No. 4432 Thursday 20 March 1997 Vol. 127

Bodleian tackles rising demand buoyed up by Lee benefaction : A range of positive developments at the Bodleian Library—including continued improvements to the Library's book-delivery service—was further boosted last week by a generous benefaction.

A microscopic world on view : Ancient rocks and the smallest organisms known to science are featured in a new exhibition, `A Microscopic World', at the University Museum of Natural History (17 March—26 May).

`Swampy' points the way for `green' news : There was a sharp intake of breath around the auditorium when Mr Fred Hackworth, the London editor of the Manchester Evening News, robustly declared that he was in the entertainment business, and would not give a paragraph to an environmental story unless he thought it would entertain his readers.

IMM team tracks 9,000-year-old ancestor : A team of researchers at the Institute of Molecular Medicine has used the very latest DNA tracing techniques to find the living relative of a man who lived 9,000 years ago.

Oxford don `solves' 2,000-year-old maths problem : An Oxford mathematician has `solved' a 2,000-year-old problem—perhaps the last of the great problems of the classical Euclidean-style geometry—while riding his bicycle home.

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