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JOHN MICHAEL TITCHMARSH, D.PHIL. (BA Cambridge), Philips Professor in Materials Analysis, Materials Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University, has been appointed to the research professorship for a period of five years with effect from 1 September 1998.

Professor Titchmarsh will be a fellow of St Anne's College.

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Michael Foster Memorial Scholarship 1998–9: JEREMY BROWN, Christ Church

Theodor Heuss Research Fellowship 1998–9: MS JOSIE MCLELLAN, Mansfield College

Hanseatic Scholarships 1998–2000: PAUL PROBERT, St Antony's College, and MS LISA SARGEANT, Christ Church

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The Prize has beena awarded to SUDARSHAN KUMARAN, Green College.

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The second part of the exceptional ceremonies on Friday, 2 October 1998 will be held at 2.30 p.m. (see Gazette, 5 March, p. 868).

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Acting in accordance with Tit. XI, Sect. vi, § 2, cl. 2 (Statutes, 1997, p. 71), the Senior Proctor nominated, and the Vice-Chancellor admitted to office as an additional Pro-Proctor for a period of seven days from 3 April 1998, TERENCE VALENTINE JONES, MA, D.PHIL., Fellow of St Catherine's. This appointment was made in order to allow documents to be formally signed while the Senior Proctor and his regular deputies were temporarily absent from the University.

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Dr Lee's Professorship of Chemistry

                                  Appointed by

The President of St John's
(chairman)                       Mr Vice-Chancellor[1]
The Rector of Exeter             ex officio
Professor D.A. King              Council
Professor R.M. Lynden-Bell       General Board
Professor G.R. Fleming           General Board
Professor K. Burnett             Physical Sciences Board
Professor W.G. Richards          Physical Sciences Board
Dr T.P. Softley                  Physical Sciences Board
Professor J.M. Brown             Exeter College

[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. iii, cl. 2 (Statutes, 1997, p. 67).


Annual Report 1996–7

The Annual Report for 1996–7 of the Committee for the Scientific Collections in the University Museum has recently been published, and a copy may be obtained by any member of Congregation on request to the secretary of the committee at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road.

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It has been decided that any former member of Congregation over the age of seventy-five who is resident in Oxford may continue to receive the Gazette, if he or she so wishes, on application in writing to the Information Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. Such applications must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

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Sun Alliance Connections, the personal insurances division of the main insurer of the University, provides discounts for members, staff, their families, and pensioners of the University of Oxford. The following savings can be achieved:

Household (buildings and/or contents: 20 per cent;
Travel (including winter sports): 12.5 per cent;
Private medical expenses: 10 per cent;
Private car: 5 per cent.

The University acts solely as an introducer of business to Sun Alliance Connections, receiving no commission or other remuneration, with all savings passed on to the subscribing member. For further information, a brochure may be obtained from Graham Waite (telephone: (2)80307), or Gill Tombs (telephone: (2)70110) at the University Offices. To obtain a quotation or receive specific information on the covers available, telephone Sun Alliance Connections' regional office on 0800 300 822, quoting the appropriate reference: SCH266 for car insurance; otherwise 34V0067.

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Intensive weekend language courses

The Language Centre will be running weekend courses in Trinity Term. Each course will consist of eight hours of tuition with an emphasis on speaking and listening to the language, running from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., with a half- hour break. Some of the material to be studied will be taken from satellite TV, radio broadcasts, and newspaper articles. The maximum number of participants per group will be fifteen. A fee of £25 will be charged to junior members of the University and other full-time students, £32 to members of Congregation and members of staff, and £40 to non-members.

Courses will be offered as follows: German, end of Week Four (Saturday, 23 May, Sunday, 24 May), at the following levels: Absolute Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate.

Italian, end of Week Four (Saturday, 23 May, Sunday, 24 May), at the following levels: Absolute Beginners, Lower Intermediate.

French, end of Week Six (Saturday, 6 June, Sunday, 7 June), at the following levels: False Beginners, Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate.

Spanish, end of Week Six (Saturday, 6 June, Sunday, 7 June), at the following levels: Absolute Beginners, Lower Intermediate.

Anyone who wishes to receive further details and a booking form for these courses should contact Angela Pinkney, Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: (2)83360, e-mail: An application form is downloadable from the Centre's World Wide Web pages: nd_courses/.

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OLIS, Oxford University's Library system, is an integrated library system which offers online cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions and periodicals registration. Seventy-nine Oxford libraries now catalogue onto OLIS. See below for a complete list of member libraries with information about when they began cataloguing and whether they also use the Acquisitions Circulation or Periodical registration modules.

OLIS is a union catalogue which contains cataloguing information (i.e. bibliographic records) from all of the member libraries. This enables a reader to search for any book held in any OLIS member library from any terminal or microcomputer connected to OLIS. Copy information (i.e. shelfmark) which is specific to a particular library has been separated so that when searching for a book, you will first be shown the copy information for the items held in the library where you are conducting your search. If there are copies in other libraries, for which there is information in the OLIS catalogue, you will be given the chance to see the information about them. It will still be necessary to check other catalogues in the libraries concerned to find information about holdings not yet catalogued on OLIS. In common with most other academic libraries in the UK, the catalogue can be searched from any terminal capable of connected to the University's network.

Retrospective conversion of card and other catalogues into machine readable form so that they can be interrogated online has been recognised by the University as a major priority. The OLIS catalogue currently has over 4.1 million copies attached to 2.9 million individual titles. The Bodleian Library's Pre-1920 catalogue comprising 1.2 million titles has been available on CD-ROM since January 1994.

The University is funding the conversion of records in the Bodleian Guard book catalogues, and in the card catalogues of Bodleian dependent libraries. This project, using services provided by OCLC, will be completed this academic year. A similar project to convert the remaining printed catalogues in the Taylorian is also in process. A project to produce machine readable records for early printed books from the Inter-Collegiate Catalogue, funded by HEFCE are available on OLIS. Details of the project are available at

Online circulation (issuing, reservations, and fines) has been introduced into 29 OLIS libraries. This allows readers registered in these libraries to find out what they have on loan and to place reservations from any terminal. Online acquisitions allows a reader to find out when a book has been ordered and received by one of the 34 libraries now using the Acquisitions module. Ten libraries are now using the periodicals registration module. This allows readers to find out when a specific issue of a journal has been received or declared missing.

Searching the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allows you to access the items catalogued by any of these 79 libraries. There is information about opening hours, admissions policies as well as access to library guides on the University Information System at

The online catalogue is designed so that it can be used easily, but guidance in how to use it is also provided via the online help screens. Explanatory leaflets about basic searching procedures are available in any OLIS library or from the Libraries Automation Service (2-78170). Library staff are able to show readers how to use the online catalogue and give advice on how to search the catalogue. Assistance with problems is also provided by an Online Catalogue Help Desk (2-77163), staffed by members of the Bodleian Library Cataloguing Division. This is located in the Lower Reading Room of the Bodleian Library.



                               (1)        (2)       (3)         (4)

(1) Cataloguing
(2) Circulation
(3) Acquisitions
(4) Periodicals Registration  
All Souls College             Feb 1990
Ashmolean                     Jun 1990             Aug 1991
Balfour Library 
   (Pitt Rivers)              Nov 1993                       Aug 1995
Balliol College               Sep 1989             Aug 1991
Biochemistry                  Jul 1994
Bodleian                      Sep 1988             Aug 1992
Bodleian Japanese Library     Jan 1988   Oct 1994  Aug 1993
Bodleian Law Library          Sep 1988             Aug 1992
Brasenose College             Aug 1993
Cairns Medical Library        Sep 1997   Sep 1997
Centre for Islamic Studies    Jan 1998
Clarendon Laboratory          Jan 1993   Oct 1995
Classics Lending              Oct 1992   Apr 1994
Computing Laboratory          Jun 1990   Oct 1994
Corpus Christi College        Aug 1989   Oct 1992  Aug 1990   Jan 95
Criminological Research       Feb 1995
Earth Sciences                Feb 1992             Aug 1993   Jan 95
Education Studies             Mar 1991   Aug 1995  Aug 1995
Engineering Science           Feb 1991   Oct 1997
English Faculty               Jan 1989   Apr 1990  Aug 1991
Exeter College                Oct 1997
Experimental Psychology       Jun 1990   Oct 1992
Geography                     Jan 1990   Jan 1995  Aug 1991
Harris Manchester             June 1998
Hertford                      June 1998
History Faculty               May 1991   Oct 1996
History of Art                Jan 1992             Aug 1993
History of Science            Feb 1996
Hooke                         Jan 1989   Oct 1989  Oct 1992    Jan 98
Indian Institute              Sep 1988   Oct 1997  Aug 1992 
Institute of Economics 
   & Statistics               Jan 1990
Jesus College                 Aug 1992
Keble College                 Jan 1993
Kellogg College/
  Continuing Education        Sep 1992    Oct 1994 
Lady Margaret Hall            Jul 1992             Oct 1993
Latin American Centre         Jan 1991             Nov 1991
Lincoln College               Jan 1992   Oct 1994
Magdalen College              Jan 1993   Oct 1997
Maison Francaise              Jan 1991
Materials Department          Jan 1993   Oct 1995
Mathematical Institute        May 1990
Merton College                May 1997
Middle East Centre            Jan 1991             Nov 1991
Modern Languages Faculty      Jan 1988   Apr 1990  Sep 1992
Music Faculty                 Jun 1990
New College                   Sep 1989
Nuffield College              Sep 1989   Oct 1994  Aug 1990   Jan 93
Oriental Institute            Jan 1988             Aug 1992
    Chinese Studies           Jan 1988             Aug 1992
    Eastern Art               Jan 1988             Aug 1992
Philosophy                    Nov 1990   Apr 1995  Sep 1992
Physics (Astro, Nuclear)      Jan 1993   
Physiology Departmental       Jun 1990   Oct 1997
Plant Sciences                Jan 1990   Oct 1993
Queen Elizabeth House         Jan 1990   Oct 1992  Aug 1991   Jan 95
Queen's College               Feb 1992             Oct 1997    Oct 97
Radcliffe Science             Sep 1988             Jan 1991     Jan
Regent's Park                 Nov 1997
Rhodes House Library          Sep 1988             Aug 1992   Jan 98 

Said Business School          Apr 1996   Oct 1996  Oct 1996
St Anne's College             Jan 1991             Sep 1992
St Antony's College           Jan 1991             Dec 1991
St Cross College              Oct 1993
St Edmund Hall                Jan 1992
St Hugh's                     Jul 1995
St John's College             Jan 1995
St Peter's College            Oct 1993   Oct 1997  Sep 1994
Social and Cultural 
   Anthropology               Jan 1992
Social Studies                Jan 1989   Jan 1990  Aug 1991   Jan 95
Socio-Legal Studies           Jul 1994
Staff Library                 Sep 1989             Jan 1993
Taylor Institution            Sep 1988
Theology                      Jan 1990   Oct 1994
Trinity College               Apr 1992
University Museum             Jan 1991
Wadham College                Apr 1992                       
Wellcome Institute            Oct 1993
Wolfson College               Jul 1990             Aug 1992
Zoology                       Jan 1990   Oct 1997            Jan 98

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Summer visitor management scheme

From Monday, 4 May, a summer visitor management scheme will come into operation at the Old Library in order to reduce the congestion experienced by readers and university staff during the peak tourist period.

Visitors will follow a route entering the buildings at Chancellorís Court, proceeding through Convocation House and the Divinity School and leaving the building via Old Schools Quad.

The scheme will run between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily and between 10 a.m. and 12 noon on Saturdays from May to the end of September.

Visitors will be discouraged from entering Old Schools Quad via the Great Gate, North or South passageways unless they are shop or exhibition visitors. These entrances will be patrolled by the summer scheme staff and there will be signage at these points explaining the new routing.

Readers and those on university business will be able to use whichever entrance to the Old Schools Quad they find most convenient. It would greatly assist the smooth working of the new system if readers and staff would announce themselves, if necessary, to the summer scheme staff at these entry points.

Further information may be obtained from Dr Judith Thomas, Assistant Secretary of the Library

(telephone: (2)77224, e-mail:

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