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Research and British Conference grants

The British Academy is inviting applications for the following schemes:

Research Grants (up to £5,000). These awards are available for travel and maintenance expenses in the UK (away from the applicant's home) or overseas; payments for research and secretarial assistants; costs of consumable items; and certain costs towards the preparation of research for publication. Contact: Elizabeth Ollard.

Larger Research Grants (over £5,000). There is no upper limit. The awards cover similar expenses as detailed under the research grants heading but applicants should note that grants have typically been made to support a research assistant for up to 12 months on an appropriate salary scale. Applications for higher levels of funding may be considered on their merits. Contact: Elizabeth Ollard.

British Conference Grants. These grants are intended to help meet the costs of overseas scholars contributing major papers at British conferences. Contact: Francine Danaher.

Further information on the schemes can be found in the joint Academy/HRB Guide to Awards in the Humanities and Social Sciences for 1997–8, which will be available, together with application forms, from the Research Grants Office (telephone: (2)70146) in August. Any specific queries regarding any of the schemes should be addressed to the above-named British Academy contacts at the British Academy, 20-21 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QT (telephone: 0171-487 5966).

Deadlines are as follows: for larger research grants, 30 September 1997; for research grants and British conference grants, 30 September 1997, 30 November 1997, 28 February 1998, and 30 April 1998.

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