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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been restored to the Register of Congregation:

Altmann, S.L., MA, Brasenose
Argyle, J.M., MA, D.Sc., Wolfson
Ashton, J.F., MA, D.Litt, Wolfson
Atiyah, P.S., DCL, St JohnÕs
Aylmer, G.E., MA, D.Phil., St PeterÕs
Badawi, M.M., MA, St AntonyÕs
Bagguley, D.M.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Bailey, A.S., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., St PeterÕs
Bailey, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Barber, G.G., B.Litt., MA, Linacre
Barton, J.L., BCL, MA, Merton
Beckett, P.H.T., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Cross
Birch, M.C., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Booker, G.R., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Booth, M.B., B.Litt., MA, St AnneÕs
Brink, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Browning, D.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Burden, D.H., MA, Trinity
Burn, E.H., BCL, MA, Christ Church
Caine, C.A., MA, D.Phil., St PeterÕs
Clarke, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Cockshut, A.O.J., MA, Hertford
Coe, M.J., MA, St PeterÕs
Cohen, L.J., MA, D.Litt., QueenÕs
Cooper, T.C., MA, St HughÕs
Cowdrey, H.E.J., MA, St Edmund Hall
Cox, Sir D., MA, NufÞeld
Cuff, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Dalton, H.J.M., MA, QueenÕs
Davies, J.D., BCL, MA, St CatherineÕs
Dawson, R.S., MA, Wadham
Day, A.C., MA, D.Phil., University
Dickson, P.G.M., M.A., D.Phil., D.Litt., St CatherineÕs
Dunbar, N.V., MA, Somerville
Dyson, A.P., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Edwards, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Edwards, J.H., MA, Keble
Elliott, Sir R.J., MA, D.Phil., New College
Ellis Evans, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Fillenz, M., MA, D.Phil., St AnneÕs
Foote, I.P., MA, QueenÕs
Foster, M.A., MA, D.Phil., QueenÕs
Franklin, R.E., MA, Worcester
Fuller, K.W., MA, Hertford
Gath, D.H., MA, DM, Wolfson
Gelder, M.G., MA, DM, Merton
Goldthorpe, R.E., MA, St AnneÕs
Gosling, J.C.B., B.Phil., MA, St Edmund Hall
Green, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Green, T.L., MA, M.Sc., Exeter
Groves, G.W., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Guillery, R.W., MA, Hertford
Hainsworth, J.B., MA, New College
Halsall, T.G., MA, Linacre
Hampshire, G.I., B.Litt., MA, St HildaÕs
Hands, B.A., MA, M.Sc., St HildaÕs
HarrÄ, H.R., B.Phil., MA, Linacre
Harris, D.R., BCL, MA, Balliol
Harvey, B.F., B.Litt., MA, Somerville
Haskell, F.J.H., MA, Trinity
Hatton, J., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Hawkes, S.E.C., MA, St Cross
Hide, R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Hodcroft, F.W., MA, St Cross
Hodgson, P.E., MA, Corpus Christi
Howatson, M.C., MA, D.Phil., St AnneÕs
Hubbard, M.E., MA, St AnneÕs
Inskeep, R.R., MA, Merton
Jacobs, M., B.Litt., MA, St HughÕs
James, I.M., MA, D.Phil., New College
Johnson, N., MA, NufÞeld
Kean, P.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Kindersley, R.K., MA, St AntonyÕs
Kirk-Greene, A.H.M., MA, St AntonyÕs
Kitzinger, U., MA, M.Litt., NufÞeld
Knapp, W.F., MA, St CatherineÕs
Ledingham, J.G.G., DM, New College
Levi, P.C.T., MA, St CatherineÕs
Lucas, J.R., MA, Merton
Lucchesi, V., MA, Corpus Christi
Lund, P.G., MA, Christ Church
McConnell, J.D.C., MA, St HughÕs
McKay, G.W., MA, St PeterÕs
McKenzie, D.F., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Mackinnon, P.C.B., MA, St HildaÕs
Mango, C.A., MA, Exeter
Mann, A.McD., MA, Harris Manchester
Marriott, F.H.C., MA, Wolfson
Mason, R.A., BD, MA, RegentÕs Park
Matthews, G.M., B.Phil., MA, St AnneÕs
Matthews, P.B.C., MA, D.Sc., DM, Christ Church
Midgley, E.G., B.Litt., MA, St Edmund Hall
Millar, S., MA, St HughÕs
Millard, D.W., MA, Green College
Miller, B.D.H., B.Litt., MA, Brasenose
Milner, A., MA, Trinity
Minakovic, B., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Mitchell, B.M., MA, St AnneÕs
Moffatt, J., MA, D.Phil., QueenÕs
Montagu, J.P.S., MA, Wadham
MonteÞore, A.C.R.G., MA, Balliol
Moorbath, S., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre
Mulvey, J.H., MA, Wolfson
Neill, Sir F.P., BCL, MA, Hon. DCL, All Souls
Newbury, C.W., MA, Linacre
Newsholme, E.A., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Merton
Olliver, J.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Ord, M.G., MA, D.Sc., Lady Margaret Hall
Owen, J., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Park, R., MA, University
Parker, R.A.C., MA, D.Phil., QueenÕs
Parry, W.E., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Patterson, D., MA, St Cross
Pitt, H.G., MA, Worcester
Popham, M.R., MA, Linacre
Posner, R.R., MA, D.Phil., St HughÕs
Potts, D.C., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Prest, J.M., MA, Balliol
Pring-Mill, R.D.F., MA, D.Litt., St CatherineÕs
Pulzer, P.G.J., MA, All Souls
Raeburn, D.A., MA, Christ Church
Rayner, M.E., MA, D.Phil., St HildaÕs
Richards, B.A., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Robinson, G.B., MA, Hertford
Rosner, B.S., MA, Wolfson
Rushworth, G., M.A., DM, Jesus
Sanders, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Sayce, O.L., MA, Somerville
Sharpe, L.J., MA, NufÞeld
Shaw, D.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Shorter, J.M.H., MA, Lincoln
Shotton, M.H., MA, St CatherineÕs
Simopoulos, J.C., B.Phil., MA, St CatherineÕs
Smart, E.A., BCL, MA, St HughÕs
Spencer Smith, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Stockton, D.L., MA, Brasenose
Sykes, D.A., MA, D.Phil., MansÞeld
Taylor, A.G., BM, MA, St Edmund Hall
Taylor, E.G., B.Phil., MA, St AnneÕs
Todd, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Tolley, B.R., MA, D.Phil., St CatherineÕs
Torrance, J.R., MA, Hertford
Torrance, R.W., B.Sc., BM, MA, St JohnÕs
Tregear, M., MA, St Cross
Treisman, M., MA, D.Phil., New College
Treitel, Sir G.H., DCL, All Souls
Trickett, M.R., MA, St HughÕs
Trowell, B.L., MA, Wadham
Turner, G.L., MA, Linacre
Tyler, G.J., MA, St Cross
Wall, R., MA, Keble
Walsh, D., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Walsh, J.D., MA, Jesus
Walton of Detchant, Rt Hon. Lord, MA, Green College
Ward, A., MA, Wadham
Watson, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Watson, W.L.R., MA, St PeterÕs
Whitton, D.F., B.Litt., MA, Lincoln
Wild, D.G., M.A., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Wilks, J., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Pembroke
Williams, B.A.O., MA, Corpus Christi
Williams, P.H., MA, D.Phil., New College
Williams, W.S.C., MA, St Edmund Hall
Wilson, K.B., MA, University
Woodgate, G.K., MA, D.Phil., St PeterÕs
Zeeman, Sir E.C., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Zeman, Z.A.B., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 23 May, see `Examinations and Boards' below.