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JAMES CHRISTOPHER BRIDEN, MA (PH.D., D.SC. ANU), NERC Research Professor and Visiting Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 January 1997.

Professor Briden will be a fellow of Linacre College.

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JOSE A. CAMPOS-ORTEGA, Chairman of the Institute for Developmental Biology, University of Cologne, has been elected to the professorship for the academic year 2000–1.

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Plans for future work

This note briefly sets out the Commission's plans for completing its work and issuing a final report by Easter 1997.

Throughout this year, the Commission has been undertaking a range of consultation with individuals and bodies within and outside the University. In February, it issued a consultative paper on the University's future objectives, structure, size and shape, which was sent to all members of Congregation and others; this set out the working assumptions which the Commission was making, and then posed a series of questions on the future size of the University, the use of space and sites, the appropriate balance between teaching and research, the future role of the colleges, the future of the joint appointments scheme, and the role of international links in the life of the University. In March, the report of the consultants Coopers and Lybrand on University governance was issued for consultation, and a summary of the report was also distributed to members of Congregation and others.

Since the issue of those documents, a major consultative exercise has been conducted on behalf of the Commission by means of the surveys issued to all staff involved in teaching and research, and to a large sample of graduate and undergraduate students, during Hilary Term. The results of these surveys have now been analysed and will be available to the Commission in its final deliberations.

The Commission has also consulted bodies within the University on particular topics. Heads of departments, chairmen of faculty boards, and colleges have all been consulted about the organisation and support of research in Oxford; whilst colleges have been consulted about arrangements for their collective representation, and about the impact of differences in the resources available to different colleges.

The Commission is now aiming to complete its work and produce a final report to Congregation, Council, and the General Board, by Easter 1997. In view of this timetable, it will not now be possible to conduct any further consultation. Any members of the University who wish to make further representations to the Commission are now therefore asked to do so as soon as possible, and in any case by no later than 3 January 1997.

Any further submissions should be made to the Commission's secretary, Mr M.D. Sibly, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)80303, e-mail:

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Annual Report 1995-6

The Committee for the Archives was established by Council to replace, from 1 October 1994 onwards, the Delegates of Privileges who since 1769 had had oversight of the University Archives. Its terms of reference are contained in Ch. III, Sect. v of the University's Decrees (Statutes, 1995, p. 253). Its current membership is Mr Vice-Chancellor, the Senior Proctor, the Registrar, Mrs M. Clapinson (representing Bodley's Librarian), Dr G.E. Aylmer, Dr J.M. Roberts, Professor R. Fox, Ms R. Dunhill (County Archivist of Hampshire), Dr R. Palmer (Librarian, Lambeth Palace Library). It is chaired by the Principal of Linacre on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor. The committee held its first meeting on 4 February 1995, and subsequently appointed Mr David G. Vaisey as Keeper of the Archives for a period of five years with effect from 1 June 1995 to succeed Mr Jeffrey Hackney who had held the office since 1 October 1987. The committee holds three scheduled meetings per annum and at two of these meetings it receives a half-yearly report on the work of the Archives. In response to some requests the committee has decided to publish a short Annual Report in the Gazette. This is the first of these reports, covering the year from the beginning of Michaelmas Term 1995 to the beginning of Michaelmas Term 1996.

Staff: The established staff consists of the Keeper who is part-time, and two full-time employees: Mr Simon Bailey, archivist, and Ms Sarah Rawling, archives assistant. This last post is a fixed-term one-year appointment intended for someone who intends to apply at the end of the year for a place on an archives administration course. Ms Rawling replaced Mr Tim Gardner on 1 August 1996. Mr Gardner is now studying for the Diploma and M.Sc. Econ. in Archive Administration at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Accounts: The Archives' income for the year 1995--6 was 62,935 and its expenditure was 55,081. The credit balance added to that built up over some years by the committee (and the delegates before it) has enabled the committee this year to initiate a conservation and preservation programme for the older materials in its care via the Oxford Colleges Conservation Consortium. It is anticipated that this programme will continue for several years.

Enquiries: During the year 507 enquiries have been dealt with, 373 of which were from the general public. Nine hundred and fifty-four items have been produced for consultation in Duke Humfrey's Library by readers, on subjects ranging from Elizabethan lute music to the influence of Oxford and Cambridge on American Society 1900--40; from humanism in fifteenth- century England to the life of Sir Roger Newdigate (1719--1806); and from seventeenth-century witchcraft to the shaping of the British Colonial Service, 1920--55.

Accessions: A total of fifty-three accessions from departments have been made during the year. These range in size from single items such as the ground plan of the proposed Examination Schools submitted by Thomas Jackson in 1876 as part of his entry for the competition for the building, to the entire archive of the Oxford side of the former Oxford and Cambridge Examination Board from 1873 to 1995.

Cataloguing: Catalogues have been completed of records of the former Delegacy of Local Examinations, the Departments of Physiology and Pharmacology, and the Computing Laboratory.

Premises: The Archives occupy the two rooms in the Tower of the Five Orders in the Old Schools Quadrangle, and basement rooms in the History Faculty building and the Examination Schools. The refurbishment of an extension to the Examination Schools accommodation is proceeding under the supervision of the University Surveyor's Office.

The Records of the Chancellor's Court: For many years these records, which cover the period from 1434 to 1968, have been undergoing listing and indexing by Mr Walter Mitchell. During the year Mr Mitchell reached the end of the main series of these papers and there now remain the last dozen boxes of miscellaneous papers. It is anticipated that in the course of the coming year this massive task will be completed. The committee intends then to explore ways to make this catalogue and index---of great value to those interested in many aspects of the University's history and life over many centuries---more widely available.

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Intensive German classes for archaeologists will be offered by the Institute of Archaeology in ninth week of Hilary Term (17–21 March 1997). The classes will teach relevant reading and basic conversational skills.

Beginners' classes will be held from 9.30 to 11 a.m.; intermediate classes will be held from 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. All classes will be held at the Institute of Archaeology. The tutor will be Gertrude Seidmann, Research Associate of the institute.

Those wishing to attend should register with the receptionist at the institute (telephone: (2)78240).

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The remaining Gazettes of this term will appear on 5, 12, and 19 December. Publication will resume on 16 January.

Appointments Supplements will appear with the Gazettes of 12 December and 23 January.

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Visitors to the Examination Schools are asked to note that work is currently in progress on the installation of a lift in the Examination Schools which will improve accessibility for students with disabilities.

Work will necessarily continue throughout Michaelmas Term but every attempt will be made to avoid disturbance to users of the Schools.

Members of the University are asked to be as tolerant as possible of any difficulties which this work may cause.