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St Edmund Hall

MAURICE JOHN CAMPBELL, MA, 1988; commoner 1952–5. Aged 65.

JACK BULL, MA, 23 April 1998; 1940–1 and 1946–9. Aged 75.

EDWIN PETER GUSH, MA, 7 May 1998; Rhodes Scholar 1961–4. Aged 60.

ALAN WESTAWAY, MA, 11 May 1998; State Scholar 1941–2 and 1946–8. Aged 75.

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St Hilda's College

JANE BROWNLEE (née Bruce), MA, 6 May 1998; commoner 1959–62. Aged 58.

VICTORIA MARGARET HURST (née Cruickshank), BA, 24 April 1998; scholar 1960–3. Aged 56.

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Campion Hall

THE REVD PHILIP CARAMAN, SJ, MA, 6 May 1998; commoner 1939–42. Aged 86.

THE REVD JOHN COVENTRY, SJ, MA, 9 April 1998; commoner 1938–42. Aged 83.

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St Peter's College

A Memorial Meeting for ZIAD RAFIQ BEYDOUN, MA, D.PHIL., formerly commoner of the college, Professor of Geology, American University of Beirut, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 6 June, in St Peter's College.

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St Cross College

A Memorial Gathering for JOHN PAUL JAKUBOVICS, formerly Fellow of the college, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 27 June, in the Hall, St Cross College.

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Balliol College

To Noble Scholarships:

CHARLES EDWARD LAURENCE GOLDSMITH, formerly of St Paul's School, London

DELPHINE MACCOLL STRAUSS, formerly of the Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton

To a Domus Scholarship:

JONATHAN WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, formerly of Winchester College

To a Reynolds Scholarship:

AKHIL GIRISH PATEL, formerly of St James Independent School for Boys, London

To a Robin Hollway Scholarship:

DAVID MARK LAUGHARNE THOMAS, formerly of Westminster School

To Prosser Exhibitions:

REBECCA HELEN HUGHES, formerly of King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

DAVID ROBERT LOVEDAY, formerly of Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood

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Oriel College

To an Exhibition (TT 1998):

DANIEL GERON, formerly of Mill Hill School, London

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Christ Church

Appointment of Treasurer

Christ Church seeks to appoint a Treasurer who will take the lead in the continued development of the college's financial strategy and the management and care of its assets to serve its primary purpose of education and research. A member of the governing body, the Treasurer will have a key role to play at a time of considerable change in the overall funding structure of Oxbridge colleges and higher education generally. The appointment is from 1 January 1999.

The role

— Responsible to the governing body for the efficient management of stock exchange investments, the college's agricultural and commercial property, and other assets.

— As a key member of college committees, provide financial input to strategic and operational discussions. Lead and manage an office staff of nine and a maintenance team of twenty-two.

— Overall responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the college and Cathedral buildings, gardens, Christ Church Meadow, and other properties.

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The qualifications

— High-level abilities in financial management.

— Strong budgeting, forecasting, and planning skills.

— Adaptable, diplomatic, with sound judgement and the ability to operate effectively in a collegiate, committee environment; capable of contributing at college and university level.

Replies, with full details, should be sent in writing to the Dean's Secretary, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP (fax: Oxford (2)76238).

Christ Church is an equal opportunities employer.

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Keble College

Lecturership in Biochemistry with tutorial organising

responsibility Keble College proposes to elect a college lecturer with responsibility for teaching and supervising tutorial arrangements in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. The post will be for three academic years, from October 1998 to June 2001. The person appointed should have the following qualifications and experience: 1 Candidates must have tutorial experience in the courses leading to the Final Honour School of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (`FHS Biochemistry'), including a major part of at least one Finals paper and preferably also for Prelims.

2 Candidates must hold an appointment in the department of Biochemistry or its associated subdepartments at postdoctoral or Teaching Assistant or University Lecturer level that can expect to run until at least 2001. Those who have held such appointments recently are also eligible.

3 Candidates who already have experience of organising college teaching for Biochemistry and of pastoral care of undergraduates will be preferred, but such experience is not essential.

The post would suit those with similar duties at another college, provided that that college agrees the extra duties to be within the candidate's capacity. The remuneration will be at the ULNTF rates for tutorials (i.e. double the standard tutorial rates) to recognise the organising and pastoral responsibilities, and will include two free meals per week during term-time at common table.

Further particulars are available from the College Secretary, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG. Letters of application, along with a reference (preferably from someone familiar with the Oxford Biochemistry course) should be returned to the College Secretary at Keble by Thursday, 28 May. Interviews will take place on 1–5 June.

Informal enquiries may be made to Dr S.V. Hunt (e-mail:

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Lady Margaret Hall

Appointment of Junior Dean

Lady Margaret Hall proposes to appoint a second Junior Dean for a period of one year from 1 October 1998, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The Junior Dean will be required to reside in college. He or she will receive accommodation in college free of charge and a stipend of £200 per annum and will be entitled to limited senior common room rights.

The Junior Deans assist the Dean in the performance of his duties. Applicants must be graduates and members of the University, and it is expected that they will be pursuing advanced study or research.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Treasurer's Secretary, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford OX2 6QA (telephone: Oxford (2)74323). Applications, including a full curriculum vitae and an outline of current or proposed academic work, should reach the Dean as soon as possible, and in any case by Friday, 29 May. Applicants should give the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two referees and arrange for their referees to write direct to the Dean by 29 May. One of the referees must be the applicant's University supervisor. Interviews will be held on Friday, 12 June.

Lady Margaret Hall is an equal opportunities employer.

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Pembroke College

TEPCO Senior Studentship in Japanese Studies

Pembroke College proposes to elect a Tepco Senior Student in Japanese Studies from 1 October 1998 or as soon as possible thereafter. The appointment will be for one year in the first instance, renewable for up to a further one year thereafter. The successful candidate will be undertaking study for an advanced degree in the area of Japanese Studies in the University, or will intend to do so. He or she will be required to become a member of Pembroke College. The studentship is primarily intended to enable the student to complete a doctoral thesis after termination of a British Academy grant, or to allow a person ineligible for such a grant to continue doctoral research. If the successful candidate is in receipt of no other financial support, the studentship will provide emoluments of, currently, £4,720 per annum. If the student already receives substantial support, the emoluments will be £600 in addition to any award(s) already held. The student will have certain senior common room rights, including some rights to dine free of charge. Accommodation may be provided in college at standard rates subject to availability. Applications, with a curriculum vitae and names and addresses of two referees, should reach the Dean of Graduates, Pembroke College, Oxford OX1 1DW, by Friday, 5 June.

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St Hilda's College

Stipendiary Lecturership in Engineering

St Hilda's College proposes to appoint a Stipendiary Lecturer to teach up to six hours a week in Engineering for one year from 1 October 1998. Applicants should be able to teach a range of subjects for Part I of the Final Honour School of Engineering. The principal need is for teaching in at least two of the following areas: Mathematics; Electricity and Electronics; Control, Dynamics and Computers; Structures and Materials; Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. In addition, the lecturer will be required to take charge of the Engineering School at St Hilda's, including participating in the admissions process, and the pastoral care of undergraduates.

The person appointed will be paid on the Stipendiary Lecturer's scale, at present £7,137 per annum for a six hour lecturership. The post, which is open to both men and women, would be suitable for a postdoctoral applicant.

Further particulars should be obtained from the Academic Office, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (telephone: Oxford (2)76815); six copies of a curriculum vitae, and a letter of application indicating which subjects candidates would be willing to teach, should then be sent to the Academic Administrator by 12 June. Applicants should also ask two referees to write directly to the Principal of St Hilda's by this date.

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Worcester College

Appointment of Chaplain

Worcester College proposes to appoint a Chaplain for a period of two years in the first instance, renewable for a further three, from 1 September 1998 or as soon as possible thereafter. The Chaplain's duties, which are not full-time, include the conduct of worship in the college chapel, and the exercise of pastoral care towards all members of the college during full term, and at other times by arrangement. The post is open to priests of the Church of England, or other churches of the Anglican Communion. The stipend is two-thirds of the relevant diocesan scale, i.e. £9,880 per annum, with free housing and the right to lunch and dine without charge at the common table.

Further particulars and application forms are available from the Provost's Secretary, Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB (telephone: Oxford (2)78362, fax: 793106, e-mail: The closing date for completed applications is Wednesday, 17 June.

Worcester College exists to promote excellence in education and research.

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