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Grants for special academic needs with particular reference to research

The steering committee which makes recommendations for grants from the Hulme University Fund now invites applications for the 1997 awards.

Under the Scheme for the Hulme Fund, Brasenose College applies one-third of the income which it receives from the Hulme Trust Estates (Educational) towards furthering Oxford University purposes, defined as the promotion of education and research in the University by grants designed to relieve the special needs of University faculties or institutions or to promote the special purposes of any study or research pursued in or connected with the University. The college is required to have regard to proposals made by Council and no grants may be made without Council's consent.

The committee's practice is to target in each year some particular area suitable for assistance. For 1997, the applications are invited for grants to support special academic needs, with particular reference to research, under the Scheme's provision to promote the special purposes of study or research. The scheme will be focused on the Arts, where past experience has shown that the scarcity of research funding is such that the resources of this fund can do much good, but the Steering Committee notes that there may also be relevant research in museums and libraries and in some of the Council departments, the support of which could be significant in terms of departmental vitality.

The total amount available to be committed in grants is some £30K and the committee customarily distributes its support by applying a normal maximum of £5K to £6K for grants from the fund; the range of research projects for which support on this scale can make a realistic contribution will inevitably be quite limited, but the committee has a tradition of encouraging the use of the fund to support self-help and is content to see grants from the fund used alongside other resources to enable more substantial undertakings to proceed (for example, a grant from the fund could be one element in a package of support from internal and external sources, a pump-priming grant, or a source of matching funds to facilitate the raising of further moneys from outside sources). The Steering Committee draws particular attention to the restriction of the fund to `special needs' and `special purposes' and to the fact that the fund does not support normal departmental commitments or items which might properly be charged to general university funds.

The closing date for applications is 31 October 1997, and it is hoped that in most cases the results of applications will be known by the end of December. There is no set timetable for completion of expenditure and the committee is content that approved grants should be drawn down as expenditure is required; equally it is prepared to consider, in principle, applications where the ability to carry out the project is contingent on the success of other applications.

Applications should be made in writing to the secretary of the Steering Committee (Dr C.R. Repp), University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD giving details of the project, of its total costs and other approaches which have been made for funding, and on the basis for regarding the application as coming within the definition of special need. The Steering Committee will weigh each application according to its own criteria but it may, if appropriate, also seek the advice of relevant faculty boards on the priority which they would attach to individual applications falling within their area; in this way the Steering Committee hopes, in making its recommendations to Council and the Brasenose Governing Body, to ensure that the resources of the fund are directed towards those projects which are acknowledged to be of high priority.

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Carlyle Fund

The Committee for the Carlyle Fund offers one research scholarship in the history of political thought (post- classical), broadly defined, tenable from October 1997 for up to three years. The scholarship will include maintenance at the current level of British Academy/ESRC awards, all university and college fees at the Home/EU rate, and a book grant of £400 per annum. The scholar must be a registered research student at the University; his or her progress will be subject to annual review by the committee.

Candidates must have completed at least one year of postgraduate study by the time at which they would take up the scholarship. The scholar will be required to apply for a British Academy/ESRC award in the normal way prior to taking up the scholarship, and (if initially unsuccessful) to reapply in 1998.

Applications should be addressed to Charles Shaw, Secretary to the Carlyle Committee, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, and should include a curriculum vitae together with a statement of research interests and the names and addresses of a supervisor and one other person. Candidates should arrange for their referees to send letters of reference to the secretary by 4 July. Short-listed candidates will be asked to submit written work.

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