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KAY ELIZABETH DAVIES, MA, D.PHIL., Professor of Genetics, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 February 1998.

Professor Davies will be a fellow of Hertford College.

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Publication of main report and supplementary volume

The Commission of Inquiry's report will be published in the week beginning 26 January, and all members of Congregation will be receiving a copy during the course of that week. Copies of the report will also be available, on request, to other members or staff of the University: they may be obtained by contacting the Commission's secretary, Mr M.D. Sibly, University Offices, Wellington Square (e-mail: The text of the report will also be accessible on the University's Web site, by contacting

In addition to its main report, the Commission will also be publishing a supplementary volume, which contains papers and studies which were produced as part of the Commission's work, and which include evidence and supporting material which was used by the Commission in compiling its report. A small number of copies of this supplementary volume will be sent to heads of all departments and heads of all colleges, for distribution to local libraries and/or common rooms as appropriate. In addition, members and staff of the University who wish to obtain a copy of the supplementary volume may do so on application to the Commission's secretary, Mr M.D. Sibly, address as above. Similarly, the full text of the volume will be accessible at the University's Web site, address as above.

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The General Board of the Faculties has appointed a committee to review the University's Centre for Socio-Legal Studies. Its terms of reference are:

To consider:

(i) the future academic role and objectives of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and the case for refocusing its direction;

(ii) its management and administration;

(iii) the resources needed to meet the finally determined role and objectives.

The membership of the review committee is:

The Principal of St Hugh's College (Mr D.A. Wood, CBE, QC) (Chairman)
Professor T.M. Partington (Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Law, University of Bristol)
Mrs T. Smith (Director of the Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Research and University Lecturer in Applied Social Studies).

The committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the secretary of the review committee, Mr L.C.C. Reynolds, University Offices Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (e-mail:, fax: Oxford (2)70708), not later than Friday, 20 February.

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12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: Oxford (2)83360)

The services of the Centre are available without charge to junior members of the University, members of Congregation, and staff of the University and colleges. Husbands and wives of persons in the above categories are eligible to take a class (subject to availability of places) on payment of a fee of £75 per term, or use the self-study facilities alone for a fixed rate of £25 per term. Limited self-study places are available for individuals outside the University. Please contact the Librarian, Taube Marks, on 83362 for further details.

Language Classes

In Hilary Term classes are held in French, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and English as a Foreign Language at most levels. Some classes, particularly those at a higher level, now have places available. Users who require foreign language tuition for their study or research are given priority. Further details are available from Angela Pinkney (telephone: (2)83360) or from the Courses Information section of the Language Centre's Web pages:

In addition to the above, the Language Centre is launching in Hilary Term a new two-term thirty-two-hour course for members of the University and Colleges who have GCSE-level French or equivalent. This course will be held on Wednesdays (3–5 p.m.). The fee for this special course will be £60 for the first term and £40 for the second term. More details are available on the Language Centre's Web pages or from Angela Pinkney (e-mail:

Facilities for Self-Instruction

The Language Centre Library's collection of audio/video, books and computer programs covers over 101 languages. The study area has rooms equipped with listening and viewing facilities for individual work and computer based learning resources.

The Centre receives live television via satellite in Arabic, French (three channels), German (two channels), Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish; broadcast news is recorded each day on video cassette for the above languages as well as in Japanese and English. The Library's collection includes many foreign language cinema and documentary films (many with sub-titles) as well as video cassettes to accompany language learning textbooks.

The Librarian accepts registrations throughout the year and each new user participates in an orientation to the Library. Induction sessions are held Monday–Friday, 10--11 a.m. and 2–3 p.m., or by prior appointment.

The Librarian maintains a list of private tutors and information files on other language learning opportunities in Oxford and abroad. The Centre operates a language exchange and pairing scheme for learners at all levels. Please apply to the Librarian for further information and registration.

Recent Library acquisitions include:

New computer aided language learning programs from the TELL Consortium including:

Italian Encounters; Portuguese Encounters; GramEx Italian; GramEx Spanish; InterprIT New textbook, audio/video packages including:

Modern Spanish Grammar and Modern Spanish Grammar Workbook.
ĘComó se dice?—forty supplementary audio cassettes to accompany the workbook
Sueños 2. BBC Spanish course—textbook and audio cassettes
Gramatica activa 2. Portuguese grammar exercises—textbook and audio cassettes
Portuguese: An Essential Grammar
Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil—textbook and audio cassettes.
Breakthrough Series. New editions in French, German, Italian, Spanish
Colloquial Latvian—textbook and audio cassettes
Auftakt, levels 1--4. The Open University German second level self-study materials—textbooks, transcripts, workbooks, audio and video cassettes
Themen neu, levels 1, 2, and 3—textbooks, audio cassettes, computer programs, CD-ROMs
Aktion grammatik German grammar
Express Track German—textbook, transcript and audio cassettes.
Deutsches Business Magazin: A Journalistic Approach to Reading German
Cassell's German Language Guide
Reading German
Reading French for the Arts and Sciences
French for Lawyers
Mises au point. Parts 1--7. Open University third level study materials—textbooks, study guides, transcripts, audio and video cassettes
French for Reading
Lecture écriture
Grammaire–-350 exercices. Niveau débutant, Niveau moyen.
Objectif entreprise. French for business—textbook, workbook, teacher's guide and audio cassettes
Greek : A Comprehensive Grammar of the Modern Language
Comprehensive Indonesian Grammar
Runa Simi : Wosgo Qollaw Quechua

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It has been decided that any former member of Congregation over the age of seventy-five who is resident in Oxford may continue to receive the Gazette, if he or she so wishes, on application in writing to the Information Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. Such applications must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

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Sun Alliance Connections, the personal insurances division of the main insurer of the University, provides discounts for members, staff, their families, and pensioners of the University of Oxford. The following savings can be achieved:

Household (buildings andor contents: 20 per cent;
Travel (including winter sports): 12.5 per cent;
Private medical expenses: 10 per cent;
Private car: 5 per cent.

The University acts solely as an introducer of business to Sun Alliance Connections, receiving no commission or other remuneration, with all savings passed on to the subscribing member. For further information, a brochure may be obtained from Graham Waite (telephone: (2)80307), or Gill Tombs (telephone: (2)70110) at the University Offices. To obtain a quotation or receive specific information on the covers available, telephone Sun Alliance Connections' regional office on 0800 592 829 and quote reference number 34V0067.

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2 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UB

Isis Innovation, a wholly-owned company of the University, was established in 1988. The company has been formed to exploit know- how arising out of research funded by the UK Government through the Research Councils and funded by other bodies where the rights are not tied. The function of the company is to ensure that the results of research bring rewards to Oxford, and to the inventors, who are given a financial incentive for exploitation.

Isis seeks licensees willing to pay lump sums andor royalties for the use of know-how arising out of research. Isis also exploits the intellectual property of the University by setting up individual companies using venture capital or development capital funds.

Isis' services are also available to individuals who wish to exploit the results of research supported by non-Research Council sources, when there are no prior conditions on the handling of the intellectual property rights. Isis Innovation has at its disposal a small pre-seedcorn fund for paying the costs of protecting intellectual property rights and for taking work to a stage where its potential can be assessed.

Isis finds industrial partners to ensure that new ideas can be developed for market requirements. The company has established the Oxford Innovation Society for major industrial companies, so that they can have a window on Oxford technology and an opportunity to license and invest where appropriate.

A brochure explaining Isis' activities is available. Please contact the above address, or the telephone and fax numbers given below.

Members of the University should contact the Managing Director if they wish to take advantage of the services that Isis provides. (Telephone: (2)72411; fax: (2)72412.)

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St Hilda's College

SANDRA CARLOCK plays Clara Schumann and Friends: lecture-recital, Friday, 20 February, at 5 p.m.; concert, Sunday, 22 February, at 8 p.m., in the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda's College. Tickets cost £9/£5.50 unwaged (includes free glass of wine at concert), or £16/£9 for both events, and are available from Blackwell's Music Shop or at the door.

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St John's College and Colin Carr

JOHN GIBBONS (harpsichord) will perform J.S. Bach's Keyboard Exercise Part IV (`The Goldberg Variations'), at 8.30 p.m. on Monday, 2 February, in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College.

Admission is by programme, which will be free and available from the Porters' Lodge from 24 January.

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Forthcoming exhibition

The garden, the ark, the tower, and the temple: biblical metaphors of knowledge in early modern Europe (February–April)

In the Exhibition Room, Old Bodleian Library (open Monday–Friday, 9.30 a.m.–4.45 p.m.; Saturday 9.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m.)

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Wine-tastings will be held at 5.45 p.m. on the following Wednesdays at the University Club (6 South Parks Road). All members and their guests are welcome, the fee being £2 per person.

28 Jan.: Italian wines.

4 Mar.: Wines from the Americas.

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Restriction on vehicle parking

From 26 February 1998 any unauthorised vehicles parked in the parking spaces of the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU), New Barnett House, 28 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, will be wheel- clamped. There will be a £30 charge for release.

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OLIS, Oxford University's Library system, is an integrated library system which offers online cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions and periodicals registration. Seventy-seven Oxford libraries now catalogue onto OLIS. See below for a complete list of member libraries with information about when they began cataloguing and whether they also use the Acquisitions Circulation or Periodical registration modules.

OLIS is a union catalogue which contains cataloguing information (i.e. bibliographic records) from all of the member libraries. This enables a reader to search for any book held in any OLIS member library from any terminal or microcomputer connected to OLIS. Copy information (i.e. shelfmark) which is specific to a particular library has been separated so that when searching for a book, you will first be shown the copy information for the items held in the library where you are conducting your search. If there are copies in other libraries, for which there is information in the OLIS catalogue, you will be given the chance to see the information about them. It will still be necessary to check other catalogues in the libraries concerned to find information about holdings not yet catalogued on OLIS. In common with most other academic libraries in the UK, the catalogue can be searched from any terminal capable of connected to the University's network.

Retrospective conversion of card and other catalogues into machine readable form so that they can be interrogated online has been recognised by the University as a major priority. The OLIS catalogue currently has over 4.1 million copies attached to 2.9 million individual titles. The Bodleian Library's Pre-1920 catalogue comprising 1.2 million titles has been available on CD-ROM since January 1994.

The University is funding the conversion of records in the Bodleian Guard book catalogues, and in the card catalogues of Bodleian dependent libraries. This project, using services provided by OCLC, will be completed this academic year. A similar project to convert the remaining printed catalogues in the Taylorian has just commenced. A project to produce machine readable records for early printed books from the Inter-Collegiate Catalogue, funded by HEFCE are available on OLIS. Details of the project are available at

Online circulation (issuing, reservations, and fines) has been introduced into 29 OLIS libraries. This allows readers registered in these libraries to find out what they have on loan and to place reservations from any terminal. Online acquisitions allows a reader to find out when a book has been ordered and received by one of the 34 libraries now using the Acquisitions module. Ten libraries are now using the periodicals registration module. This allows readers to find out when a specific issue of a journal has been received or declared missing.

Searching the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allows you to access the items catalogued by any of these 77 libraries. There is information about opening hours, admissions policies as well as access to library guides on the University Information System at

The online catalogue is designed so that it can be used easily, but guidance in how to use it is also provided via the online help screens. Explanatory leaflets about basic searching procedures are available in any OLIS library or from the Libraries Automation Service (2-78170). Library staff are able to show readers how to use the online catalogue and give advice on how to search the catalogue. Assistance with problems is also provided by an Online Catalogue Help Desk (2-77163), staffed by members of the Bodleian Library Cataloguing Division. This is located in the Lower Reading Room of the Bodleian Library.


                         Cata    Circ     Acq     Per

All Souls College            Feb 1990                       
Ashmolean                    Jun 1990         Aug 1991

Balfour Library 
(Pitt Rivers)                Nov 1993         Aug 1995

Balliol College              Sep 1989         Aug 1991

Biochemistry                 Jul 1994

Bodleian                     Sep 1988         Aug 1992

Bodleian Japanese Library    Jan 1988 Oct 1994 Aug 1993

Bodleian Law Library         Sep 1988         Aug 1992

Brasenose College            Aug 1993

Cairns Medical Library       Sep 1997 Sep 1997

Centre for Islamic Studies   Jan 1998

Clarendon Laboratory         Jan1993      Oct 1995
Classics Lending             Oct 1992 Oct 1994               
Computing Laboratory         Jun 1990 Apr 1994
Corpus Christi College       Aug 1989 Oct 1992 Aug 1990 Jan 95

Criminological Research      Feb 1995
Earth Sciences               Feb 1992         Aug 1993   Jan95

Education Studies            Mar 1991 Aug 1995Aug 1995       
Engineering Science          Feb 1991 Oct 1997
English Faculty              Jan 1989  Apr 1990Aug 1991       
Exeter College               Oct 1997                        
Experimental Psychology      Jun 1990  Oct 1992

Geography                    Jan 1990 Jan 1995Aug 1991

History Faculty              May 1991 Oct 1996
History of Art               Jan 1992         Aug 1993       
History of Science           Feb 1996                        
Hooke                        Jan 1989  Oct 1989Oct 1992 Jan98

Indian Institute             Sep 1988 Oct 1997Aug 1992
Institute of Economics 
& Statistics                 Jan 1990
Jesus College                Aug 1992                        
Keble College                Jan 1993                        
Kellogg College              Sep 1992

Lady Margaret Hall           Jul 1992         Oct 1993       
Latin American Centre        Jan 1991         Nov 1991
Lincoln College              Jan 1992 Oct 1994

Magdalen College             Jan 1993 Oct 1997               
Maison Francaise             May 1997                        
Materials Department         Jan. 1993Oct 95

Mathematical Institute       May 1990
Merton College               May 1997                        
Middle East Centre           Jan 1991         Nov 1991       

Modern Languages Faculty     Jan 1988 Apr 1990Sep 1992
Music Faculty                Jun 1990                        
New College                  Sep 1989                        
Nuffield College             Sep 1989 Oct 1994Aug 1990   Jan93

Oriental Institute           Jan 1988         Aug 1992

    Chinese Studies          Jan 1988         Aug 1992
    Eastern Art              Jan 1988         Aug 1992       
Philosophy                   Nov 1990 April 95Sep 1992       
Physics (Astro, Nuclear)     Jan 1993                        
Physiology Departmental      Jun 1990 Oct 1997
Plant Sciences               Jan 1990 Oct 1993               
Queen Elizabeth House        Jan 1990 Oct 1992Aug 1991 Jan 95

Queen's College              Feb 1992         Oct 1997 Oct 97

Radcliffe Science            Sep 1988         Jan 1991   Jan93

Regent's Park                Nov 1997
Rhodes House Library         Sep 1988         Aug 92 Jan 98

St Anne's College            Jan 1991         Sep 1992

St. Antony's College         Jan 1991         Dec 1991
St. Cross College            Oct 1993                        
St. Edmund Hall              Jan 1992
St. Hugh's                   Jul 1995                        
St. John's College           Jan 1995                        
St. Peter's College          Oct 1993 Oct 1997 Sep 1994

School of Management Studies Apr 1996 Oct 1996Oct 1996
Social and Cultural 
Anthropology                 Jan 1992
Social Studies               Jan 1989 Jan 1990 Aug 1991   Jan95

Socio-Legal Studies          Jul 1994

Staff Library                Sep 1989         Jan 1993

Taylor Institution           Sep 1988
Theology                     Jan 1990 Oct 1994

Trinity College              Apr 1992

University Museum            Jan 1991

Wadham College               Apr 1992

Wellcome Institute           Oct 1993

Wolfson College              Jul 1990         Aug 1992

Zoology                      Jan 1990 Oct 1997          Jan98

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