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The Committee for the Rhodes Chair has decided to extend its African Research Fellowships scheme for the academic year 1997–8. The scheme is intended to bring to Oxford scholars teaching in African universities. Preference is given to applicants working on a research project in collaboration with an Oxford Africanist. A total sum of £10,000 is available for grants in 1997–8. Successful applicants will receive an allowance of £850 a month and a contribution of up to £600 towards the cost of their fare, payable in Oxford. Applications should be made by 7 February to either Judith Heyer, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD, or Professor Terence Ranger, St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF. Applications should be accompanied by a curriculum vitae, a research proposal, and references where possible. The Chair Committee will meet on 20 February when it will review the applications.

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Applications are invited for up to two Pirie-Reid Scholarships tenable at the University of Oxford by graduates (including persons expecting to graduate in 1997) who intend in October 1997 to commence working for a degree or diploma.

Preference will be given to candidates applying from other universities, i.e. not already matriculated at Oxford, and to those domiciled or educated in Scotland. Candidates not fulfilling these criteria are unlikely to be successful.

The scholarships, which are to be awarded to persons wishing to begin a course of study in Oxford who would otherwise be prevented by lack of funds, will cover University and college fees and provide a grant for maintenance, subject to assessment of other sources of income (maintenance grants for 1996–7 are £1,710 for undergraduates and £5,400 for postgraduates). It will be renewable from year to year, subject to satisfactory progress and continuance of approved full-time study.

Candidates for a Pirie-Reid Scholarship are expected to have applied for admission to the University in the usual way.

Application forms may be obtained from Mrs J. Brown, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. The closing date for application is 1 May.

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