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The University's Research and Commercial Services Office (RCSO) has launched a new electronic service to provide up- to-date and easily accessible information about research funding opportunities to members of the University. The new service, which replaces the former system of bi-monthly issues of Research and Industry News (RIN) combined with irregular but targeted circulars on funding opportunities sent to heads of departments and chairmen of faculty boards, is available via the World Wide Web to any member of the University with access to the Web and a computer registered in the `' domain.

The RCSO's pages can be found at the following location: http://www.admin/

It is intended that, in future, all information on funding opportunities will be distributed electronically by the RCSO, in the form of a weekly bulletin, eletronic Research and Industry News (eRIN), which is available through the RCSO's pages.

Members of the University who do not have access to the Internet can register to receive hard copies of eRIN; enquiries regarding such registration should be sent in the first instance to Ms Lorraine Hedges, RCSO, University Offices (telephone: (2)70145). Advice on connecting to the World Wide Web and on registration of computers can be obtained from the Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS). General enquiries relating to the content and operation of the RCSO's Web pages should be directed to Dr Chris Norris (telephone: (2)70011; e-mail:

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The Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund invites applications from members of the University for grants towards the costs of research in economic history. Applications will be considered from undergraduates, graduate students, and members of academic staff, and may relate to research into the economic history of any period or country.

Applicants should (a) provide sufficient information about the general nature of their research to establish that it falls within the field of economic history; and (b) specify the precise nature and cost of the expenditure for which a grant is requested. They should also give the name of one referee who might be consulted by the committee.

It is intended by the committee that grants should normally be made for sums of up to £250, though this may on occasion be exceeded. Retrospective grants will be made only in exceptional circumstances.

The committee will consider applications twice in each year. The closing date for the first round is Monday of the third week of Hilary Term, and for the second round Monday of the third week of Trinity Term. Applications should be sent to Mrs E.A. Macallister, Secretary of the Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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