Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Balliol College

KENNETH WILLIAM ALLEN, MA, 2 May 1997; Professor of Nuclear Structure and Fellow 1963–9, Emeritus Fellow 1991–7.

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Christ Church

THE REVD DR ARTHUR W. ADDAMS, MA, 11 March 1997; commoner 1938–40.

MAJOR DONALD H. BROWNE, October 1996; commoner 1923–6.

ERROLL B. CHRISTIE; Westminster Exhibitioner 1937–9.

KENNETH FLETCHER, ISO, MA, 31 January 1997; commoner 1948–51.

THE REVD ARTHUR E. FORD, BA; commoner 1923–6.

DR GERRARD M.P. GARDINER, BA, April 1997; commoner 1972–5. Aged 43.

CHRISTOPHER R. HAMMERSLEY, BA, 1995; commoner 1921–4.

GILES FRANCIS HARWOOD, JP, BA, April 1997; commoner 1952–9. Aged 63.

SIR DAVID HILDYARD, KCMG, DFC, BA, April 1997; Timmis Exhibitioner 1935–8. Aged 80.

WILLIAM D.H. KRESSLER, BA, late 1980s; commoner 1932–5.

GILBERT J.T. PARR, BA, late 1980s; scholar 1938–9.

DR JEAN P. PETTAVAL, 1987 (approximately); commoner 1942–3.

ROGER G. PETTIWARD, BA, 1939–45; commoner 1925–8.

RALPH SELBY, CMG, BA, 21 February 1997; commoner 1933–6. Aged 81.

LT.-COL. GEORGE L. STEERS, BA, 25 December 1944; commoner 1929–32. Aged 35.

GERSHAM J. STEWART; commoner 1953–6.

THE REVD CANON CYRIL V. TAYLOR, BA, 1991; commoner 1926–9. Aged 84.

LT.-COL. MALCOLM V.A. WOLFE-MURRAY, BA; commoner 1927–31.

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Lincoln College

IAN DOUGLAS FREEMAN COUTTS, 4 May 1997; commoner 1948–51. Aged 69.

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St Anne's College

LADY ELIZABETH MEADE (née Scott); member of the Society of Oxford Home-Students 1922–5; aged 94.

MISS ERICA EVERETT; member of the Society of Oxford Home-Students 1927–30.

MISS JOYCE LENTON; member of St Anne's Society 1942–5.

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Balliol College

To Reynolds Scholarships:

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH HICKS, formerly of Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton

CAROLINE ELIZABETH PEARCE, formerly of Prior Park College, Bath

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Brasenose College

To Open Scholarships:

GEORGE R. MCPHERSON, formerly of Winchester College

CLARISSA N. WORSDALE, formerly of Moira House School, Eastbourne

To Open Exhibitions:

GAVIN A. ALEXANDER, formerly of Bradfield College

RICHARD D. CARTER, formerly of Rugby School

EMMA E. CLOUGH, formerly of Durham Sixth-Form College

DARIO G. DAGOSTINO, formerly of St John's College, Southsea

JAMES A. KNIGHT, formerly of Abingdon School

CAROLINE R. MURPHY, formerly of Cheltenham Ladies' College

ANGHARAD M. PARRY, formerly of Coleraine High School

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Corpus Christi College

To a College Scholarship:

SAM J. GILBERT, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree

To a Hugh Oldham Scholarship:

SOPHIE F. BENNETT, formerly of St Swithun's School, Winchester

To Haigh Scholarships:

THOMAS C. CAREY, formerly of Abingdon School

ALEXANDER B.G. THORNTON, formerly of Winchester College

To a Charles Oldham Scholarship:

FATEMA AHMED, formerly of the Henrietta Barnett School

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Magdalen College

To Visiting Fellowships:

SIR MICHAEL WHEELER-BOOTH (1 October 1997–15 April 1998)

PROFESSOR J.B. CONNELLY (1 January–15 April 1998)

PROFESSOR I.T. MCGOVERN (16 April–30 September 1998)

PROFESSOR J.C. HAFFENDEN (mid-June–mid- September 1998)

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Oriel College

To a Scholarship:

THOMAS CHARLES MACMILLAN, formerly of Eton College

To an Exhibition:

WILLIAM JAMES DANIELS, formerly of the London Oratory School

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Queen's College

To a Randall MacIver Studentship in Archaeology:

TYLER W. BELL (BA Carlton), Wolfson College

To a Clifford Norton Studentship in the History of Science:

VIVIANE QUIRKE (Maîtrise-ès- Lettres, Paris X), St Antony's College

To Florey EPA Studentships:

FAUSTO BRITO E. ABREU (LIC.BIOL. Lisbon), Wolfson College

HESTER KORTHALS ALTES (M.BIOL. Leiden), Queen's College

To Howell Studentships in Theology:

JEREMY DUFF (BA Cambridge), Jesus College

GARRY J. WILLIAMS, BA, Christ Church

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St Hilda's College

To an Honorary Fellowship (with immediate effect):

PROFESSOR SARAH POMEROY, City University, New York

To a Barbara Pym Official Fellowship in English Literature (from 1 October 1997):


To a Julia Mann Junior Research Fellowship (for two years from 1 October 1997):


To a McIlrath Research Fellowship (for two years, with immediate effect):


To Schoolmistress Fellowships:

JACQUELINE ANDREWS (B.SC. Glasgow, PH.D. London), High School of Dundee (HT 1998)

HELEN ELIZABETH LINES (BA Bristol, BA Open), Kingsbridge School, Devon (TT 1998)

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