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PETER BROOKS (BA, MA, PH.D. Harvard), Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities and Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Yale University, who was originally appointed to the professorship for the academic year 1998–9, but unable to take up the post, has now been appointed to the professorship for the academic year 2001–2.

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On the recommendation of the Clinical Medicine Board, the General Board has assigned the Nuffield Department of Pathology and Bacteriology to K.C. GATTER, BM, MA, Fellow of St John's College and Professor of Pathology, on an acting basis from 9 May 1999 until a new professor and head of department is appointed.

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The Prize in `the works of Dante' has been awarded to MARION TURNER, St Anne's College.

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The Prize has been awarded to FERDIA A. GALLAGHER, New College.

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The Prize has been awarded to MYRIAM BENRHAIEM, St Hilda's College.

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Vivien Leigh Prize 1999

The Prize has been awarded to TIMOTHY BRADEN, Brasenose College.

Proxime accesserunt: SARAH MACKIE, Pembroke College, and ROSANNA WELLESLEY, Magdalen College.

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Opening hours, Long Vacation 1999

The Counselling Service will be open as follows during the Long Vacation:

Monday, 28 June–Friday, 24 September: 9.30 a.m.–1.30 p.m.

From Monday, 27 September, open at usual times: 9.15 a.m.–5.15 p.m., weekdays.

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Survey of off-air recording

This notice is to inform members of the University about a survey of educational recordings in which the University is obliged to participate this year, and to request co-operation in collecting the necessary information.

The University (including its constituent colleges) is covered by an Educational Recording Agency (ERA) Licence to record radio and television broadcasts and cable programmes for educational use, without infringing copyright. The University pays about £24,000 per annum for this licence.

It is a condition of the licence that institutions may be required to maintain for a specified period of time details of radio and television recordings made under the licence and to return this information to the ERA. Oxford University has been selected to take part in ERA's survey during the period 1 September 1998 to 31 August 1999 and the University is therefore asking all staff for assistance in collating the information required.

In each department and college, and some faculty offices, an individual has been nominated as the local co-ordinator for the survey. All staff are asked to give details to the most appropriate co-ordinator of all recordings of radio and television programmes which they make for educational purposes whether at home, in the University, or elsewhere. The information required is the title, date, and channel of the programme, and the location where the recording was made. As statistics have to be returned by the University at the end of every month, it is important that a co- ordinator is informed as soon as possible after a recording is made.

The identity of the local co-ordinator should be publicised in each department, college, and (where appropriate) faculty office. If it is not clear, the departmental administrator, senior tutor, or faculty office administrator should be able to identify the co- ordinator. In cases of difficulty, details of recordings can be passed instead to the University's central co-ordinator, Miss Catherine Long, at the ETRC (telephone: (2)70529, e-mail: It is, of course, necessary to pass information about recordings only to one co-ordinator; there is no need, for example, to inform both a college co-ordinator and a faculty co-ordinator but simply the one which is most convenient.

Please note that ERA are likely to visit the University at some stage during the survey period and to monitor the information returned against recordings held by the University. It is therefore important that the required information is collected carefully and that recordings are available for inspection if necessary. It is also important to note the requirement (which is general and not just for the period of the survey) that each recording should be labelled with the date and time, and with the statement that `This recording is to be used only for educational purposes'.

It is hoped that the survey will not cause too much inconvenience, and the full co-operation of members of the University would be appreciated.

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The Taylor Institution Library will be closed on Monday, 19 July, as there will be no electricity in the building on that day.

From the start of the Long Vacation, the Main Library in St Giles' will be affected by construction work for the Ashmolean Museum's new Chinese Paintings Gallery. The areas most likely to be affected by noise are the Periodicals Room and the stacks on the upper floors. Steps are being taken to minimise disturbance from the construction, which will take place over several months. The library apologises for the inconvenience to users.

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The CMSC considers matters of mutual interest to the museums and scientific collections, and reports to the General Board of the Faculties. The CMSC's newsletter, which is aimed at staff in the museums and collections, is now available on the Web at

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The University Holiday Play-scheme begins on Monday, 26 July, and runs every weekday until Friday, 27 August. The opening hours are from 8.15 a.m. to 6.15 p.m. Children can stay a whole or half-day and will have an exciting range of activities and play to choose from.

Children between the ages of five and fourteen years will be catered for with activities for the under-eights provided separately from those for older children. Parents and guardians who are students of the University, or employees of the University or one of its constituent colleges, will have priority booking, with unsold places available to other parents after these groups.

The play-scheme will take place in St Frideswide Middle School in Marston Ferry Road, Summertown, Oxford. The school is superbly equipped with excellent playing fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, and two indoor sports halls. In addition there is good access to the Ferry Pool. There will be a free minibus service from the centre of Oxford for those who need it.

A full day will be charged at £15, £7.50 for a half-day, and £62.50 for a full week, with concessions for siblings, and students and lone parents.

Details and booking forms can be found on the university's Web site at, or can be obtained from the Equal Opportunities Administrative Assistant (telephone: Oxford (2)70238, e- mail:

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