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Corpus Christi College

RICHARD WILLIAM GEORGE GANDY, MA, 21 August 1996; Rhodes Scholar 1936–9. Aged 80.

STEPHEN JOHN WALTER, MA, D.PHIL., 5 September 1996; commoner 1971–80. Aged 45.

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Hertford College

GEORGE WRIGHT ARNOTT, March 1996; commoner 1951.

DAVID JAMES BRINDLEY, 1996; commoner 1956.

JOHN BROOKE, 28 March 1996; commoner 1932.

IAN WARWICK GRANT CAMERON, 1996; commoner 1926.


GERALD RALPH AUCHINLECK DARLING, DL, RD, QC, 13 September 1996; scholar 1940.

DOUGLAS FRANK RANDOLPH EVANS, 1996; commoner 1926.


PETER FREDERICK MACHIN, 1995; commoner 1922.

DR CARLOS GARRIDO NAVARRO, 1995; commoner 1970.

CHARLES THOMAS SALKELD-GREEN, 12 March 1996; commoner 1933.

OSMOND PAUL SIMMONS, 10 April 1996; commoner 1936. Aged 79.

HENRY PATRICK MARTIN STANTON, 26 May 1996; exhibitioner 1943.

JOHN STANLEY MARCUS VINTER, MC, 14 December 1995; exhibitioner 1937. Aged 77.

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Keble College

GEORGE JOHN LESLIE BERKELEY, BA, 13 January 1996; commoner 1919–23. Aged 94.

JOSEPH ADRIEN JEAN ROBERT BOURASSA, MA, LL.M., 2 October 1996; Rhodes Scholar 1957–9. Aged 63.

WILLIAM MAURICE ESPLEN CRUMP, CBE, 10 July 1996; commoner 1926–9. Aged 88.

ARTHUR CECIL FRANCIS DAVIES, MA, 28 March 1996; commoner 1931–4. Aged 85.

PETER RICHARD STAFFORD FAIRCLOUGH, BA, 24 February 1996; commoner 1967–70. Aged 48.

CHARLES WORTHINGTON FOWDEN FOOTMAN, BA, CMG, 1 April 1996; commoner 1927–9. Aged 91.

PETER HUXLEY, BA, FRGS, 2 September 1996; scholar 1958–61. Aged 57.

JOHN PETER SARGESON MORTON, MA, 2 February 1996; exhibitioner 1931–5. Aged 84.

JOHN CHARLES READ, MA, 30 January 1996; history exhibitioner 1927–9. Aged 89.

ROBERT GRAHAM ROE, BA, 22 March 1996; commoner 1956–9. Aged 59.

WILLIAM HATTON THORNE, MA, 5 June 1996; commoner 1932–5. Aged 84.

ROGER LEDGLEY WASTIE, MA (PH.D.), 16 January 1996; commoner 1955–8. Aged 61.

NEIL JAMES WHITE, BA, 5 September 1996; commoner 1988–92. Aged 26.

DOUGLAS JULIAM WILIAMS, MA, CD, 22 September 1996; commoner 1946–8. Aged 75.

NOEL EDWARD JOHN WYLIE, MA, 13 March 1996; classical exhibitioner 1923–7. Aged 92.

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St Edmund Hall

PROFESSOR KENNETH ARTHUR MUIR, MA, 30 September 1996; commoner 1926–30; Honorary Fellow 1987–96.

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Campion Hall

PAUL EDWARDS, MA, 21 September 1996; commoner 1948–51, Master 1978–84. Aged 74.

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Christ Church

A Memorial Service for THE REVD DR ERIC HEATON, Dean of Christ Church 1979–91, Honorary Student 1991–6, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 9 November, in Christ Church Cathedral.

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St Catherine's College

A Memorial Service for DENNIS HORGAN, formerly Fellow and Tutor in English, will be held at 2.15 p.m. on Saturday, 23 November, in St Cross Church.

Tea will be served in St Catherine's College after the service.

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University College

A Thanksgiving Service for THE REVD CHRISTOPHER J. GRAY (1964–96), Scholar 1982–8, lately Priest-in-Charge, St Margaret's Church, Anfield, Liverpool, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 2 November, in the college chapel.

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Merton College

To a Visiting Research Fellowship (HT 1997):

DR COLLEEN KELLY, University of North Texas

To Postmasterships:

MISS J.R. COX, formerly of Watford Grammar School for Girls

MISS E.R. HODBY, formerly of Oxford High School

MISS S.L. JONES, formerly of Dame Alice Harpur School

MISS L.A. JUDGE, formerly of Dame Alice Harpur School

MISS S.R. KENT-SMITH, formerly of Millfield School

M.A. KIMBER, formerly of Eton College

R. PAWSON, formerly of Cheltenham College

R.D. SUGARMAN, formerly of Colfe's School

N.D. THAPEN, formerly of Alleyn's School

D.M.W. WALLACE, formerly of Bedford School

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To Exhibitions:

D. ARCHER, formerly of Yarm School

A.C. BINGHAM, formerly of Abingdon School

A.G.L. CAMPBELL, formerly of University College School, Hampstead

MISS E.M. CONNOLLY, formerly of Loughborough High School

N.D. CUNDY, formerly of King Edward VI School, Chelmsford

G.E.J. GAME, formerly of Westminster School

MISS X. HE, formerly of King Edward VI Camp Hill Girls' School

R.K. HLADKY, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College

MISS C. JONES, formerly of John Leggott College, Scunthorpe

C.A.J. LEGGE, formerly of Winchester College

G.J. MANDER, formerly of Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham

G.D. MANN, formerly of Chipping Campden School

MISS J.A. RETTER, formerly of the Maynard School, Exeter

MISS J.M. RICHMOND, formerly of North London Collegiate School

D.B. SKINNER, formerly of Newcastle-under-Lyme School

D.R. WALKER, formerly of Havering Sixth-Form College

T.O. WOMACK, formerly of Winchester College

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Oriel College

To Scholarships:

TOBY MICHAEL FFRENCH ALLEN, formerly of Wellington College

GRAHAM ANTHONY JONES, formerly of Bridgenorth Endowed School

CLAIRE LAMB, formerly of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

MATTHEW LIVESEY, formerly of Hampton School

CORNELIUS JAMES ROBERT MEDVEI, formerly of Norwich School

GRAEME ROBERT SMITH, formerly of Bristol Grammar School

IAN MICHAEL SNELL, formerly of Bristol Grammar School

LENG HUEI TAN, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore

To Exhibitions:

JULIA MARY CARROLL, formerly of the Mary Erskine School

ELIZABETH CHANG, formerly of Tiffan Girls' School

MYFANWY DAVIES, formerly of Gorseinon College

CATHERINE MARY DRISCOL (née Bovington), formerly of Worthing Sixth-Form College

CHARLES HUMPHREYS, formerly of Hampton School

ARAMINTA CHARLOTTE MARY HUITSON, formerly of Cheltenham Ladies' College

ANNE ELIZABETH WHITELEY, formerly of Baines School

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St Anne's College

To Scholarships:

JAN-JAAP BAER, formerly of the British School of Paris

HANNAH K. BARLOW, formerly of George Watson's, Edinburgh

JONATHAN J. BEVAN, formerly of Churchdown School

JOHN R. BRITNELL, formerly of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

HEI-LAM CHANG, formerly of Wellington School

JOHANN CHUA, formerly of Bedford School

MARK O. CUTHBERT, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

GLENN B. DICKEN, formerly of Poole Grammar School

SARAH. R. DONALDSON, formerly of Henley College

MICHAEL G. ELLIOTT, formerly of Brunt's School, Mansfield

PER C. GOODDEN, formerly of Bewdley High School

JAMEEL HAYAT, formerly of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

JADE HOLMES, formerly of Scarborough Sixth-Form College

YEE HON LIM, formerly of Ward Freeman School, Buntingford

RUSSELL N. LYNCH, formerly of Ward Freeman School, Buntingford

RUSSELL S. MASON, formerly of King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham

PAUL M. MATHOLE, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

IPSITA MONDAL, formerly of Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Upminster

TIMOTHY M. RICKETTS, formerly of Pates Grammar School

STEVEN M. SIDDALS, formerly of King Edward VI Community College, Coalville

STUART A. SIM, formerly of Banff Academy

PHILIP J. SMEATON, formerly of London Oratory School

GRAHAM JAMES SMITH, formerly of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

DOMINIC R. TIERNEY, formerly of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

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To Exhibitions:

JOHN P. LING, formerly of Wellington School

ROBIN C. MAY, formerly of Cowbridge School

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St Hilda's College

To FitzRandolph Scholarships:

ELEANOR BLAGBROUGH, formerly of Guildford High School for Girls

KATHERINE BURTON, formerly of Robert Smyth School, Market Harborough

To Nuffield Scholarships:

ISABEL DEAN, formerly of the King's School, Canterbury

TAMSIN LISHMAN, formerly of St Margaret's School for Girls, Aberdeen

To an Old Students' Scholarship:

ROSEMARY HISCOX, formerly of University College, London

To a Leys Scholarship:

KIRSTY JOHNSON, formerly of Skipton Girls' High School

To a Moberley Scholarship:

RACHEL MCGILL, formerly of Holy Cross College, Bury

To a Blake Scholarship:

JANICE TAY,, formerly of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore

To a Hewitt Exhibition:

BARNITA BAGCHI, formerly of Jadavpur University, Calcutta

To a Rickards Exhibition:

EMMA BELL, formerly of Dr Chaloner's High School, Little Chalfont

To a D.K. Broster Exhibition:

VERITY CLARKSON, formerly of Newcastle-under-Lyme School

To a Nielsen Exhibition:

JOANNA DODD, formerly of Tormead School, Guildford

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To Allen Exhibitions:

RACHEL HEALY, formerly of Croydon High School

LYNN ROBSON, formerly of Kellogg College

PAULA WALLWORK, formerly of St Anthony's-Leweston School, Sherborne

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To a Moberley Exhibition:

CLAIRE KIMBER, formerly of Esher College

To Nuffield Exhibitions:

VICTORIA POSTER, formerly of Notting Hill and Ealing High School, London

AMBER RITHALIA, formerly of North Bolton Sixth-Form College

HENNA-SISKO SEWELL, formerly of Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham

To a Blake Exhibition:

GEORGINA TRINDER, formerly of the European School, Luxembourg

To a Thornton Exhibition:

JANE WHITTINGTON, formerly of Robert Smyth School, Market Harborough

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St Hugh's College

To a Wei-Lun Scholarship:


To a Thomas Melbank Fowle Scholarship:

LUIZ ANTONIO LINO DA SILVA COSTA, formerly of St Julian's School, Lisbon

To Jourdain Memorial Scholarships:

JOANNA KEEFE, formerly of Queen Elizabeth's School, Wimborne

JOHN MICHAEL MORIARTY, formerly of Liverpool Blue Coat School

To Clara H. Mordan Scholarships:


PHILIPPE PETER WILSON, formerly of Winchester College

SOPHIE JANE LUNN-ROCKLIFFE, formerly of Notting Hill and Ealing High School

HILARY SIAN POWELL, formerly of Penos College, Colwyn Bay

To Ethel Seaton Scholarships:

YUI CHEUNG JUSTIN CHOW, formerly of Diocesan Boys' School, Hong Kong

MARK EDMUND BAMBER, formerly of St Edward's College, Liverpool

ALISON MELINDA ROTHERY, formerly of the Westgate School, Winchester

To a Hodgson Scholarship:

GUY ALEXANDER LADENBURG, formerly of Charterhouse

To an Evans Scholarship:

JONATHAN PAUL MIDMER, formerly of Trinity School, Croydon

To Jubilee Exhibitions:

JAMES CONRAD ST JOHN FOREMAN, formerly of Langley Park School for Boys

ALEXANDRA MARY LEY CHARLTON, formerly of St Paul's Girls' School

HUGH GERALD ARTHUR ROBERTS, formerly of Whitgift School, Croydon

To Ethel Seaton Exhibitions:

SUZANNE JANE CHADWICK, formerly of Bolton School

CHRISTOPHER JAMES WARNER, formerly of Culford School

To an Evans Exhibition:

TILL CYRANO TOBIAS ROGNER, formerly of St Paul's School

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Trinity College

To Millard Scholarships:

ADAM DANIEL CAPEWELL, formerly of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth-Form College

THOMAS ROGER EYKYN, formerly of Cheltenham College

TIMOTHY JOHN PRIOR, formerly of Brentwood School

To a Hillary Scholarship:

DAVID JONATHAN TOWSEY, formerly of Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, Leicester

To a Wyatt Rushton Scholarship:

GARETH ROBERT JAMES, formerly of Cricklade School, Andover

To a Henniker Scholarship:

DARYL JOHN NOYCE, formerly of Carisbrooke High School, Isle of Wight

To Chadwick Scholarships:

ROSEMARY GAIL AKERMAN, formerly of Latymer School, Edmonton

LOUISE OLIVIA GOULDING, formerly of Casterton School, Carnforth

TIMOTHY ANDREW DOBBS, formerly of Plymouth College

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To a Woodruff Scholarship:

BEN RICHARD GILBERT, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree

To Millard Exhibitions:

ROSEMARY EMILY JANE ALLEN, formerly of Rochester Grammar School for Girls

JOHANN ELIZABETH BROOMFIELD, formerly of Queen Katherine School, Kendal

PHILLIPPA ANNE CAVE, formerly of Loreto Convent Grammar School, Altrincham

JAMES ALEXANDER CROSS, formerly of St Bartholomew's School, Newbury

ALEX ONG TIANG CHUAN, formerly of Taylor's College, Malaysia

CRAIG RONALD WIJEKOON DE SILVA, formerly of Salesian College, Farnborough

THOMAS HENRY RICE HILL, formerly of Warwick School

SUZANNE PATRICIA PILCHER, formerly of Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, Marlow

RICHARD LEE THOMPSON, formerly of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Blackburn

To Percival Exhibitons:

HILARY ALISON EDWARDS, formerly of Haverford College, Pennsylvania

SAIRA LUCY QURESHI, formerly of Bradford Grammar School

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To Ford Exhibitions:

MARTIN WILLIAM DUSINBERRE, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

JULIAN ROBERT WELLESLEY WEIGALL, formerly of the Perse School for Boys, Cambridge

To a Wyatt Rushton Exhibition:


To a Blakiston Exhibition:

DANIEL ANEURIN GRIFFITHS, formerly of Loughborough Grammar School

To a Henniker Exhibition:

OSAMU ARAKAWA, formerly of Stonyhurst College

To Chadwick Exhibitions:

HELEN JESSICA CALLAGHAN, formerly of St Viti Gymnasium, Zeven, Germany

NERYS LYNDSAY HAIRON, formerly of Hautlieu School, St Saviour, Jersey

VICTORIA ELIZABETH IRELAND, formerly of Nelson Thomlinson School, Wigton

To Woodruff Exhibitions:

KATE ELIZABETH DYSON, formerly of Easingwold School, York

BENJAMIN RUPERT WEST, formerly of Dulwich College

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To Graduate Scholarships:

DARON LEE BURROWS, formerly of Bradford Grammar School

PAUL MICHAEL HAYTON, formerly of Burnham Grammar School

HANAN LAMLUM, formerly of University College, London

SHANNON COLWYN MCKELLAR, formerly of Rhodes University, South Africa

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St Hugh's College

Katherine Lawrence Memorial Prize:


Graduate Examination Prize (M.St.):


Graduate Examination Prize (BCL):


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Trinity College

R.A. Knox Memorial Prizes:






Bellot Prize:


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Brasenose College

Fixed-Term Teaching Fellowship in Classics

The college proposes to elect a Fixed-Term Teaching Fellow in Classics (Greek and Latin Languages and Literature). The person appointed will be a Supernumerary Fellow of Brasenose College. The appointment will be from 1 October 1997 for a period of five years in total, after the expiry of which period it will not be renewable. Applications should be sent to the Senior Tutor, Brasenose College, Oxford OX1 4AJ, with details of career and publications, not later than 31 December. Applicants should ask three referees to send confidential references to the Senior Tutor by the same date. Further particulars may be obtained from the College Secretary (telephone: Oxford (2)77823).

Brasenose College is an exempt charity dedicated to the advancement of learning, and is an equal opportunities employer.

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Merton College

Leventis Senior Scholarship in Greek Studies

The college proposes, if candidates of suitable merit present themselves, to elect in 1997 a Leventis Senior Scholar in Greek Studies. This award is open to both men and women who by 1 October 1997 will not have accumulated more than seven years in higher education, research, or professional studies.

The scholarship is restricted to citizens of Greece or the Republic of Cyprus specialising in Greek studies, including the study of Greek culture and the civilisation of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean in any of their aspects from the Bronze Age to 1453 ad.

Details of the award and of the method of applying for it may be obtained by writing to the Warden's Secretary, Merton College, Oxford OX1 4JD (fax: Oxford (2)76282). E-mail is not accepted. The closing date for applications is Monday, 16 December.

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Oriel College

Official Fellowship in Classical Languages and Literature

The college proposes to appoint a Fellow and Tutor in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature, with effect from 1 October 1997. The fellowship will be held in conjunction with a titular university lecturership, which may at a later date (but without commitment meanwhile on the part of the University) be converted into a University (CUF) Lecturership.

The fellow will be required to undertake not less than twelve hours' teaching a week for the college, and must be competent to teach a number of the mainstream papers and principal options in classical languages and literature set by the Faculty of Literae Humaniores, and associated Joint Schools, for all parts of the First and Second Public Examinations, including those set for students who begin one or both of the classical languages at the University. Further particulars may be obtained from the College Secretary, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW. The closing date for completed applications is Monday, 16 December.

Oxford University and Oriel College are equal opportunities employers.

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St Hugh's College

Joanna Randall-MacIver Junior Research Fellowship

Applications are invited for the above fellowship, open to women graduates only and tenable from 1 October 1997 for two years. The annual value will be £8,824 resident or £10,211 non-resident (currently under review). The subject of research shall be the fine art, music, or literature of any nation, in any period.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Tutor for Graduates, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE, to whom applications should be sent by 28 February 1997.

Graduate Scholarships

St Hugh's College is offering up to fifteen scholarships for research to graduates of any nationality from October 1997, each of £2,000 per annum and for a period depending on the fee-paying duration of the student's course. Scholarships are offered in all subjects. In addition, there are named scholarships in classics, modern languages, and theology. Each graduate scholar will be entitled to a room in St Hugh's graduate accommodation for up to two years at the standard charge, and to dine periodically at high table. Awards to applicants not already reading for a higher degree at Oxford will be conditional on their being accepted to do so by the relevant faculty board of the University. Further particulars of the scholarships and of the application procedure may be obtained from the Tutor for Graduates, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE, who should receive applications by Monday, 3 March 1997.

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University College

Appointment of Assistant College Secretary

Following the promotion of the present post-holder, the college intends to appoint a secretary with good organisational skills to work in the College Office. We are seeking a person familiar with word-processing and other computing skills (or a willingness to learn) who enjoys contact with people on all levels. Initial salary in the range £9,408–£11,219 (under review). Further particulars and an application form may be obtained from the College Secretary, University College, Oxford OX1 4BH (telephone: Oxford (2)76677). Applications on the form supplied should reach the College Secretary by 31 October.