Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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St Hugh's College

ELSIE MARGARET ALEXANDER (née Crosland), 5 August 1997; commoner 1930–3. Aged 86.

JOSEPHINE EDMONDS (née Reynolds), 24 September 1997; commoner 1929–32. Aged 87.

BARBARA ELIZABETH FIELDING, 3 November 1996; commoner 1943–6. Aged 70.

MARY VALMAI HALMSHAW, 9 August 1997; commoner 1929–33. Aged 87.

MAUD ELIOT JAMES (née Gibbons), date not known; commoner 1933–6.

SHEILA FAY KENNEY (née De Sa), 4 November 1996; commoner 1938–41. Aged 76.

CATHERINE MARGARET MILLER (née Gray), date not known; commoner 1929–33.

ELEANOR MARY PADOMMA SCOTT, 31 October 1997; commoner 1925–8. Aged 91.

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New College

A Commemorative Event for PROFESSOR GEORGE FORREST, MA, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 7 February, in the ante-chapel and hall, New College.

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Wolfson College

To a Governing Body Fellowship (from 1 January 1998):

MR J.P. TUCK (MA Manchester)

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