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PROFESSOR VERA C. RUBIN, Carnegie Institute, Washington, has been appointed to the 1998 Halley Lecturership. The lecture will be delivered at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 19 May 1998, in the Lecture Theatre, the University Museum. The subject of the lecture will be announced in due course.

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A Kolkhorst Exhibition in Spanish has been awarded to HELEN BARNES, St Catherine's College.

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First Prize: AMY STREET, New College

Second Prize: OLIVER RADLEY-GARDNER, Keble College.

Awards for meritorious work: J.E. MORGAN, Balliol College, and DAVID A. SCOFFIELD, University College.

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It is regretted that there was an error in the numbering of the summary of recommendations of the Dearing Committee as printed in Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4449, 15 October 1997, p. 151. The paragraph on p. 154 numbered as recommendation 58 (`The outcomes of the review ...') should have been shown as the final paragraph of recommendation 57, and the recommendations numbered as 59--89 on pp. 154--6 should have been numbered as 58--88 respectively. The references to these recommendations in the University's comments, as printed on p. 159, are to the correctly numbered recommendations, not to the recommendations as numbered in the Supplement.

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The composition of the electoral boards to the posts below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

                                      Appointed by

Professorship of English Law

The Principal of St Hilda's 
(Chairman)                                Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The President of St John's                ex officio
The Hon. Mrs Justice Arden                Council
Professor H.G. Genn                       General Board
Professor G.H. Jones                      General Board
Mr J. Hackney                             Law Board
Mr M.H. Matthews                          Law Board
Professor B.A. Rudden                     Law Board
Professor M.R. Freedland                  St John's College

Professorship of Optoelectronic Engineering

The Warden of Rhodes House
(Chairman)                            Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Master of St Cross                ex officio
Professor C. Hilsum                   Council
Professor J.E. Carroll                General Board
Professor J.E. Midwinter              General Board
Professor D.W. Clarke                 Physical Sciences Board
Professor L. Tarassenko               Physical Sciences Board
Dr S.J. Sheard                        Physical Sciences Board
Professor J.B. Pethica                St Cross College

Professorship of Pure Mathematics

The President of St John's 
(Chairman)                            Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
Professor M. Broué             Council
Professor P. Bayer                    General Board
Professor C. Evans                    General Board
Professor D.G. Quillen                Mathematical Sciences Board
Professor N.J. Hitchin                Mathematical Sciences Board
Professor C. Kenig                    Mathematical Sciences Board
Dr A.L.S. Corner                      Worcester College
Dr A.D. Lunn                          Worcester College

[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. III, cl. 2 (Statutes, 1997, p. 67).

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The Committee for the History of Art proposes to award this prize in Hilary Term 1998, provided that there is a candidate of sufficient merit.

The prize (which will be one of up to £1,000) is open to all members of the University, whether men or women, who have not exceeded twenty-one terms from their matriculation. Preference will be given to candidates whose travel plans are not related to their academic discipline. It will be awarded to enable the prizewinner to travel to Asia, the Far East, or another area outside Europe to extend knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts.

The holder of the prize will be expected to submit a report on the travels after return.

Candidates should apply in writing to the Secretary to the Committee for the History of Art, Modern History Faculty, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD, no later than Friday, 30 January 1998.

Applications must include, in addition to any testimonials which the applicant may wish to submit:

(a) the applicant's name, college, and date of matriculation;

(b) a summary of academic career since matriculation, and of any relevant attainments, qualifications, or interests;

(c) the object of the travel to be undertaken, and the proposed itinerary;

(d) the names of two referees, who should be tutors or others in a position to judge of the applicant's ability to profit from the travel proposed.

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Many international students in Oxford benefit from the HOST programme, which enables them to spend a weekend or a few days over Christmas in the homes of British people all over the country. HOST is a voluntary scheme, backed by the British Council, the FCO, and the universities. More volunteer hosts are always needed.

Anyone who would like to entertain international students occasionally, and help them to feel welcome and at home in Britain, may request further information from the HOST regional organiser, Margaret Stevens (telephone and fax: 01793 765213).

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The remaining Gazettes of this term will be published on 4, 11, and 18 December. Publication resumes on 15 January.

The usual deadlines for receipt of copy will apply to the 15 January Gazette: 12 noon on Wednesday, 7 January, for paid advertisements; 5 p.m. on Thursday, 8 January, for official notices.

Appointments Supplements will appear with the Gazettes of 11 December and 22 January.

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Intensive German courses for archaeologists

A week of intensive German courses for archaeologists, for beginners and intermediate learners, will be offered in the Institute of Archaeology in week nine of Hilary Term (16–20 March). Those wishing to attend should register as soon as possible with the receptionist at the institute (telephone: (2)78240), giving details of name, college, contact number, and the desired course. The course tutor is Gertrud Seidmann, Research Associate of the institute.

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2 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UB

Isis Innovation, a wholly-owned company of the University, was established in 1988. The company has been formed to exploit know-how arising out of research funded by the UK Government through the Research Councils and funded by other bodies where the rights are not tied. The function of the company is to ensure that the results of research bring rewards to Oxford, and to the inventors, who are given a financial incentive for exploitation.

Isis seeks licensees willing to pay lump sums and/or royalties for the use of know-how arising out of research. Isis also exploits the intellectual property of the University by setting up individual companies using venture capital or development capital funds.

Isis' services are also available to individuals who wish to exploit the results of research supported by non-Research Council sources, when there are no prior conditions on the handling of the intellectual property rights. Isis Innovation has at its disposal a small pre-seedcorn fund for paying the costs of protecting intellectual property rights and for taking work to a stage where its potential can be assessed.

Isis finds industrial partners to ensure that new ideas can be developed for market requirements. The company has established the Oxford Innovation Society for major industrial companies, so that they can have a window on Oxford technology and an opportunity to license and invest where appropriate.

A brochure explaining Isis' activities is available. Please contact the above address, or the telephone and fax numbers given below.

Members of the University should contact the Managing Director if they wish to take advantage of the services that Isis provides. (Telephone: (2)72411; fax: (2)72412.)

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A Christmas wine-tasting will take place at 5.45 p.m. on Wednesday, 3 December, in the University Club (6 South Parks Road). All members and their guests are welcome, the fee being £2 per person.

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St John's College Musical Society

HELEN FAIRER will give a piano recital of works by Haydn, Schumann, Debussy, and Brahms, at 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 2 December, in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College. Admission is free.