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The Oxford University Research and Commercial Services Office (RCSO) is based in the University Offices, Wellington Square (with a satellite room at Room 9, Manor House, John Radcliffe Hospital). The RCSO is part of the University's central administration.

The office processes and approves all applications to outside bodies for research grants and approves research related agreements on behalf of the University. It also acts in an advisory capacity for those seeking outside funding or requiring information about specific initiatives (e.g. LINK, ROPA, Teaching Company Schemes, EU research programmes, etc.). The RCSO produces a weekly bulletin on funding opportunities, electronic Research and Industry News (eRIN), which is available to members of the University via the World Wide Web at:

Research contracts with industry are negotiated through the RCSO, which also deals, inter alia, with various intellectual property matters, research-related work covered by purchase orders, consultancy agreements, agreements covering clinical trials and services, and services to industry.

The Director of the RCSO is Ms June Clark (telephone: (2)70142, e-mail:

The Assistant Director of the RCSO is Dr Roger Pritchett (telephone: (2)80499, e-mail:

Other members of the RCSO from whom advice may be sought are as follows:

Enquiries relating to day-to-day processing of research grant applications should be addressed to the RCSO's Research Grants Office, Room 330, the University Offices (telephone: (2)70146), or, in the case of certain clinical departments, to the RCSO satellite office, Room 9, Manor House, John Radcliffe Hospital (telephone: 553 22544).

General enquiries may be addressed, in the first instance, to the Director's Personal Assistant, Ms Jane Vicary (telephone: (2)70143), who will be pleased to direct calls to the appropriate member of staff.

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The income of the Norman Chester Fund is to be used for the making of grants `for the promotion of the study of government and politics and generally to further a science of politics within the University'. The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies is ready to receive applications for grants to assist in meeting the expenses of research from any member of the University reading for the M.Litt., D.Phil., and M.Phil. in exceptional circumstances only (such applicants would be required to submit a detailed application to establish that there is a real need for his or her field- work/research to be carried out abroad). Candidates should also note (a) the Managers will be reluctant to make awards to those who appear to be at a preliminary/exploratory stage in their research and (b) will not normally wish to support candidates applying for assistance who have already applied for extension of time on their M.Litt./D.Phil. thesis.

Applications are considered in the months of November, February, and May of each academic year. Applications should be made on a form available from the University Offices, and should be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Management of the Norman Chester Fund, University Offices, 16 Wellington Square, not later than the first Friday of the month in which they are to be considered. Applicants should note that grants awarded will not normally exceed £300.

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