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The Oxford University Research and Commercial Services Office (RCSO) is based in the University Offices, Wellington Square (with a satellite room at Room 9, Manor House, John Radcliffe Hospital). The RCSO is part of the University's central administration.

The office processes and approves all applications to outside bodies for research grants and approves research related agreements on behalf of the University. It also acts in an advisory capacity for those seeking outside funding or requiring information about specific initiatives (e.g. LINK, ROPA, Teaching Company Schemes, EU research programmes, etc.). The RCSO produces a weekly bulletin on funding opportunities, electronic Research and Industry News (eRIN), which is available to members of the University via the World Wide Web at:

Research contracts with industry are negotiated through the RCSO, which also deals, inter alia, with various intellectual property matters, research-related work covered by purchase orders, consultancy agreements, agreements covering clinical trials and services, and services to industry.

The Manager of the RCSO is Dr Roger Pritchett (telephone: (2)80499, e-mail:

Other members of the RCSO from whom advice may be sought are as follows:

Enquiries relating to day-to-day processing of research grant applications should be addressed to the RCSO's Research Grants Office, Room 330, the University Offices (telephone: (2)70146), or, in the case of certain clinical departments, to the RCSO satellite office, Room 9, Manor House, John Radcliffe Hospital (telephone: 553 22544).

General enquiries may be addressed, in the first instance, to the Director's Personal Assistant, Mrs Jane Taylor (telephone: (2)70143), who will be pleased to direct calls to the appropriate member of staff.

Administrative procedures in respect of externally sponsored research

Members of the University are reminded that it is a requirement of the General Board that all applications for externally funded support must be endorsed on behalf of the University through the Research and Commercial Services Office before they are dispatched to the sponsor, whether or not this is required by the funding body. (This includes, for example, bodies such as the Leverhulme Trust, and other charities and EU programmes which do not specifically ask for administrative authorisation.)

The reason for the requirement is twofold: namely (i) to ensure that the funds being requested are adequate for the purpose and the costing rules of the funding body have been applied correctly, and (ii) to ensure that the University would be in a position to undertake the obligations arising from an award and that these do not contravene University policy.

The detailed arrangements are as follows: applicants for research grants should submit their applications, together with a completed copy of the University's outside grant form (OG12), to Room 330, Research and Commercial Services Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, telephone (2)70146—leaving three clear working days for them to be processed.

In connection with the acceptance of awards and signature of contracts it should be noted that Statutes, Tit. X, cl. 2, provides that `no official of the University or any other person employed by the University or working in or in connection with any department of or under the control of the University shall in connection with any invention, discovery, or patent, or ... process, or manufacture have authority to make any representations on behalf of the University or to enter into any contract on behalf of the University or to be concerned in any transaction whatsoever in connection therewith on behalf of the University except with the express consent of Council'.

The relevant officials in the Research and Commercial Services Office have been given authority to approve applications for external funds in support of research and the terms of contracts in straightforward cases under this provision: in more complicated cases, specific authority is necessary.

Enquiries related to any aspect of externally sponsored research should be directed to the Research and Commercial Services Office, whose staff would be pleased to help.

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Development Fellowships 1998–9

The University has been invited to make two nominations for the Association of Commonwealth Universities Development Fellowships 1998–9. The purpose of these awards is to help ACU member universities with their staff development needs and to develop the human resources of their countries.

Nominees should be on the staff of a university in membership with the ACU, or be working in industry, commerce, or public service in a Commonwealth country, and should be between twenty- eight and fifty years of age. Preference will be given to workers in the following priority subject areas: agriculture, forestry, food sciences, biotechnology, development strategies, earth and marine sciences, engineering, health and related social sciences, information technology, management for change, professional education and training, social and cultural development, and university development and management. Fellowships will be tenable for up to a maximum of six months.

Further details and application forms are available from Mrs K. McGuire, International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: Oxford (2)70134). Applications must be returned to the International Office by 8 May.

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Dr Chun-tu Hseuh Travel Grant

The Chun-tu Hseuh Travel Grant has been established to provide postgraduate students who are working on research degrees in any aspect of North-east, South-east, and/or South Asian Studies with grants towards the cost of their thesis research. Students from any college within the University may apply.

The maximum grant available is £300, and no student who has been awarded a grant from the Cha Fund for any amount of will be eligible for a grant from the Chun-tu Hseuh fund. Nor are students with probationary status, students for the M.Phil. degree, or students whose thesis deals only tangentially with Asia eligible for consideration.

Among the purposes for which the grants may be given are: travel essential to thesis research, travel to a conference to present a paper related to the thesis, the acquisition of material essential to research, and the preparation of artwork or other material for inclusion in the completed thesis. Grants for subsistence will not be made; nor is funding available to present papers at conferences, except when a very strong case can be made for the relevance of such a presentation to the applicant's thesis research. Candidates are expected to apply for grants before incurring expenses.

Applications for grants are considered once a year. Applications should be made on a form available from the Secretary of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF (e- mail:, and should be submitted by the end of the second week of Hilary Term.

Applicants are asked to name one referee, normally the thesis supervisor, who should be requested to send in a reference directly to the Secretary of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, by the deadline.

A subcommittee of the Asian Studies Centre will consider the applications and announce its decisions by the middle of the sixth week of Hilary Term. It reserves the right to make no awards, in the event that no suitable applications are received. Successful candidates will be required to submit a brief report to the Asian Studies Centre on their use of the grants received, and to notify the centre upon completion of their degrees.

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Carlyle Fund

The Committee for the Carlyle Fund offers one research scholarship in the history of political thought (post-classical), broadly defined, tenable from October 1998 for up to three years. The scholarship will include maintenance at the current level of British Academy/ESRC awards, all university and college fees at the home/EU rate, and a book-grant of £400 per annum. The scholar must be a registered research student of the University or have applied for admission in October 1998; his or her progress will be subject to annual review by the committee.

Candidates must have completed at least one year of postgraduate study by the time at which they would take up the scholarship. The scholar will be required to apply for a British Academy/ESRC award in the normal way prior to taking up the scholarship, and (if initially unsuccessful) to reapply in 1999.

Applications should be addressed to Charles Shaw, Secretary to the Carlyle Committee, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, and should include a curriculum vitae together with a statement of research interests and the names and addresses of a supervisor and one other person. Applications should reach him by 28 February. Candidates should arrange for their referees to send letters of reference to the Secretary by the same date. Short-listed candidates will be asked to submit written work by 15 April.

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