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The British Academy has announced that, under its scheme for Research Readerships, it intends to confer on `serving members of academic staff' the title of British Academy Research Reader. There will be nine awards tenable for two years from 1 October 1999. The Readerships will be awarded on a competitive basis and are not renewable.

In addition, the academy has announced that, under the scheme for Senior Research Fellowships, it intends to confer, again on members of academic staff, the title of British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow. Under this scheme there will be seven awards tenable from 1 October 1999, of one year's duration. In exceptional circumstances awards may be extended to a maximum of two years.

Applicants will need to submit a programme of research for the Research Readerships and Senior Research Fellowships in one or more of the following fields; the ancient world (all aspects, including archaeology); history (of all periods, and including the history of art, music, ideas, science, etc.); philosophy; religious thought; language; linguistics; literature; law; economics; politics; sociology; psychology; social and cultural anthropology; human geography.

All award-holders are relieved of all teaching and administrative duties, but may engage in limited supervision of research students.

While they hold the relevant academy title, award-holders of Research Readerships and Senior Research Fellowships will continue to receive their normal stipend, and their employing institutions will be expected to provide them with all the facilities necessary to enable them to carry out their research programme. Under the Research Readership scheme, the Academy will meet the cost of substitute teaching in a form to be agreed up to a maximum sum equivalent to the sixth point of the current national Lecturer A scale (£16,927) in year one, and the seventh point (£17,606) in year two; under the Senior Research Fellowship scheme the Academy will meet the agreed costs of substitute teaching up to the sixth point on the university lecturer scale. Detailed arrangements in any particular case will have to be considered by the University and the college concerned, and in consultation with the academy, once it is known that the application is successful.

Candidates must be of an age to complete the award and return to teaching afterwards to disseminate the results of their research. The Academy will therefore not accept applications from candidates aged over 55 on 1 October 1999. Applications from candidates under the age of 35 are discouraged. Applicants are not discouraged from applying for the Research Readerships and the Senior Research Fellowships simultaneously, but in such cases two sets of separate and fully self-contained applications should be submitted, with the research project in each case tailored to the duration of the award.

Applications under all schemes must be submitted through the University or through the college (for CUF lecturers). Applicants holding joint appointments must, however, obtain the support both of the University and of the college concerned. The University will advise the academy separately of its support for an application by a CUF lecturer.

Further details and application forms in respect of the schemes are available from the appropriate faculty board secretaries, to whom applications should be returned as soon as possible. The academy's closing date for the receipt of applications is 31 July 1998.

Applicants will be informed of the results of their applications by the academy in December 1998.

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