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Scholarships have been awarded to the following:

BENJAMIN AKRIGG, Corpus Christi College

DAVID ASHTON, University College

SOPHIE BENNETT, Corpus Christi College


ELLEN CLIFFORD, St Hilda's College

DAVID COLE, Corpus Christi College

REUBEN COMISKEY, Balliol College

JOSEPH EAGLE, St John's College

JAMES FULTON, Wadham College



JAMES HENDERSON, Balliol College

RICHARD HEWITT, Merton College

ELIZA HILTON, Oriel College

CLARE MCMAW, St Hilda's College

ALEXANDER MASTER, Corpus Christi College

PIERS MASTER, Queen's College

GEORGE NOEL-CLARKE, Brasenose College

PHILIPPA PEARSON, St Hilda's College

RUPERT PEPPER, St Anne's College

LUKE PITCHER, Exeter College

REBECCA RIST, Corpus Christi College

PETRA SCHIERL, Hertford College

CLARE SLACK, St Hilda's College

MATTHEW SLATER, Merton College

ADAM SMITH, University College

JEREMY SMITH, Keble College

DIANA SPAIN, Trinity College

JOEL STARK, Keble College

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The Scholarship has been awarded to LUKE PITCHER, Exeter College.

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Council has established a committee to review development activity with the following terms of reference: 1 To review in broad terms the overall aims and strategy of the University (including colleges) for `development' (meaning thereby fund-raising and friend-raising) over the next five to ten years in the light of:

(a) experience to date since the launch of the Campaign for Oxford in 1988, including funds raised;

(b) the resources allocated to the activity by the University both in Campaign mode and thereafter, i.e. after October 1994;

(c) the resources currently being allocated to this activity by colleges;

(d) the improved arrangements now being developed through the Planning Subcommittee of the Resources Committee for the determination of university priorities.

2 As part of the review under 1 to give consideration to, and if appropriate make recommendations on, the following:

(a) the role of the President of the Development Programme;

(b) the general structure of the Development Office (including the North American and Japan Offices);

(c) the relationship of the Development Office with the External Relations and Research and Commercial Services Offices as regards fund-raising and friend-raising and the extent to which their activities impinge on one another;

(d) the relationship of the Development Office with departments and faculties as regards fund- raising and friend-raising;

(e) the interaction between the Development Office/departments/faculties and colleges following the establishment of the Joint Committee for the Co- ordination of University and College Fund-raising;

(f) possible ways of improving use of existing resources for fund-raising and friend-raising (university and college) and of maximising the return therefrom;

(g) the identification of additional resources for fund-raising and friend-raising.

3 To report to Council by its meeting on 22 September 1997, and thereafter to the Conference of Colleges.

The membership of the review committee is as follows: President of Wolfson (Chairman)
Master of St Peter's
Professor B.W. Cunliffe, Keble
Professor D. Noble, Balliol
Professor P.G.H. Sandars, Christ Church
Dr J.S. Rowett, Brasenose
Mr M.V. Blank, Charterhouse Bank Ltd., London
Mr P. Foy, Chairman, Baring Bros. International Ltd., London

Individuals are invited to comment on matters which they consider should be addressed by the review committee. A paper setting out the issues which the committee has identified as ones that it should seek to address is available on request from the secretary, Jennifer Noon, University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70002, e-mail:, to whom comments should be sent by 15 July.

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Annual Report 1995–6

The Annual Report of the OUCS for 1995–6 has now been placed on the University's Networked Information System (UNIS) (i.e. on the World Wide Web). It can be accessed at URL, or by following `internal information' paths from the Computing Services entry on the University's home page.

This may be of especial interest to members of the University as the General Board's Review of the OUCS has just completed its report.

The following graphs, taken from the Annual Report, illustrate the increasing use of the services which the OUCS provides.

[Note: graphs not reproduced here - see URL above.]

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Gazettes will be published on 19 and 27 June, and 3, 17, and 31 July. Appointments Supplements will be published on 27 June, 17 July, and 31 July. Publication for the next academic year will begin on 25 September.

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2 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UB

Isis Innovation, a wholly-owned company of the University, was established in 1988. The company has been formed to exploit know-how arising out of research funded by the UK Government through the Research Councils and funded by other bodies where the rights are not tied. The function of the company is to ensure that the results of research bring rewards to Oxford, and to the inventors, who are given a financial incentive for exploitation.

Isis seeks licensees willing to pay lump sums and/or royalties for the use of know-how arising out of research. Isis also exploits the intellectual property of the University by setting up individual companies using venture capital or development capital funds.

Isis' services are also available to individuals who wish to exploit the results of research supported by non-Research Council sources, when there are no prior conditions on the handling of the intellectual property rights. Isis Innovation has at its disposal a small pre-seedcorn fund for paying the costs of protecting intellectual property rights and for taking work to a stage where its potential can be assessed.

Isis finds industrial partners to ensure that new ideas can be developed for market requirements. The company has established the Oxford Innovation Society for major industrial companies, so that they can have a window on Oxford technology and an opportunity to license and invest where appropriate.

A brochure explaining Isis' activities is available. Please contact the above address, or the telephone and fax numbers given below.

Members of the University should contact the Managing Director if they wish to take advantage of the services that Isis provides. (Telephone: (2)72411; fax: (2)72412.)

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St John's College and Colin Carr

COLIN CARR and SERGEY SHEPKIN will perform a programme including cello and piano works by Schubert and Britten at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday, 19 June, in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College (entrance from Parks Road).

Admission is by tickets, which will be free and available at the Porters' Lodge from Thursday, 12 June.

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Increased admission charges

The increased admission charges set out below came into effect from 1 January 1997. The previous rate is shown in parentheses.

Copies should be available shortly, from the Bodleian Admissions Office, of a revised recommendation form, which will include details of the increased standard charges, and also of certain exemptions from payment which came into force in January 1996 (e.g. for applicants from other HEFC-funded universities and colleges, and from certain institutions in Oxford with are not part of, but are associated with, the University).

Standard rates

Single visit (one day or two consecutive days: £3 (£2)

Occasional access (twelve separate days, within a maximum of four years): £10 (£5)

Continuous access:
Up to six months: £10 (£5)
Multiples of six months (up to a maximum of four years): £10 (£5) per six months

Summer Schools

Access for a limited period within one Oxford vacation: per member: £50 (£20)

`Associate Students'

Term-time access for students not paying inclusive composition fees to the University, but belonging to organised groups or schemes which have a `clear, defined and continuing relationship' with a college or colleges within the University, and are covered by agreements with the Library:

Graduates: £50 per term (£20)

Undergraduates: £100 per term, off- peak hours (ev) (no change)

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