic, social, or environmental value, and to talented musicians for advanced training.

The work undertaken may be in the context of a higher degree, but awards are not normally made for professional training, standard taught courses, or for electives. Wingate Scholarships may be held for up to three years and the average total award is £6,500 (the maximum in any one year is £10,000).

Applicants must: satisfy the Scholarships Committee that they need financial support to undertake the work projected; be citizens of the United Kingdom or other Commonwealth country, Ireland or Israel, or of another European country provided that they are, and been for at least five years, resident in the United Kingdom; be resident in the British Isles during the application period; be over twenty-four years of age on 1 September 1999.

More detailed information and application forms may be obtained by writing to the Administrator, Wingate Scholarships, 38 Curzon Street, London W1Y 8EY, enclosing a stamped (39-pence) and addressed A4 envelope. The closing date for applications is 1 February 1999, and candidates are strongly advised to send for forms and submit them well in advance of this date. Interviews of short-listed candidates will be held in London in May, and results will be announced in June 1999.

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