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Degree by Special Resolution

The following special resolution will be deemed to be approved at noon on 18 May, unless by that time the Registrar has received notice in writing from two or more members of Congregation under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. vi, cl. 6 (Statutes, 1997, p. 15) that they wish the resolution to be put to a meeting of Congregation.

Text of Special Resolution

That the Degree of Master of Arts be conferred upon the following:


HANNA PICKARD, All Souls College


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The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for an adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the the statutes approved, the preamble adopted, the general resolution carried, and the special resolutions carried without a meeting under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. iii, cl. 11 (Statutes, 1997, p. 8).

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CONGREGATION 2 June 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the preamble of the following statute, signed by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Acting Registrar by noon on Monday, 25 May (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

Promulgation of Statute

Statute: Michael Daly Memorial Fund

Explanatory note

In 1992 the University accepted a generous benefaction from Mr and Mrs Allen Daly to endow a fund in memory of their late son, Michael, who was a former member of the staff of the Bodleian Library. The income of the fund is to be used to make awards to members of staff of the Bodleian and of other libraries of the University to enable them to study the languages or cultures of either (a) the Turkic-speaking world and the Caucasus or (b) the Slavonic and Eastern European worlds, preference being given to (a). In view of a recent dearth of applicants for such awards, the board of management has proposed, with the full endorsement of the benefactors, that the purposes of the fund should be extended to include wider Oriental Studies while retaining the preference for (a) above expressed at the time of the original benefaction. The following statute, and the decree to be made by Council if the statute is approved, provide accordingly.

WHEREAS it is expedient to extend the purposes of the Michael Daly Memorial Fund, NOW THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, in exercise of the powers in that behalf conferred upon it by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, and of all other powers enabling it, ENACTS, subject to the approval of Her Majesty in Council, AS FOLLOWS.

1 In Tit. XV (Statutes, 1997, p. 165), insert Sect. LXIII:

`Section LXIII. Of the Michael Daly Memorial Fund

1. The net income of the fund established by the gift made to the University in 1992 by Mr and Mrs Allen Daly as a memorial to their son, Michael, shall be applied in awards, to be known as Michael Daly Awards, to members of staff of the Bodleian Library or, in default of suitable applicants in any year, to members of staff of other libraries of the University. The awards shall be used by the recipients to enable them to study the languages or cultures of the Turkic-speaking world; the Caucasus; the Slavonic and East European worlds; the Middle East; the Far East; or South and South-East Asia; with preference given whenever possible to applicants studying some aspect of the Turkic-speaking world and the Caucasus.

2. The fund shall be administered by a board of management comprising Bodley's Librarian and the Keeper of Oriental Books, or their respective nominees or deputies, one of the Curators of the Bodleian Library to be chosen from time to time by the curators,1 and a person to be chosen from time to time by the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies from among the holders of academic posts in Turkish. The board shall determine which of the eligible candidates shall receive the awards, their several value, and any conditions governing their use.

3. Congregation shall have power from time to time to alter clause 2 of this statute.'

2 Ibid., insert footnote: `1 See Appendix to Title VIII.'

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Decree to be made by Council if the Statute is approved

1 In Ch. IX, Sect. I (Statutes, 1997, p. 621), delete § 71 and renumber existing §§ 72--80 (pp. 622--6) as §§ 71--9.

2 This decree shall be effective from the date on which Statute (...) approved by Congregation on ... is approved by Her Majesty in Council.

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Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship: one vacancy, for 4 years from MT 1998

The Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship is responsible for deciding the name to be proposed to Congregation for the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor. The next such proposal is due to be made in Trinity Term 1999 in respect of a Vice-Chancellor to serve from October 2001.

¶ Nominations in writing for the election on 18 June, by two members of Congregation, will be received by the Head Clerk at the University Offices, Wellington Square, up to 4 p.m. on Monday, 25 May, and similar nominations by six members of Congregation up to 4 p.m. on Monday, 1 June.

Council has decided that nominations should show for each signatory the name and college or department in block capitals. Any names which are not so shown may not be published. At least one nomination in respect of each candidate must be made on an official nomination form. Copies of the form are obtainable from the Head Clerk (telephone: (2)70190; e-mail: