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Ireland and First Craven Scholarship: LUKE VICTOR PITCHER, Exeter College

Second Craven Scholarship: RUPERT DAVID ANDREW PEPPER, St Anne's College

Third Craven Scholarship: PIERS HARCOURT MASTER, Queen's College

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A Kolkhorst Exhibition in Spanish has been awarded to ELSA GARAGNON, St Hilda's College.

A Kolkhorst Exhibition in Spanish and Portuguese has been awarded to PAUL SIMPSON, Magdalen College.

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Changes in Regulations

The following changes in regulations made by the Proctors will come into effect on 5 December.

Regulations concerning Conduct at Examinations

With immediate effect

The Proctors have with immediate effect made three changes—one revision and two additions—in their regulations concerning Conduct at Examinations as published in Examination Decrees, 1997 (pp. 1079--81).

Revised regulation (viii)

Explanatory note to new (viii)

This revision makes clear that a college should forward all complaints about taught courses but is not required to endorse such complaints; it recognises the longstanding practice that complaints regarding research degrees are sent direct by candidates or Supervisors to the Senior Proctor; it introduces a time limit for taught-course complaints and draws attention to the existing limits for research-degree complaints; and it publicises the fact that Proctors may investigate procedural irregularities but cannot challenge the academic judgement of Examiners.

[new (viii)] `A candidate on a taught course may communicate with Examiners only through the Senior Tutor or equivalent officer of his or her College. In the event of any such candidate wishing to pursue a complaint about the conduct of a University examination, the complaint must be notified to the Senior Tutor or equivalent officer as soon as possible and not later than six months after the publication of the results of the examination concerned. The Senior Tutor or equivalent officer shall forward the complaint and any subsequent correspondence promptly to the Proctors and may (but is not required to) comment to the Proctors on the complaint. The Senior Tutor or equivalent officer may also, within the six-month limit specified above, make a complaint to the Proctors on behalf of a taught-course candidate. A candidate for a research degree may communicate a complaint regarding the conduct of the examination of his or her thesis direct to the Proctors: such a complaint must be made to the Proctors (but under no circumstances made direct to the Examiners) as soon as possible and not later than twelve months after the formal notification of the result of the examination concerned by the Graduate Studies Office. A Supervisor may also, within this twelve-month limit, make a complaint to the Proctors on behalf of a research-degree candidate. In investigating complaints about the conduct of University examinations, the Proctors have no remit to question the academic judgement of Examiners.'

[The previous wording of regulation (viii) was: `Candidates may communicate with Examiners only through the authorities of their College. In the event of college authorities deciding to pursue a complaint about the conduct of the examination, such complaint and any subsequent correspondence must be addressed to the Proctors, not the Examiners.']

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Additional regulations

Explanatory note to (xviii)

This makes formal provision in the Decrees for a practice currently in use but set out only in the Proctors' and Assessor's Memorandum.

(xviii) `A candidate whose native language is not English and who wishes to take into any examination a bilingual dictionary (covering English and the candidate's native language) must obtain permission from the Proctors in advance through the Senior Tutor or equivalent officer of his or her college. Where regulations or examiners' instructions forbid the use of dictionaries, permission shall not be given.'

Explanatory note to (xix)

This makes plagiarism a specified offence, and makes clear that it can be committed even when the use of unacknowledged material is not verbatim.

(xix) `No candidate shall present for an examination any part, or the substance of any part, of another person's work, as if it were the candidate's own work.'

[When the next edition of Examination Decrees and Regulations is published, regulation (xix) will be renumbered as regulation (iv); and regulations (iv) to (viii) will be renumbered as regulations (v) to (ix).]

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Clerical and Library Negotiating Committee

Notice is given that there will be an election on Friday, 9 January 1998, of four representatives of the Clerical and Library staff to join the staff-side of the Clerical and Library Negotiating Committee, which normally meets twice each term to discuss matters relating to the local terms and conditions of employment of Clerical and Library staff. The need for the election has arisen as the current period of office of four of the present representatives expires on the first day of Hilary Term 1998. Three of the four representatives are eligible for re-election and are listed below:

Mrs E. Iredale, University Offices
Ms T. Miller, Bodleian Law Library
Mrs N. Tomlin, Computing Services
Vacancy vice Mr B. Martin, Computing Services

Those elected will hold office until the first day of Hilary Term 2000 and will be eligible for re-election.

Those eligible for nomination and those eligible to propose and second nominations and to vote in the elections will be all staff, full-time and part-time, who are employed by the University in its Clerical and Library scales, and who are not members of Unison. (Members of Unison are represented on the committee through the University Unison branch.)

Nominations in writing, indicating the names and departments of the proposer and the seconder, together with a statement from the nominee that he/she is willing to stand for election, should be sent to Miss H.E. Smith, University Offices, Wellington Square, so as to arrive no later than Friday, 28 November. It would also be helpful if each candidate would, at the time of nomination, submit a paragraph of 100 words about themselves and what they hope to contribute as representatives. This information will be distributed with the voting papers. Voting papers will be distributed through departments on Monday, 8 December, to be returned by Friday, 9 January 1998.

Members of staff wishing to find out more about the work of the directly-elected representatives are welcome to contact Mrs L.A. Mills (telephone: (2)73261).

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The Department for Continuing Education exists to make the University accessible to men and women in ways which complement the University's provision for its resident members. Each year the department mounts several hundred courses, either part-time or short full-time, covering most subjects taught within the University (except management and clinical medicine). Courses last anything from one day to ten weeks (full time), and between ten weeks and two years on a part-time basis. During recent sessions about 11,000 students have enrolled annually for the department's courses, the average length of study being twenty hours.

Apart from a large number of individual members of the University who offer courses or give lectures, the Department for Continuing Education works in co-operation with an increasing number of other departments and faculties throughout the University. It welcomes expressions of interest from individuals and departments who wish to become involved in or to explore continuing education activities.

The department's main provision is organised through three programme offices (see below), each of which is able to provide more detailed information on current and forthcoming activities. In addition, the Kellogg Residential Centre, when not being used for courses, can occasionally be made available for conferences and other residential meetings.

The Public Programmes Office

This office (Director: Mr R.T. Rowley) offers to the public a wide range of study opportunities in most academic disciplines through part-time day, evening, and short residential courses. Although most programmes have open entry and require no formal entry qualifications, an increasing number are award-bearing, at access, undergraduate, or postgraduate level, and many of these call for evidence of suitable entry requirements. During the summer the department offers one-week residential study opportunities, mainly for domestic students, through the Oxford University Summer School for Adults based at Rewley House, and the Oxford Experience, based at Christ Church. A range of study tours is also available to various parts of Europe and further afield. The department also runs the Rewley House Film Theatre on Sunday evenings during term. Individuals interested in offering courses or in contributing to other programmes are invited to contact the office.

Details of all courses are publicised in annual prospectuses, or are available at any time from the department (telephone: (2)70312).

The Continuing Professional Development Office

Short and extended courses

This office (Director: Mr P.G. Combey) draws on departments and faculties throughout the University to offer courses designed to meet the needs of individuals and groups drawn from industry, the professions, commerce, and academia. Courses vary from one- or two- day intensive updating courses based on the latest academic research, to longer courses enabling professionals to review advances in specialised fields, and acquire new areas of expertise and additional qualifications. Areas covered include engineering, law, information technology and computing, mathematics and statistics, education, biomedical science, and social studies. Contributors to courses include Oxford academics and research staff, and experts from other universities and organisations in the UK and abroad.


The CPD Office is also able to offer a conference organisation and management service to colleagues within the University and other organisations. The CPD Office has specialist skills in running national and international meetings, and more than fifteen years' collective experience of organising and managing conferences, seminars, and training courses for up to 500 delegates. The Centre provides a `total conference package' which combines the best of personal service with the highest professional standards. Services offered include the following:

Further details are available from Oxford (2)70361.

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The International Programmes Office

This office (Director: Dr A. Hawkins) offers a wide range of courses to undergraduates, graduates, and continuing education students from around the world. These courses include year-long full-time programmes for Japanese graduates and diplomats from the Republic of China, Taiwan, as well as a large number of three- or four-week courses held during the summer for students from Europe and North America. Programmes are held in partnership with institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution, the University of California at Berkeley, Duke University, the University of Virginia, and Northwestern University in America. International Programmes also works with the British Council, the European Commission, and the ODA, as well as offering courses in partnership with the Bodleian Library and many other colleges and departments within the University. Subjects covered in these courses include topics from law and industrial relations through to archaeology, art history, and the physical and biological sciences. Tutors are drawn from Oxford academic and research staff, and expertise is also recruited from outside the University. Programmes vary in size from small groups of twenty students to larger programmes of over 200 participants. During the summer many residential International Programmes, including the Oxford University Summer Programmes in English Literature and in History, Politics, and Society, are held in colleges throughout Oxford, in addition to those held at the Rewley House Residential Centre. Over the next few years the range of courses offered by the International Programmes Office will be expanded, drawing in more students from Europe, Japan, other countries in the Far East, and from elsewhere around the world.

As the work of the International Programmes Office expands, approaches would be welcomed from those colleges, departments, and other institutions which have accommodation from which they would like to generate further income or from individuals with suitable qualifications interested in teaching on international programmes. Telephone: (2)70456.

Enquiries should be directed to the numbers given above. General enquiries may be directed to the Director of the Department (Dr G.P. Thomas), at the Department for Continuing Education, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JA.

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Music Faculty

THE ALLEGRI STRING QUARTET, with Heather Birt, viola, will perform the following at 1 p.m. on Friday, 5 December, in Exeter College Chapel: Haydn, quartet, op. 20, no. 2; Mozart, quintet, K.516. Tickets, obtainable from Blackwell's Music Shop or at the door, cost £5 (£2.50).

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St John's College Musical Society

HELEN FAIRER will give a piano recital of works by Haydn, Schumann, Debussy, and Brahms, at 8.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 2 December, in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College. Admission is free.

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Appointment of Temporary Assistant Librarian (Department of Reader Services)

Applications are invited for this new one-year post in the Reader Services Department of the Bodleian Library, which is due to expand as part of major restructuring in the Library. The main duties are in the area of IT provision within Reader Services, and include the promotion of IT skills within the department, training of staff, provision of front-line assistance to readers, and preparation of documentation and user guides. The post- holder will also have some more general responsibilities in Reader Services, and will play a full part in policy- making in the department. Candidates should be graduates with a qualification in librarianship or information science, and at least one year's experience in a library or information service. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of electronic information resources, and an aptitude for promoting IT skills among staff and readers. These responsibilities will require excellent IT, communication, and team-working skills, and a commitment to the delivery of a high-quality service to readers. The post is on the academic-related grade 1/2 (salary £15,159–£22,785 per annum). Further details and application forms are available from the Personnel Section, Bodleian Library, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG (telephone: Oxford (2)77171, fax: (2)77187, e-mail: The closing date for completed applications is 6 December. It is intended that the successful candidate will take up his/her duties as soon as possible after appointment. Reference BL6797 should be quoted in correspondence concerning this appointment.

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