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Lincoln College

RICHARD SHELDON PRATT, 1 December 1996; commoner 1934–7. Aged 81.


KEITH OLDHAM BUTTERFIELD, 23 October 1996; scholar 1951–4. Aged 65.

Note: this replaces the corresponding notice published in the Gazette of 28 November, p. 418.

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St Edmund Hall

JOHN MORPHEY DOUGLASS CAESAR, 10 July 1996; commoner 1938–9. Aged 81.

SIR CLAUDE JAMES HAYES, MA, 20 November 1996; commoner 1930–4. Aged 84.

THE REVD ROBERT ERNEST RAYNOR, 1996; commoner (Senior Status), 1936–8. Aged 82.

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St John's College

JOHN REEDER BLANDY, OBE, BA, DIP.ECON. AND POL.SCI., 15 November 1996; commoner 1927–31. Aged 86.

ALAN BERESFORD COOK, MA, DIP.ED., 16 October 1996; commoner and graduate 1925–9. Aged 95.

JOHN CHURCHILL BRODIE DATE, OBE, BA, 10 November 1996; open exhibitioner and Casberd Scholar 1932–5. Aged 83.

MILES ASHWORTH FLETCHER, BA, 4 May 1996; commoner 1949–53. Aged 67.

RICHARD MURPHEY GOODWIN, BA, B.LITT., 6 August 1996; Rhodes Scholar 1934–7. Aged 83.

ERIC WILLIAM HEATON, MA (DD Lambeth), 24 August 1996; Fellow, Chaplain, and Tutor in Theology 1960–74, Senior Tutor 1967–73, Honorary Fellow 1979–96. Aged 75.

CHARLES MARIUS CONSTANTINE HENDTLASS, MA, TD, 30 March 1996; Sir Thomas White Scholar 1931–5. Aged 83.

GEOFFREY ALAN HODGSON, MBE, MA, DM, FRCP, MRCS, TD, JP, 18 August 1996; commoner 1929–32. Aged 86.

WILLIAM LEONARD BOTTING LEESE, BM, MA, FRCP, 27 September 1996; commoner and graduate 1938-43. Aged 77.

WILLIAM HARWOOD LONG, MA, DIP. RURAL ECON., 28 November 1995; commoner and graduate 1921–4. Aged 93.

ABDUL MAJID SHAHID MAJID, MBE, MA, 16 May 1996; Colonial Office scholar 1946-50. Aged 79.

STUART PIGGOTT, CBE, FBA, FSA, FRSE, B.LITT., D.LITT. (HON. D.LITT. Edinburgh, HON. D.LITT. Columbia), 23 September 1996; graduate 1945–6, Honorary Fellow 1979–96. Aged 86.

CECIL CLAUDE PLUMB, 4 April 1996; graduate 1950–1. Aged 81.

EMRYS JAMES JOHN PRICE, MA, 19 November 1996; open exhibitioner and honorary scholar 1933–7. Aged 82.

WILFRID PYEMONT, 8 August 1996; commoner 1922–4. Aged 94.

JOHN GRAHAM RUTTAN, BCL, MA, 30 September 1996; commoner and graduate 1933–6. Aged 83.

JOHN ALEXANDER STACHNIEWSKI, MA, D.PHIL., 21 September 1996; commoner 1973–6, graduate 1976, Senior Scholar 1977–8. Aged 42.

PETER CHARLES NIGEL VAUGON, BA, 11 November 1996; graduate 1962–3. Aged 58.

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Queen's College and Magdalen College

A Memorial Service for BERNARD WILLIAM GEORGE ROSE, OBE, MA, D.MUS. (MA, MUS.B. Cambridge), FRCO, formerly Fellow of Queen's College and of Magdalen College, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 1 February, in the chapel, Magdalen College.

Tea will be served in hall after the service.

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Magdalen College

To an Honorary Fellowship (with effect from 13 November 1996):


To a Waynflete Fellowship (with effect from 13 November 1996):


To a Fellowship by Examination in Engineering (for three years from 1 January 1997):

M.A. ISARD, Wolfson College

To a Fellowship by Examination in Mathematics (for three years from 1 October 1997):

G.R. CARLYLE, St Hugh's College

To a Supernumerary Non-stipendiary Fellowship (with effect from 1 January 1997 until the earlier of (a) 30 September 1999 or (b) his ceasing to be a Visiting Professor in the Department of Engineering Science):

DR P. RAYNES (MA Cambridge), FRS

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St Hilda's College

To Instrumental/Vocal Scholarships:

PHILIPPA COLE, formerly of Lewes Tertiary College

ELAINE YEE LENG TEO, formerly of the United World College of the Adriatic

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