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It is regretted that the announcement in Gazette, p. 869 (5 March) of the appointment of Professor Paul Strohm to the J.R.R. Tolkien Professorship of English Literature and Language erroneously stated that he will be a fellow of St Peter's College.

Professor Strohm will be a fellow of St Anne's College.

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The Board of Management of the Heath Harrison Fund has awarded 1998 Travelling Scholarships as follows:

Senior Scholarships

M.G. KELLY, St Peter's (French)

C.T.M. SHAWCROSS, Wadham (Greek)

Junior Scholarships

E.G.B. ALDHOUSE, Pembroke (German)

L.M. CATHROW, St Hilda's (Italian)

A.C. COCKRAM, New College (French)

S.F.P. CUMPSTY, Jesus College (French)

S.G. DAVIES, St John's College (German)

S.M. HOLMES, Lady Margaret Hall (Italian)

A. KLOUDA, Queen's (Spanish)

A.J.R. LEVEUGLE, Magdalen (French)

G.E. MAITLAND HUDSON, Christ Church (French)

A.P. ROBERTS, St John's (French)

T.N. STICKLAND, Somerville (German)

H.J. SWIFT, Magdalen (French)

I.R. TAYLOR, New College (German)

A.K. THOMSON, University (Russian)

S.P. THOMSON, Jesus (French)

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The University Offices will be closed for normal business from Thursday, 9 April, to Sunday, 19 April inclusive, except that, for business relating to British Academy applications, the Graduate Studies Office will maintain a helpline on Oxford (2)70045, on Wednesday, 15 April, Thursday, 16 April, and Friday, 17 April, 9 a.m.–1 p.m. and 2–5 p.m. on each day.

The University Offices will also be closed for normal business on Monday, 4 May, and Monday, 25 May.

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The University Messenger Service will be suspended from the last delivery on Wednesday, 8 April, until Monday, 20 April, when a full service will be resumed.

The University Messenger Service will also not operate on Monday, 4 May, and Monday, 25 May.

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The Sheldonian Theatre will be closed from Thursday, 9 April, until Sunday, 19 April inclusive.

The theatre will also be closed on Monday, 4 May, and Monday, 25 May.

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The Board of the Faculty of Law invites entry for the Prizes which will be awarded in 1998 on the basis of essays, of not more than 5,000 words, submitted on one of the following subjects: 1 `The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1994 has introduced two new standards of invalidity into British contract law, contravention of "good faith" and "significant imbalance".' Are these standards `new'? To what extent are they justifiable?

2 `The concept of "voluntary assumption of responsibility" as a general principle of liability for pure economic loss seems an oddity in the context of liability rules in tort which are undoubtedly imposed by law and appear to be distinctly involuntary.' Discuss.

3 `It is a fundamental and uncontroversial proposition that because the equitable jurisdiction to enforce trusts depends upon the conscience of the holder of the legal interest being affected, such person cannot be a trustee of the property if and so long as they are ignorant of the factors which are alleged to affect their conscience.' Discuss.

4 `...the law as to notice as it may affect purchasers of unregistered land, whether contained in decided cases, or in a statute...has no application even by analogy to registered land' per Lord Wilberforce in Williams & Glyn's Bank v. Boland [1981] AC 487, 504. Is this either an accurate or a realistic statement of the law?

The First Prize is of £400, the Second Prize is of £200. Grants to a total of £200 may be made to unsuccessful candidates who have done meritorious work. The prizes will be awarded only if entries of sufficient merit are received.

The essays (two typed copies) must be sen to the Head Clerk, University Offices, Wellington Square, by 30 September 1998. There is no entry form, but each essay must be accompanied by: (i) a statement from the candidate's college the he or she is, on 30 September 1998, an undergraduate member of the University who has not exceeded the tenth term from matriculation, and is reading for the Honour School of Jurisprudence; (ii) a declaration that the essay is entirely the candidate's own unaided work and that it has not been submitted to any other person for advice, assistance, or revision.

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