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Christ Church

LORD CRAWSHAW (WILLIAM MICHAEL CLIFTON BROOKS), 7 November 1997; commoner 1951–4. Aged 64.

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Hertford College

DR JOSEPH GERRATT, FRSC, 16 October 1997; commoner 1957. Aged 59.

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Keble College

ANDRE DE BREYNE, 6 September 1997; Honorary Fellow and Benefactor. Aged 95.

PHILIP MARTY, 14 October 1997; second-year Physics undergraduate. Aged 19.

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St Edmund Hall

THE VEN. GEORGE BOORNE TIMMS, MA, 15 November 1997; commoner 1930–3. Aged 87.

ANTHONY TALBOT DE BURGH WILMOT, MA, 14 December 1996; commoner 1934–8. Aged 81.

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St Hilda's College

DORA JOYCE CULLEN, MA, 23 September 1997; commoner 1924–8. Aged 92.

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Trinity College

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN PAUL ANSTEY, June 1997; commoner 1942. Aged 72.

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REGINALD FRANCES ARCHIBALD, September 1997; commoner 1928. Aged 87.

IAN STRATHEARN GORDON, 1997; commoner 1957. Aged 58.

ARTHUR NEIL CUNNINGHAM LOTHIAN, April 1996; commoner 1941. Aged 73.

KENNETH FRANCIS MANLY LOUGHNAN, October 1996; commoner 1942. Aged 71.

GEORGE ARTHUR MAGUIRE, November 1992; commoner 1942. Aged 73.

JOHN PATRICK MULLINS, 1996; commoner 1947. Aged 74.

JOHN EDWARD DICEY RADFORD, April 1997; scholar 1934. Aged 81.

JOFFRE JOHN ROBINSON, 1988; commoner 1961. Aged 73.

GODFREY HIGGINSON SKRINE, September 1995; commoner 1928. Aged 86.

JAMES GORDON ALASTAIR YOUNG, May 1996; commoner 1943. Aged 72.

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Mansfield College

To Honorary Fellowships (with effect from 20 November 1997):



RABBI JULIA NEUBERGER (MA Cambridge, RABBINIC DIP. Leo Beck College, London, D.UNIV. Humberside, HON. D.SC. Ulster, HON. D.LITT. City)


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Pembroke College

To Domus Scholarships (with effect from MT 1997):

MISS L.J. ALBERY, formerly of Northampton High School

B.J.M. DIVE, formerly of St George's College, Weybridge

K.C.L. GOH, formerly of Serangoan Junior College, Singapore

A. PAREKH, formerly of St James' Independent School

MISS B.E.C. MACASKILL, formerly of Camberwell College of Art

MISS A.K. MACCULLOCH, formerly of Harrogate Ladies' College

A.F.M. CHOW, formerly of Tonbridge School

D.P. BROOKSHAW, formerly of Loughborough Grammar School

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To a Domus Exhibition (with effect from MT 1997):

MISS A.M. BYRNE, formerly of Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School, Upminster

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St Hugh's College

To a Nuffield Exhibition:

MATTHEW MARTIN PEAKMAN, formerly of Millfield School

To the Dame Catherine Fulford Senior Scholarship:


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Somerville College

To Bull Scholarships:

ALAN BRENDAN CONNERY, formerly of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, London

REBECCA ALEXANDRA GOSS, formerly of Devonport High School for Girls

To a Coombs Scholarship:

STEFAN DOBREV, formerly of Sofia High School of Mathematics, Bulgaria

To an Ethel E. Jones Scholarship:

RACHEL CURZON, formerly of Boston Spa Comprehensive School, West Yorkshire

To Nuffield Scholarships:

NIKA THANDIWE RAPHAELY, formerly of St John's College, Cambridge

ARRAN ALEXANDER DICKON TULLOCH, formerly of Bedales School, Hampshire

CLAIRE LOUISE WILLIAMS, formerly of Mander Portman Woodward School, Cambridgeshire

DAVID WILLMAN, formerly of University College School, London

To a Beilby Scholarship:

ROBERT JAMES SIDELL, formerly of Weymouth College

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To Beilby Exhibitions:

BENJAMIN RUSSELL BOOTH, formerly of Dean Close School, Cheltenham

JAMES PATRICK CURLEY, formerly of St Peter's School, York

CHARLOTTE MARIE DUFOUR, formerly of Lycée International, France

JONATHAN SUTHERLAND MILL, formerly of Colston's Collegiate School, Bristol

ALAN OWEN SAUNDERS, formerly of Lawnswood School, Leeds

DAVID ZEKRIA, formerly of Watford Grammar School for Boys

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To a Coombs Exhibition:

FOONG MAY TAI, formerly of Jakarta International School, Indonesia

To Nuffield Exhibitions:

MASA CEMAZAR, formerly of UWC Adriatic, Italy

SANJEEV KUMAR, formerly of Christ's College, London

ALISON WALDRON, formerly of Roedean School, Brighton

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University College

To the Burn Scholarship in Modern History:

I.A. LUNT, formerly of the Perse School

To the Stiebel Scholarship in Modern History:

C.F. MCGUIGAN, formerly of Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock

To Waddington Scholarships in Classics:

D.A. ASHTON, formerly of Whitgift School

N. SEWELL-RUTTER, formerly of Cheltenham College

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To Gladstone Scholarships in PPE:

J.E.D. GREEN, formerly of Colyton Grammar School

C.A. MILLER, formerly of Stewart's/Melville, Edinburgh

To the Gunsley Scholarship:

J.F. ROBERTS, formerly of King's School, Rochester

To the Rowe and Mawe Scholarship in Law:

D.P. MANKNELL, formerly of Ecclesbourne School, Duffield

To Weir Scholarships in Engineering Science:

H.A. KERON, formerly of King's School, Worcester

C.M. WONG, formerly of Diocesan Boys' School, Hong Kong

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To Swire Scholarships:

W.G. CHU, formerly of University of Hong Kong

W.F. LAM, formerly of University of Hong Kong

S.H.N. LEE, formerly of University of Hong Kong

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To the John Webster Organ Scholarship:

M.J. BERRY, formerly of St Olav's School, Orpington

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To Scholarships:

J. BELLMAN, formerly of Woodhouse Sixth-Form College

E.J. BIRNE, formerly of Impington Sixth-Form College

T.K. BOON, formerly of St Albans School

D.M. BULLER, formerly of Cranbrook School

M.P.J. CHANDLER, formerly of Havant College

A.P. COOPER, formerly of Scarborough School

K. COOPER, formerly of Middlesbrough College

D.R. COULTHARD, formerly of Egglescliffe School

L. DAVISON, formerly of Dunblane High School

J.M.H. DEAN, formerly of Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield

L.E.G. DONKIN, formerly of Perse School for Girls

C.F. DUNKLEY, formerly of Robert Gordon's, Aberdeen

R.T. ENMARCH, formerly of Adams' Grammar School

E.J. EVANS, formerly of Wycliffe College, Stonehouse

C.L. FORSELL, formerly of Christ Church Grammar School, Western Australia

S.J. GASKELL, formerly of Brighton, Hove, and Sussex Sixth-Form College

K.U. HACHMEIER, formerly of Winchester College

E.N.A. HEIATT, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

I.J. HOVELL, formerly of Hedley Walter School, Brentwood

Z.A. HUGHES-THOMES, formerly of Rickmansworth Masonic School

A.L.R. JACKSON, formerly of Balerno High School

B.D. JOHN, formerly of Aylesbury Grammar School

R.D. JOHNSON, formerly of Poynton County High School

E.B. JONES, formerly of Lewes Tertiary College

S.H.N. LEE, formerly of University of Hong Kong

D.S. LENDRUM, formerly of Ballyclare High School

C.R. MCMILLAN, formerly of Hutcheson's Grammar School

T.M. NELTHORPE, formerly of Uppingham School

O.F. NICOLSON, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

N.V. NIKOLOV, formerly of Mathematical School `N. Obreshkov', Bulgaria

E.A.L. NOBLE, formerly of Lady Margaret School

A.L. PARKES, formerly of the Skinners' School

J. PEVERLEY, formerly of Lutterworth Grammar School

C.I.B. PHILP, formerly of St Olave's, Orpington

H. POOLE, formerly of Trent College

R.M. PRICE, formerly of Morrison's Academy, Crieff

H.G.R. PROCTOR, formerly of Bablake School, Coventry

A. REDD, formerly of St Mark's School, Hounslow

T.J.G. ROBEY, formerly of Oundle School

D.A. SCOFFIELD, formerly of Belfast Royal Academy

D.C. SHING, formerly of Bettws Comprehensive School

K.A. SKIDMORE, formerly of Cults Academy, Aberdeen

A.H.W. SMITH, formerly of Wellington College

D.N. SOAR, formerly of Westminster College

S. STURTON, formerly of St Anne's School, Southampton

C.H.B. THOMPSON, formerly of King's School, Macclesfield

A.K. THOMSON, formerly of Winchester College

N.D.M. TOCCI, formerly of St George's School, Rome

C.J. TRYHORN, formerly of Whitgift School

S.L. TURNER, formerly of Newcastle under Lyme School

V.C. TURNER, formerly of Twycross House School

A.L. VAN PRAAG, formerly of Westminster School

M.G. VAUGHAN, formerly of Eccles College, Manchester

T.J. WARD, formerly of Abingdon School

T.O. WHITE, formerly of Dundee High School

P.D. WHITTAKER, formerly of Bury College

B.N.J. WICKS, formerly of Dr Challoner's Grammar School

V.I. WILLIS, formerly of King's School, Canterbury

S.N. WILSON, formerly of Fettes College

T.J. WRIGHT, formerly of Methodist College, Belfast

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To Exhibitions:

M. ABDUL RAZAK, formerly of Monmouth School

C. ADAM, formerly of Moreton Hall School

A.C. ANDERSON, formerly of St Paul's Girls' School

H.L. ANDERSON, formerly of Guthlaxton College, Leicester

R.M. AVERY, formerly of Tonbridge School

P.J. BARBER, formerly of Barton Peveril School, Hampshire

J.J. BRADLEY, formerly of Sevenoaks School

A.J. BRENNAN, formerly of St Cyres Comprehensive School, Penarth

A.C. CHAMBERS, formerly of Culloden Academy

K.F.A. CHAN, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore

R.S. COOKE, formerly of Ripon Grammar School

M.D. COXALL, formerly of Westcliffe Boys' High School

D. CREWE, formerly of Ipswich School

S.J. CRUTCH, formerly of Forest School, London

C.M. CURTIS, formerly of Pate's Grammar School, Cheltenham

C.F.B. DALTON, formerly of Channing School, Highgate

H.M. DANIEL, formerly of Olchfa School, Swansea

J. DEAN, formerly of Bishop Vesey Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield

R.D. DELAHAYE, formerly of Poole Grammar School

J. DONOVAN, formerly of Wellington School

N.A.J. EADY, formerly of Harrow School

H.R. FOOT, formerly of Huddersfield New College

T.A. FREEMAN, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

S.L. GALVIN, formerly of King Edward VI School, Birmingham

J.D. GARDNER, formerly of Sherborne School

J.L. HALLIWELL, formerly of Leeds Grammar School

C.J. HASSALL, formerly of John Leggott Sixth-Form College, Scunthorpe

D.I. ISSOT, formerly of Cheltenham College

M.N. JENNINGS, formerly of Wycliffe College

N.P. JOHN, formerly of Ampleforth College

G.C. JONES, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

A. KANWAR, formerly of Warwick School

J.W. KEMP, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

A.M. KRAMER, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

J.Y. LEE, formerly of Westminster School

M.G. MILLWARD, formerly of Grange School, Northwich

M.M. MOIN, formerly of St Olave's School, Orpington

T. NEWMAN, formerly of Clifton College, Bristol

T.S.J. PHILLIPS, formerly of Methodist College, Belfast

R.I. REES, formerly of St Clare's, Porthcawl

T.G.M. SALMON, formerly of Oundle School

J.J. SAMUEL, formerly of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore

N.R.J. SHAW, formerly of Alsager School

T. SIEVERS, formerly of Hermann-tast-Schule, Germany

F.C. SMETHURST, formerly of the School of St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon

R. STORAH, formerly of Poole Grammar School

L.G.E. WALTERS, formerly of Laurel Bank School

M.J. WILLIAMS, formerly of Daniel Stewart's and Melville College, Edinburgh

A.M. WILSON, formerly of Christ's Hospital School

B.J. WOLF, formerly of Dulwich College

H.J.K. WRIGHT, formerly of Durham High School

K.A. WRIGHT, formerly of Perth Academy

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To Plumptre Major Awards:

N.J.R. GRANT, formerly of Dollar Academy

N. GRIMLEY, formerly of King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

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To Plumptre Minor Awards:

T.A. FREEMAN, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

I. SMIRNOV, formerly of the London Oratory School

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To the Former Scholar's Exhibition:

V. WILLIS, formerly of King's School, Canterbury

To the Allen Exhibition:

L.C. MCDIARMID, formerly of George Watson's School, Edinburgh

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Regent's Park College

To the Anthony Phillips Memorial Scholarship:


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Pembroke College

Blackett Memorial Scholarship:


Bannister Medical Scholarship:


Instrumental Award:


Sir Roger Bannister Scholarship:


Patrick Higgins Travelling Scholarship in Theology:


George Bredin Travel Fund:


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St Hugh's College

Hurry Prize:


Proxime accessit: KELVIN WONG

Mary Lunt Prize for Practical Biochemistry:



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Somerville College

Coombs Prize in Classics:


Coombs Prize in English:


Coombs Prize in History:


Sarah Smithson Prizes in Modern Languages:



Nicholson Prize in Mathematics:


Kirkaldy Prize in Physical Sciences:

(joint award)



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University College

Cridland Prize:


Kramer Prize:


College Prize in Biochemistry:


College Prizes in Classics:



College Prizes in Law:




College Prizes in Mathematics:



College Prizes in Medicine:





College Prize in Physics:


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Regent's Park College

Theodore H. Robinson Prize:


S.W. Green Greek Prize:


Anthony Phillips Memorial Prize:


Samuel Cox Prize:


Eliza Fitzgerald Prize:


Ramsbottom Preaching Prizes:



W.W. Winfield Christian Missions Prize:


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Balliol College

Jowett and Phizackerley Senior Scholarships

Balliol College proposes to elect Jowett and Phizackerley Senior Scholars. The scholarships, which will be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit, are open to graduates currently working in Oxford who are reading, or intend to read, for a D.Phil. It is expected that applicants will normally be in at least their first year and not later than their second year of graduate work. The Jowett Scholarships are tenable in any subject. The Phizackerley Scholarship is reserved for those in Medicine and closely related subjects.

The scholarships will be awarded for a maximum of two years. Scholars will take up their award on 1 October 1998.

The value of the scholarships is £1,550 a year. In addition, scholars will receive free meals, and they will be entitled to dine twice a week at high table. The scholars will be entitled to accommodation (for which they will be charged) until they have completed their university residence requirements. This accommodation will be in the Graduate Centre at Holywell Manor.

There will also be Jowett Exhibitions, up to the value of £1,000 each, for candidates who are runners-up for the Jowett Senior Scholarships. These will be restricted to members of Balliol College. The exhibitions are tenable for one year only.

Application forms may be obtained from the Senior Tutor's Secretary, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, and should be returned by Friday, 23 January. There is no separate application form required for the exhibitions. The college hopes to interview short-listed applicants during the week commencing 23 February (sixth week).

Balliol College is an equal opportunities employer.

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St Hilda's College

Tutorial Fellowship in Politics

St Hilda's College proposes to elect an Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics, with effect from 1 October 1998. Only women are eligible to hold fellowships at St Hilda's College. The fellow will hold the title and undertake the full duties of a University (CUF) Lecturer, and no election will be made by the college unless the University's General Board of the Faculties and the Social Studies Faculty Board confirm their willingness to confer this title. No separate application for the title is required. This is intended to be a permanent appointment. Applications are invited from women specialising in any area of Politics. Expertise in comparative government, international relations, theory of politics, or Soviet and Post-Soviet politics would be advantageous.

Further particulars should be obtained from the College Office, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (telephone: Oxford (2)76815, fax: (2)76838, e-mail:, Web site: http://www.sthildas.ox. ac.ak).

The closing date is 5 January.

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Trinity College

Appointment of President's Secretary

The President requires an experienced Secretary to run his office. Apart from normal secretarial duties the person appointed would be expected to work under his/her own initiative in dealing with correspondence and other matters with which the President is concerned. A sense of discretion is necessary. Word-processing, shorthand, excellent typing, and high organisational skills are essential.

Salary, according to experience and qualifications, would be within the range £14,580–£17,376 (grade 5, university clerical and library scale); free lunches except during closed periods.

Applications in writing, with details of qualifications and experience together with the names of two referees, should be sent as soon as possible to the Domestic Bursar, Trinity College, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BH. Closing date for applications: 8 December.

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Wadham College

Keeley Visiting Fellowship

Wadham College proposes to elect a distinguished visitor to Oxford to a Visiting Fellowship for all or part of the academic year 1998–9. The fellowship, which is for a scholar who will already have full financial support, is intended to provide the visitor with a social base where he or she can meet academics with a broader range of interests than might otherwise be likely within a single faculty or department. Nominations are invited from faculties and departments, and from individual senior members of the University.

The Visiting Fellow will be a member of the college's senior common room and will be entitled to lunch and dinner free of charge at common table. Some secretarial help will be available from the fellows' secretary, and a small allowance will be available for certain academic expenses. Accommodation is not provided. The fellowship is open to scholars in any subject.

Nominations should be sent to the Warden's Secretary, Wadham College, Oxford OX1 3PN, before 2 February. These should include a curriculum vitae, a list of key publications, and a brief statement by the candidate of the work to be pursued in Oxford. This should be supported by a letter of recommendation from the nominator and by two other references from outside Oxford. Candidates should please ask their referees to send their references direct to the Warden's Secretary by the same date. The college expects to make an election on 11 March.

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