No. 4494 Thursday 3 December 1998 Vol. 129

Oxford team gets £3m for AIDS research : A team of Oxford scientists ihas been given a grant worth nearly £3 million to help develop an Aids vaccine.

Oxford honours Presidents of Harvard and Yale : Two Oxonians, who now hold the top positions at Harvard and Yale, were honoured by the University at a special ceremony on 23 November for their contribution to education and to celebrate the close and long-standing links that unite Oxford with the leading universities of America.

Philosophy dialogues in Sweden : Stockholm, this year's European Cultural Capital, was the host city to an international conference on Philosophical Dialogues, organised by the European Humanities Research Centre, with a £5,000 prize donated by the Swedish Government.

Oxford team sets out `to weigh' particles : University researchers are taking a leading role in a complex underground experiment which could solve one of the great debates in particle physics—whether or not neutrinos have mass.

China faces smoker's crisis : The University's Clinical Trial Service Unit has just published the results from the world's largest-ever investigation into tobacco deaths, revealing that more than 100 million Chinese males now under 30 are likely to die as a result of smoking-related diseases.

Chance find tracks man's roots to Africa : An oxford geographer has identified what is believed to be the oldest skeleton of a modern human to be found in Africa, by dating grains of sand, giving rise to the claim that Africa was the original home of the human race.

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