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No other nominations having been received, the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors, under the provisions of Ch. 2, Sect. VI, § 5 (Statutes, 1995, p. 236), have nominated members to fill the following vacancies from the beginning of Michaelmas Term 1997:

Medieval and Modern Languages

Two ordinary members

H.M. BROWN, B.LITT., MA, Fellow of St Hilda's

E.A. FALLAIZE, MA, Fellow of St John's

Modern History

One ordinary member

J.S. ROWETT, MA, D.PHIL., Fellow of Brasenose

Social Studies

One official member

T. SMITH, MA,, Head of the Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Research

Two ordinary members

A.F. HEATH, MA, Fellow of Nuffield

B.L. HUDSON, MA, Fellow of Green College

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M.Sc. and Postgraduate Diploma in Software Engineering

In accordance with the regulations for these courses, notice is hereby given that the list of Schedule B modules available in the period July–December 1997 will be:

Software Development Management
Advanced Concurrency Tools
Specification and Design
Practical Software Engineering
Functional Programming
Software Testing
Advanced Software Development
Concurrency and Distributed Systems
Software Development Management
Performance Modelling

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Optional Subjects in the Honour School of Modern Languages and the related joint honour schools


The Proctors have agreed, at the request of the Modern Languages Board, that the following Optional Subjects, omitted from the list published in Gazette, pp. 1060–4 (8 May 1997), will be available in Trinity Term 1999:

502 Spanish Drama before Lope de Vega. Candidates will be expected to be familiar with the works of: Juan del Encina, Lucas Fernández, Lope de Rueda, Juan de la Cueva, Bartolomé de Torres Naharro, Diego Sánchez de Badajoz, Juan de Timoneda, Miguel Venegas, Miguel de Cervantes, and the Spanish works of Gil Vicente. Candidates will be expected to have read the Portuguese and bilingual texts of Gil Vicente, but passages for comment, which will not be compulsory, will not be set from these.

506 Federico García Lorca. Candidates will be expected to have read: Federico García Lorca, Obras completas (Aguilar, Edición del cincuentenario, three volumes). Passages for commentary will be set from among the following: Canciones, Poeta en Nueva York, Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejiás, Yerma, El público.

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With the approval of the General Board, the following changes in regulations made by the Board of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences will come into effect on 15 August.

Board of the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

Pass School of Mathematics

With immediate effect

In Examination Decrees, 1996, p. 302, after l. 21, after the decree establishing the new Pass School of Mathematics, insert:


1. Candidates will be required to offer the following elements of the examination for the Honour School of Mathematics: Papers a1, a2, and a further four papers/subjects taken from Sections a, b, and o in Part I, together with four subjects from Section c in Part II. A candidate may offer a dissertation in place of two of the four Section c subjects, in accordance with the regulations for a dissertation in the Honour School of Mathematics.

2. The examiners will not provide calculators, but will permit the use of any hand-held pocket calculator, subject to the conditions set out on p. '

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The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies has granted leave to M. ANDERSON, University, to supplicate for the Degree of Doctor of Letters. A list of the evidence submitted by the candidate is available at the University Offices.

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The examiners appointed by the following faculty boards give notice of oral examination of their candidates as follows:

Biological Sciences

S.B. JENNINGS, Linacre: `The response of tree seedlings to canopy disturbance in an Amazonian rain forest'.
Department of Plant Sciences, Thursday, 7 August, 11 a.m.
Examiners: E. Tanner, P.S. Savill.

M.A. NUNN, St Cross: `Ecology and molecular biology of tick-borne orbiviruses on the Isle of May'.
Department of Zoology, Thursday, 21 August, 2 p.m.
Examiners: P.P.C. Mertens, S.E. Randoph.

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Clinical Medicine

A. BUCKEL, Oriel: `Structural proteins at the human neuromuscular junction'.
Institute of Molecular Medicine, Thursday, 14 August, 2 p.m.
Examiners: D.J. Blake, D.J. Watt.

L.E. PRITCHARD, St Cross: `The genetics of type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus'.
Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Wednesday, 13 August, 1 p.m.
Examiners: A.P. Monaco, J. Armour.

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Modern History

R.W.J. MICHAELIS, Hertford: `The secular clergy of the Ille-et-Vilaine, 1789–1804'.
Balliol, Tuesday, 2 September, 2 p.m.
Examiners: M. Conway, O. Hufton.

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Literae Humaniores

P.A. MACGEORGE, St Anne's: `Warlords of the Western Empire in the later fifth century ad'.
Wolfson, Tuesday, 12 August, 2 p.m.
Examiners: R.S.O. Tomlin, P.J. Heather.

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Physical Sciences

G. COSTIGAN, Wolfson: `Flow pattern transitions in vertical gas–liquid flows'.
Department of Engineering Science, Thursday, 21 August, 2.15 p.m.
Examiners: M.L.G. Oldfield, R.M. Nedderman.

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Social Studies

S.A. WOLTON, St Antony's: `Lord Hailey and the interaction of race and empire in the Anglo-American dialogue of the Second World War'.
St Antony's, Tuesday, 2 September, 11 a.m.
Examiners: A. Porter, D. Washbrook.