New Jesus Professor of Celtic

Dr Thomas Charles-Edwards, Fellow of Corpus Christi College and University Lecturer (CUF) in Modern History, has been appointed to the Professorship of Celtic, with effect from 1 January. Dr Charles-Edwards, who replaces Professor D. Ellis Evans on his retirement, will be a Fellow of Jesus College.

Educated at Ampleforth College, he read Modern History at Corpus Christi College (1962–5), and went on to gain a Diploma in Celtic Studies in 1967. He then studied at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (1967–9), before returning to Corpus Christi as P.S. Allen Junior Research Fellow (1969–71).

After completing a D.Phil. in 1971, he took up his current post as Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Corpus Christi.

His publications include Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (Oxford, 1993), Bechbretha: An Old Irish Law-Tract on Bee-keeping (edited with F. Kelly, Dublin, 1983), The Welsh Laws (Cardiff, 1989), and numerous papers for academic journals.

He is currently writing a history of Ireland from the fifth to the early ninth century, to be published by Cambridge University Press. Other plans include writing the Oxford History of Wales (Volume I), which has a longer time-span (up to 1063).

Partly because the evidence is exiguous when compared either to Ireland or to England in the same period, this volume will be as much a history of language and literature, as a political and social history. This will build on his earlier work on integrating an account of the Celtic languages into the history of the countries as a whole.

Among his future projects are an edition of the Irish law-tract on `neighbourhood', Bretha Comaith-chesa; and on the Welsh side, in the long-term, to help to produce a new edition of the material in Aneurin Owen's Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales (London, 1841), volume II.

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