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1 Decree

Council has made the following decree, to come into effect on 2 January.

Decree (1): Changes to certain quota and fee provisions consequential upon the introduction of a part-time Degree of Bachelor of Theology

Explanatory note

For some years Council has fixed by decree the total number of home and EU students permitted at any one time to read for certain degrees and other qualifications at each of the Permanent Private Halls, and the maximum number of candidates whom the Anglican Theological Colleges have been permitted collectively to present for matriculation each year. The following decree, made on the recommendation of the Theology Board and with the concurrence of the General Board, increases the current quota for two of the Permanent Private Halls and for the Anglican Theological Colleges to take account of a likely increase in numbers consequential upon the introduction of a new part-time Degree of Bachelor of Theology. At the same time opportunity is taken (in cl. 2) to delete an obsolete provision concerning numbers at Harris Manchester College overlooked when that institution was granted full collegiate status. The decree also (in cl. 5) sets the fee for the part-time course at half the current full-time rate. It is recognised that a significant proportion of the fees legislation will need to be revised in the light of the Government's decision to replace the current system of differentiated fees, reimbursed in the main by the LEAs, by a flat-rate fee of £1,000 to be paid personally, subject to means-testing, by each student. No guidance has yet been issued by the DfEE on the detailed implications of this, in particular for fees for part-time courses. The fee provision included in the decree may need to be revised, once further guidance is received.

Text of Decree (1)

1 In Ch. V, Sect. X, cl. 1 (a), concerning matriculation for theological courses of members of certain institutions (Statutes, 1997, p. 371), delete `thirty qualified candidates' and substitute `thirty-six full-time-equivalent qualified candidates'.

2 In Ch. XI, Sect. VII, concerning numbers at Permanent Private Halls (p. 783), delete `Harris Manchester112'.

3 Ibid., after `Regent's Park 85' insert `(plus 10 full- time-equivalent students for the part-time B.Th. course)'.

4 Ibid., after `Wycliffe Hall 55' insert `(plus 6 full-time- equivalent students for the part-time B.Th. course)'.

5 In Examination Decrees, 1977, p. 1100, l. 2, concerning composition fees, after `working for the' insert `B.Th. or'.

6 Clause 2 of this decree shall have immediate effect; clauses 1 and 3--5 shall be effective from 1 October 1998.

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2 Status of Master of Arts

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the status of Master of Arts under the provisions of Ch. V, Sect. vi, cl. 1 (Statutes, 1997, p. 367) has been accorded to the following persons who are qualified for membership of Congregation:


JOHN BURTHEM, Department of Cellular Science

WILLIAM PETER JOHN, University Offices

JENNIFER PAM MORTON, University Offices

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3 Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Anderson, F.I., MA status, University Offices
Burthem, J., MA status, Department of Cellular Science
Collins, R.E., MA, Green College
John, W.P., MA status, University Offices
Morton, J.P., MA status, University Offices

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Degree by Special Resolution

No notice to the contrary having been received under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. vi, cl. 6 (Statutes, 1997, p. 15), the following resolution is deemed to have been approved at noon on 15 December.

Text of Special Resolution

That the Degree of Master of Arts be conferred upon the following:

JOSEF STRAUB, Hertford College

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Declaration of approval of unopposed Statutes promulgated on 2 December

No notice of opposition having been given, Mr Vice- Chancellor declared the Statutes (1) establishing a Nuffield Professorship of Comparative European Politics, and (2) increasing the number of places for co-opted members of the General Board (p. 501) approved.

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 2 January, see `Examinations and Boards' below.