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Professor of Numerical Analysis

PROFESSOR L.N. TREFETHEN will deliver his inaugural lecture at 5 p.m. on Monday, 26 April, in the Examination Schools. The Vice-Chancellor will be present.

Subject: `Scientific computing: the finite, the infinite, and the future.'

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PROFESSOR P. TEMIN, Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will deliver the Sir John Hicks Lecture at 5 p.m. on Friday, 12 March, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `A new view of the golden age of economic growth.'

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DORE ASHTON, Professor of Art History, the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, will deliver the Joseph Beuys Lecture at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, 11 March, in the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda's College.

Subject: `What is good painting—who knows?'

Admission is free but numbers are strictly limited. For reservations and further information telephone Oxford (2)76940.

Presented by The Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in collaboration with the Tate Gallery and supported by Southern Arts.

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PROFESSOR FRANK LESTRINGANT, Universite de Lille-III, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 11 March, in the Taylor Institution.

Conveners: Terence Cave MA, D.Phil, and Richard Cooper MA, D.Phil., Professors of French.

Subject: `La Mappe-Monde Nouvelle Papistique: une cartographie iconoclaste.'

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PROFESSOR A.M.B. BERGER, Astor Visiting Lecturer, University of California (Davis), will present a public colloquium at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 17 March, in the Denis Arnold Hall, the Music Faculty.

Subject: `Friedrich Ludwig and the invention of the Middle Ages.'

PROFESSOR K. BERGER, Astor Visiting Lecturer, Stanford University, will deliver a public lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 18 March, in the Holywell Music Room.

Subject: `The genealogy of modern music.'

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University Department of Pharmacology

The Channel 4 film Assault on the Mind will be shown at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, 17 March, in the Lecture Theatre, the Department of Pharmacology. It will be preceded by a brief introduction by Professor A.D. Smith, Director of the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (OPTIMA), who will answer questions afterwards. Because this is a private showing, without charge, it is essential that application is made in advance for tickets, as the number of places is limited. Tickets may be obtained from Lesley Gibbons (telephone: (2)71883, e- mail: lesley.gibbons@pharm.ox.ac.uk).

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Annual Conference: Globalisation, state power, and international institutions: Brazil in a new age of dependency?

The Annual Conference will be held on Monday, 15 March, and Tuesday, 16 March, in St Antony's College. Further information may be obtained from the Centre for Brazilian Studies, 33 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2NP (telephone: Oxford 554026, fax: 554030, e-mail: enquiries@brazilian- studies.ox.ac.uk).

Monday, 15 March

Opening session, 9.45 a.m.–11.15 a.m.

PROFESSOR T. BIERSTEKER, Brown University: `Globalisation, state power, and international institutions: what are the issues?'

AMBASSADOR G. FONSECA: `Power and legitimacy in international institutions.'

Session two: Politics and policy-making (11.30 a.m.–12.45 p.m.)

PROFESSOR L. PINHEIRO, IRI/PUC, Rio de Janeiro, and PROFESSOR M.R. SOARES DA LIMA, IUPERJ and IRI/PUC, Rio de Janeiro: `Internationalisation, democracy, and foreign- policy making in Brazil.'

Session three: Regional interactions and institutions (2.15–4 p.m.)

DR A. HURRELL: `Overview: power, norms, and institutions in the western hemisphere.'

I: Brazil, Mercosul, and South America

P. DA MOTTA VEIGA, FUNEX, Rio de Janeiro: `Brazil and regional economic integration.'

DR S. MYAMOTO, UNICAMP, Campinas: `Regional security: what sorts of norms? What kinds of possible institutions?'

Session four: Regional interactions and institutions: II Brazil and hemispheric integration (4.15–6 p.m.)

Speaker to be announced: `Hemispheric integration: a US perspective.'

M. HIRST, Fundacion Centro de Estudos Brasileiros, Buenos Aires: `Hemispheric integration: a Brazilian perspective.'

L. WHITEHEAD: `Open regionalism? Its implications for the US/EU/Brazil triangle.'

Tuesday, 16 March

Session five: Global interactions and institutions: I political issues (9.30–11 a.m.)

DR D. MALONE, International Peace Academy, New York: `Introduction: the UN system: what sorts of reform? What kinds of roles for Brazil?'

PROFESSOR P.S. PINHEIRO, Sao Paulo: `Brazil and the international human rights system.'

DR P. WROBEL, Royal Institute for International Affairs, London: `Brazil and international security.'

Session six: Global interactions and institutions: II trade and environmental issues (11.15 a.m.–12.45 p.m.)

PROFESSOR M. DE PAIVA ABREU, PUC, Rio de Janeiro: `Brazil and the WTO.'

DR R. GUIMARAES, CEPAL, Santiago: `Brazil and global environmental politics.'

Session seven: Global interactions and institutions: III financial issues (2.15—4.15 p.m.)

PROFESSOR V. FITZGERALD: `Overview: financial markets, institutions, and vulnerable economies: what are the issues?'

Round Table I

PROFESSOR A. FISHLOW, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, DR E. CARDOSO, World Bank, and PROFESSOR L. FERNANDES, IRI/PUC, Rio de Janeiro and UFF, Niteroi: `The crisis, Brazil, and international financial institutions.'

Round Table II (4.15–6 p.m.)

D. LIPTON, Carnegie Endowment, Washington DC, DR M. CARAMURU, Ministry of Finance, Brasilia (to be confirmed), D. PERETZ, Treasury, London (to be confirmed), and E. GRILLI, Johns Hopkins University: `Institutions and the management of the global financial system.'

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P.D. Leake Lectures in Accounting 1999

PROFESSOR N. BRUNSSON, City of Stockholm Professor of Public Management, Stockholm School of Economics, will lecture on the organisational functions of accounting on Wednesday, 17 March (9 a.m. and 2 p.m.), and Thursday, 18 March (9 a.m.), in Lecture Theatre 1, St Anne's College. Further information may be obtained from Deborah Lisburne at the Said Business School (telephone: 228521, e-mail: Deborah.Lisburne@sbs.ox.ac.uk).

Subject: `Accounting, rationality, and organisational reform.'

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Intellectual property in the new millennium

PROFESSOR BRONWYN HALL will give a seminar at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 9 March, in the Latner Room, St Peter's College.

Conveners: D. Vaver, MA, Reuters Professor of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law and Director of the Centre, and C.A. Greenhalgh, MA, Reader in Economics and Research Director of the Centre.

Subject: `The patent paradox revisited: the determinants of patenting in the US semiconductor industry, 1980–94.'

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Corcoran Memorial Lectures

PROFESSOR PETER MCCULLAGH, Chicago, will deliver the Corcoran Memorial Lectures as follows on Thursday, 11 March, in the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre, St Anne's College.

3.30 p.m.: `Resampling and exchangeable arrays.'

5 p.m.: `Linear models and representation theory.'

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Archie Cochrane `Effectiveness and Efficiency' Anniversary Lecture

PROFESSOR C. SILAGY, Monash, will deliver the Archie Cochrane Lecture at 6 p.m. on Thursday, 18 March, in the Witts Lecture Theatre, the Radcliffe Infirmary.

Subject: `The challenge of the post-Cochrane agenda: consumers and evidence.'

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Special lecture

DR J. HAMILTON, Alistair Horne Visiting Fellow, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 11 March, in the New Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College.

Subject: `Art, science, and song—researching across boundaries in mid- nineteenth-century British culture.'

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Design and development of multimedia and the Web for teaching and learning

PROFESSOR DIANA LAURILLARD will lecture at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 9 March, in the Headley Lecture Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum.

Subject: ` "Academics like to fiddle": design tools for academics to create teaching through multimedia.'

`Show and Tell' morning

A `Show and Tell' morning will be held on Thursday, 18 March, 9.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m., in Lecture Room A, the Computing Services.

Information on OxTalent's events can be found at http://info.ox.ac.uk/oxtalent/.

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