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On the recommendation of the General Board and the relevant faculty boards, Council has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Physics on S.J. ROSE, MA, D.PHIL., leader of the Theory and Computation Group at the Central Laser Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, for a period of three years with immediate effect, and has reconferred the title of Visiting Professor in Clinical Epidemiology on D.L. SACKETT (BA Wisconsin, B.SC., MD Illinois, M.SC. Boston), Head of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, for the period until 31 July 2000, and has reconferred the title of Visiting Professor in the Principles of Engineering Design on P.T. THOMPSON (PH.D. Essex), Manager of the Technology and Development Unit of BT's Global Networks Directorate, for the period until 21 November 2001.

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Hertford Prize: SOPHIE F. BENNETT, Corpus Christi College

First De Paravicini Prize: OLIVER A. EVANS, Christ Church

Second De Paravicini Prize: LAWRENCE POTTER, Magdalen College

Harold Lister Sutherland Prize: THOMAS CAREY, Corpus Christi College, and DANIEL J. EDGE, Magdalen College

Proxime accesserunt: JAMES R. BURBIDGE, St Hugh's College, and SAMUEL E. COULTHARD, Lady Margaret Hall

Comparative Philology Prize: RANJAN SEN, Christ Church

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The Prize has been awarded to DR IAN HARDING.

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The following documents on matters of general interest with regard to Higher Education policy, funding, or other significant developments, have recently been received within the University Offices. If any member of Congregation would wish to have a copy of any of these documents, he or she should apply to the office of the Deputy Registrar (Administration) (telephone: (2)70003). Where relevant an Internet reference is also given.

CVCP Higher Education Pay and Prices Index as at January 1997. (This is the second issue of the new Higher Education Pay and Prices Index (HEPPI), which has replaced the Universities Pay and Prices Index (UPPI). The index illustrates the real changes in university costs and has risen by 0.9 per cent in the year to January 1997.)

HEFCE RAE Manager's Report on the Conduct of the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise. (This report follows a technical review of the exercise and reports in some detail how the exercise was conducted. It also identifies practical issues to be addressed in the planning of any future similar exercise. It is not, however, directly concerned with the question whether there should be another RAE or if so how it should be conducted.) Also available on

HEFCE Report on the Impact of the 1992 Research Assessment Exercise on Higher Education Insitutions in England. (This report draws conclusions on the effects of the 1992 RAE on English Higher Education Institutions, whilst pointing out that the 1996 RAE differed from the 1992 exercise so that the conclusions in the report may not now apply.) Also available on

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Finance, in its many aspects, is now of major importance, both academically and practically. The nature of the subject is such that while it is well represented within the University, research in the area is spread over many faculties and departments.

It is intended to provide a focus for this activity, initially through co-ordination of activities and dissemination of information. Specific plans include the development of a joint seminar series, creation of appropriate web pages, and a working paper series. In the longer term, a more formal research centre may evolve.

Anyone wishing to be included in these activities is encouraged to contact either Dr Sam Howison, Mathematical Institute (e-mail:, or Professor Colin Mayer, Management Studies (e-mail: .

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Personal Consultancies

The University holds a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy which indemnifies the University, together with its employees and officers whilst acting on behalf of the University, against liability for damages (and claimants' costs and expenses) in respect of claims arising out of the University's activities as a university by reason of (amongst other things):

(i) any act, neglect, error, or omission, occurring or committed in good faith by the University (together with its employees and officers whilst acting on behalf of the University);

(ii) libel and slander committed in good faith by reason of words written or spoken by the University (together with its employees and officers whilst acting on behalf of the University).

In the event of liability arising from any dishonest or fraudulent act or omission, no person committing or condoning the act or omission is entitled to indemnity.

The policy does not cover the first £1,000 of any claim for damages.

The policy also provides the same cover for individual members of the University's academic, academic-related, and technical staff who undertake private work, provided that

(a) the permission of the University has been obtained, and

(b) fees received for such work are declared to the insurer.

It should be noted, however, that claims in US and Canadian courts are excluded.

This insurance cover is subject to a number of conditions, of which the most important are:

(a) that written notice is given to the insurance company as soon as possible after the University is aware of circumstances which might reasonably be expected to produce a claim against the University (including its employees and officers if within the cover)—irrespective of the validity of the claim—or as soon as it is informed of such a claim for which there may be liability under the insurance cover; and

(b) that every letter, claim, writ, summons and process is forwarded to the insurance company immediately on receipt. No admission, offer, promise, payment, or indemnity is to be made or given by or on behalf of the University (including its employees and officers if within the cover) without the written consent of the company.

Members of the academic staff undertaking consultancy work with the permission of the University (under the rules laid down by the General Board), and academic-related and technical staff (who must obtain the permission of the head of their department), are strongly urged to take advantage of this cover. They may do so by writing, on a strictly confidential basis, to Mr P.J. Smith, University Chest, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, stating the name of the employer for each consultancy and the fee or the remuneration receivable.

The insurance company will only be notified of the aggregate number of consultancies and the aggregate fees on an annual basis except in the event of a claim, when details of a particular consultancy will be required by the insurer.

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