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The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for an adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the preambles adopted without a meeting under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. iii, cl. 11 (Statutes, 1995, p. 8).

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CONGREGATION 21 January 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any opposition to the preamble of the statute (item 1 below) and of any proposed amendment to the general resolution (item 2 below), signed in each case by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 13 January (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda'). Under Statute (1) approved by Congregation on 25 June 1996 (Gazette, Vol. 126, pp. 1286, 1324), notice of a proposed amendment to a general resolution must state whether or not the amendment is in the proposers' view hostile to the general resolution (see the notice in ibid., p. 1289).

2 Voting on General Resolution concerning membership of Congregation

That this House instruct Council to restore the entitlement of members of faculties, together with Emeritus Professors, to membership of Congregation until the age of 75.

Proposed by: A.J. Ryan, Warden of New College
J.J. Campbell, New College
M.A.E. Dummett, New College
E.J. Frazer, New College
J.C.B. Glover, New College
D. Palfreyman, New College
C.A. Raine, New College
J.D. Silver, New College
G.S. Smith, New College
D. Wiggins, New College
H.M. Quiney, Wadham
M.T. Stableford, Language Centre

¶ Council has agreed that the above general resolution is unacceptable to it. A division will therefore be taken on the resolution at the meeting of Congregation.

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