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St Edmund Hall

RANULPH WAYE, MBE, TD, MA, 3 September 1996; commoner 1928–31. Aged 88.

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Mansfield College

To a Junior Research Fellowship in the Humanities:


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St Anne's College

To a Professorial Fellowship:

PROFESSOR PETER JAMES DONELLY (B.SC. Queensland), Professor of Statistical Science

To an Honorary Fellowship:


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Nuffield College

Official Fellowship in Politics (Comparative Politics and Public Policy-Making)

The college proposes to appoint, with effect from 1 October 1997, an Official Fellow in Politics. This post is a new one, and requires a multinational perspective on the processes of politics and the making of public policy in the developed nations. The duties of an Official Fellow are to engage in research and supervise graduate students; an established scholarly record is essential. Nuffield is a graduate college specialising in the social sciences at Oxford, especially politics, economics, and sociology. Salary ranges from £23,486 to £40,107 according to age (under review). Nuffield College is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity.

Further details can be obtained from our Web site,, or from Mrs Marion Rogers, Nuffield College, Oxford OX1 1NF (e-mail: marion., to whom application materials, naming three referees, should be sent by 15 December.

The college exists to promote excellence in education and research.

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St Anne's College

Junior Research Fellowships

The Drapers' Company Junior Research Fellowship, this year offered in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Molecular Biophysics. The Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellowship in French Language and Literature or French Architecture, Art, History, Music, or Philosophy.

The college invites applications for the above fellowships tenable for one or two years from 1 October 1997. The posts are open to graduates, women or men, in their second or subsequent year of research. The Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellowship is limited to citizens of one of the countries or territories of the British Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland. Requests for further particulars, which should be obtained before application is made, should be addressed to the Senior Tutor's Secretary, St Anne's College, Oxford OX2 6HS. Please enclose a self- addressed envelope. The closing date for applications is 1 November.

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Somerville College

Mary Somerville Research Fellowship

Somerville College invites applications for a Mary Somerville Research Fellowship tenable for three years from October 1997, in any of the following subjects: History, Classics, Archaeology, Psychology, Biological Sciences. The annual stipend is £10,688 (currently under review) with free residence in college. Applicants must be graduates in at least their second year of research. Further particulars are obtainable from the Principal's Secretary, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD (telephone: Oxford (2)70630, fax: (2)70606). Closing date for applications: 15 November.