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On the recommendation of the Physical Sciences Board, the General Board has appointed PROFESSOR G. HANCOCK, MA, Fellow of Trinity and University Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, as deputy for Professor J.P. Simons, MA, Fellow of Exeter and Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry, as head of the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory for Hilary Term 1998, during which Professor Simons will be on sabbatical leave.

On the recommendation of the Committee for Educational Studies, the General Board has appointed K.D. SYLVA, MA, Fellow of Jesus and Reader in Educational Studies, as deputy for Professor R.A. Pring, MA, Fellow of Green College and Professor of Educational Studies, as Director of the Department of Educational Studies for Hilary Term 1998, during which Professor Pring will be on sabbatical leave.

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The Prize has been awarded to MARCUS WILLIAMSON, New College.

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Christmas closure

The University Offices will be closed for normal business from Wednesday, 24 December, until Sunday, 4 January, inclusive.

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The Sheldonian Theatre will be closed from Wednesday, 24 December, until Sunday, 4 January, inclusive.

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Vacation hours

The hours of the Counselling Service will be as follows during the Christmas vacation:

Monday, 15 December–Friday, 19 December: open 9.30 a.m.–1.30 p.m.

Monday, 22 December–Friday, 2 January: closed.

Monday, 5 January–Friday, 9 January: open 9.30 a.m.–1.30 p.m.

From Monday, 12 January, normal opening times: weekdays 9.15 a.m.–5.15 p.m.

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December 1997

1 Call Charges—More Reductions

As promised, savings from the use of Comtel and Worldcom to carry respectively local and long distance calls are now being passed on to colleges and departments. OUTN's charges are currently based on BT's standard tariffs, with discounts of 22 per cent on local and 31 per cent on national and international calls. Compared with last year, OUTN's call charges have reduced between 20 per cent and 30 per cent, depending on destination.

Reports issued before November will have been based on the older tariffs, so it may be that there will be some discrepancy between totals for the quarter and these earlier listings. These discrepancies should all be in favour of the department or college.

2 Call Account Codes

The loading of new, upgraded software on the call logger once more permits the calculation of costs for call account codes.

For instructions on how to use call account codes to charge for private calls, see page 102 of the telephone directory.

3 Call Finder—Print your own Bills

Call Finder, OUTN's system for remote access to the call logger, and which enables college and department accounts offices to print bills for their own telephones, has been upgraded. Any college or department which has yet to load the upgraded software should contact Kevin Parker on 70706.

4 Student Telephones

Main College sites: Colleges will shortly be circulated with an outline of the main proposals in the Invitation for third party suppliers to tender for the management of student telephone services in colleges. This will include a request for colleges to confirm their degree of interest in subscribing to the scheme. Clearly the greater the number of colleges that support the scheme, the better will the commission rates and the lower the tariffs offered by competing suppliers.

Outlying Sites: The complementary scheme for residences which cannot be economically served by OUTN is proceeding apace, with some 1600 Comtel StudentNet lines installed or planned. Students have signed contracts to have 54 per cent of completed installations made live.

It is now possible for Comtel StudentNet lines to be provided in private `digs', but since these lines give the benefit of free access to the University telephone network it is essential that colleges validate applications, to ensure that only bone fide Oxford University students are offered the service. Colleges are asked to cooperate by countersigning applications.

Please note that Comtel StudentNet lines do not give free connection to the University data network dial-in service. Gavin Litchfield (extension 73227) should be consulted about the best ways to provide data networking to outlying sites.

5 Faults Out of Working Hours

It has become apparent that there is some ignorance of the system for reporting faults when the Telecommunications Section is unmanned. This has led on a couple of occasions to lodge telephones being out of action for long periods at weekends when they could have been repaired if the porters had known the correct procedure.

When the Telecommunications Section is closed, urgent faults only should be reported to the University Security Services, on extension 72944.

Urgent faults are defined as faults to the main college or department number or one type of fault which is affecting a number of telephones at the same time. Our maintainers are contracted to respond to such faults within four hours at any time, day or night.

Please do not report non-urgent faults to Security: these are only dealt with during working hours and should be reported in the normal way to 88888.

Colleges are asked to inform their Lodges of these procedures.

6 Telecommunications Staff News

We are pleased to welcome three new members of the Telecommunications team. Sophie Power has joined the Enquiry Point Operator team and both Kevin Parker and Jasmin Robinson are proud new parents, of Kate Mae and Oliver Jeremy respectively. Mothers, fathers and babies are all doing well.

In Jasmin's absence on maternity leave, Ros Hayward is acting as Supervisor.

7 Useful Telephone Numbers

Telephone Faults 88888 (out of office hours, phone Security on 72944 for urgent faults only)

Data Network Faults 73268 (Computing Service Network Control)

Telephone Accounts 70706 (Kevin Parker)

Call logger reports 70714 (Carey Green)

Advice on Telephone Facilities 70704 (Ros Hayward)

New Telephone lines, moves of telephones etc. 70712 (Daphne Tilling)

Advice on Cabling Installation 80731 (Colin Willoughby)

Telecommunications Policy 70707 (Ian Everett)

Telecommunications Committee 70761 (Jane Sherwood)

I.D. Everett, December 1997

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