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NIGEL JAMES HITCHIN, MA, D.PHIL., FRS, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College and Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics, University of Cambridge, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 October 1997.

Professor Hitchin will be a fellow of New College.

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Scholarships have been awarded as follows:

Senior Scholarship

ANNA LINTON, Exeter (German)

Junior Scholarships

ANDREW ASIBONG, Wadham (Spanish\)

ANDREA C. COCKRAM, New College (Spanish)

THEO R. GOTT, St John's (French)

RICHARD A. HALL, Exeter (German)

ALICE M. HEATON-WARD, Magdalen (French)

MICHAELA LOWRIE, Hertford (French)

ANDREW W. MCGUFFIE, St Peter's (French)

CLARE A. O'BRIEN, Lady Margaret Hall (French)

DANIEL N. SOAR, University (Russian)

ALEXANDER SOKOLOV, University (German)

ANNA S. SULLIVAN, Lady Margaret Hall (Spanish)

DONALD R. WADE, Queen's (French)

JONATHAN P. WALLACE, Christ Church (German)

EVELYN M. WENHAM, St John's (French)

DANIEL K.R. WILSON, Pembroke (French)

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The Prize has been awarded to CARSTEN FLOHR, Balliol College.

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Council's Advisory Committee for Degrees by Diploma and Encaenia Honorary Degrees gives preliminary consideration both to proposals received from members of Congregation for the conferment of degrees by diploma upon royal personages and heads of state on occasions other than Encaenia, and to proposals for the conferment of Encaenia honorary degrees. The current membership of the committee is: Sir Keith Thomas, President of Corpus Christi (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, in the chair); Dr N.P. Bowles, St Anne's (Assessor 1996–7, ex officio); Dr R.J. Goodman, St Antony's (Assessor 1997–8, ex officio); Professor J. Griffin, Balliol (Public Orator, ex officio); Mr A.B. Atkinson, Warden of Nuffield; Dr I.C. Butler, Christ Church; Dr M.S. Butler, Rector of Exeter; Professor M.L.H. Green, St Catherine's; Professor J. Grimley Evans, Green; Professor C.A.R. Hoare, Wolfson; Professor S.D. Iversen, Magdalen; Professor E.A. Roberts, Balliol. The committee finds it helpful to be able to review all proposals together, in a standard format. Members of Congregation who wish to make suggestions to the committee about honorary degrees to be conferred at the Encaenia in 1998, or about degrees by diploma, are therefore asked to do so on a special proposal form, copies of which are obtainable from Miss J.M. Noon at the University Offices, Wellington Square. Completed forms should be returned to her not later than Friday, 9 May 1997.

Members of Congregation wishing to suggest candidates are asked in particular to note the following points:

(a) under Council's standing orders, no member of Council or of the advisory committee shall forward to that committee or propose directly to Council the name of any person for any honorary degree unless he or she is prepared personally to recommend that the conferment of such a degree be seriously considered;

(b) while informal soundings within the University on any proposal will often be desirable, every effort should be made to ensure that publicity is not at any stage given to any proposal for the conferment of an honorary degree.

The advisory committee will report to Council early in Michaelmas Term, submitting a short list of candidates for further consideration. Council will then decide which proposals should be referred to its Committee on Honorary Degrees. The final list of proposed honorands, drawn up by Council in the light of the latter committee's report, will be submitted to Congregation for approval in accordance with the requirements of Tit. II, Sectt. VI and VIII (Statutes, 1995, pp. 13--14).

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The following documents on matters of general interest with regard to Higher Education policy, funding, or other significant developments have recently been received within the University Offices. If any member of Congregation would wish to have a copy of any of these documents, he or she should apply to the office of the Deputy Registrar (Administration) (telephone: (2)70003).

Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals Oral Evidence to the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (Dearing). (This deals with topics such as the implications of expansion for the funding of higher education, possible abolition of means-tested maintenance grants, university governance, collaboration between institutions, and the boundary between further and higher education.)

Department for Education and Employment Evidence to the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (Dearing): the size and structure of Higher Education.

Quality Support Centre/Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals Special Digest Report: `What they said to Dearing'. (This is a review of submissions to the National Committee of Inquiry by twenty national organisations.)

HEFCE consultation paper on the role of the council in relation to estates. (This seeks views on the future role of the council in relation to institutions' estates, given the reduction in capital funding and phasing out of the backlog maintenance programme. It sees the role of the council as focusing on the monitoring of public investment in estates, and developing comparative management information and advice on good practice along with the provision of technical advice.)

HEFCE report on the allocation of funds for the development of teaching and learning (Phase One). (This describes the kind of projects which have secured funding in Phase One.)

HEFCE letter notifying the recurrent grant to the University for the academic year 1997–8.

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Closures in March and May 1997

The University Offices will be closed at Easter from Thursday, 27 March, to Monday, 31 March inclusive. It should be noted that between 1 and 4 April inclusive staffing levels will be reduced significantly because of leave.

The offices will also be closed for normal business on the public holidays on Monday, 5 May, and Monday, 26 May.

University Messenger Service

The University Messenger Service will suspend its deliveries to and collections from university departments and deliveries to colleges from Thursday, 27 March, to Sunday, 6 April inclusive.

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Intensive weekend language courses, Trinity Term 1997

The Language Centre will be running weekend language courses in Trinity Term 1997. Each course will consist of eight hours of tuition with an emphasis on speaking and listening to the language, running on each day from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. with a half-hour break. Some of the material to be studied will be taken from satellite TV, radio broadcasts, and newspaper articles. The maximum number of participants per group will be fifteen. A fee of £25 will be charged to junior members of the University and other full-time students, £32 to members of Congregation and members of staff, and £40 to non-members.

The French course will be held on the weekend of Saturday 24/Sunday 25 May with classes at Near-Beginners, Lower Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate levels. The Spanish course will be held on the same weekend with classes at Absolute Beginners and Lower Intermediate levels.

The German course will be held on the weekend of Saturday 7/Sunday 8 June with classes at Absolute Beginners, Lower Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate levels. The Italian course will be held on the same weekend with classes at Absolute Beginners and Lower Intermediate levels.

If you would like to receive further details and a booking form for these courses, contact Angela Pinkney, Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: Oxford (2)83360, e-mail:

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Annual Report for 1996–7

The Clubs Committee is pleased to present its Annual Report to Congregation for 1996–7, as required under Ch. III, Sect. XXIV, cl. 5 (Statutes, 1995, p. 279).

The Clubs Committee received a recurrent grant of £9,891 from central funds and £10,562 through the per caput levy of 70 pence for each junior member. The committee's total income, including proceeds from the sale of its minibus and receipts from clubs for rents and services rendered, was £38,346.

During the year under review there were approximately 223 non-sports clubs and 13 publications registered with the Proctors and so entitled to receive support from the Clubs Committee. Registrations were made under the Rules Committee's new procedures, which involve the submission of accounts each term. These clubs and publications catered for a wide range of interests on the part of junior members.

The committee continued to provide facilities at 13 Bevington Road, in the form of a secretarial office (staffed part-time during the term) and rooms and storage-space available for hire by registered clubs and publications. A total of £11,292 was spent on staff and premises costs; the committee also authorised a substantial redecoration programme to be carried out during the 1996 Long Vacation and, with technical and financial support from the OUCS, arranged for the building to be added to the University's IT network in order to improve the services available to resident clubs. Grants and loans amounting to £5,513 were awarded to clubs and publications. The minibus hire scheme and drivers' training arrangements set up in 1995–6 in collaboration with the Senior Treasurers' Committee proved popular with sports and non-sports clubs alike, and achieved the objective of providing junior members with cost-effective and safer means of minibus travel.

The Clubs Committee and its Sub-committee each met once a term under the chairmanship of the Assessor. Their work was actively assisted by the junior members nominated by OUSU and by individual clubs and publications.

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Visitors to the Examination Schools are asked to note that work is currently in progress on the installation of a lift in the Schools which will improve accessibility for students with disabilities.

Members of the University are asked to be as tolerant as possible of any difficulties which this work may cause.