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Scholarships for Russian academics

The Institute for Slavonic Studies is looking for suitable applicants for its `postdoctoral' scholarships for academics from Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union. These scholarships, funded jointly by the Soros Foundation and the University, are intended to enable academics working in the humanities to spend about one month in Oxford, in order to use the libraries, take part in seminars, look at teaching methods, and establish university contacts. In general the institute is looking for younger scholars, though they should normally have taken their `kandidat' degree. Applicants who have not yet had an opportunity to come to Britain and those from outside Moscow will be considered sympathetically. They should have usable English, and will be provided with accommodation in non-Russian-speaking families.

As the first step, a brief letter of recommendation and explanation from a British academic should be sent to Mrs Karen Hewitt, Academic Exchange Officer, Institute for Slavonic Studies, Rewley House, Wellington Square, Oxford.

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Leverhulme Personal Research Professorships 1997–8


Information on the Leverhulme Trust Personal Research Professorships, published in the Gazettes of 3 October (p. 70) and 10 October (p. 146), and also advertised elsewhere, erroneously stated that candidates should be under the age of sixty-one on 30 September 1998.

The relevant sentence should read: `Candidates must be under sixty- one on 30 September 1997.'

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The Oppenheimer Fund provides grants to assist the academic exchange of senior members between the University of Oxford on the one hand and universities and similar institutions of higher education in the Republic of South Africa on the other. Applications are invited from senior members of the University who wish either to visit one or more universities in South Africa or to invite a staff member from a South African university to Oxford. Grants may be awarded to assist with living expenses for a maximum of six months, and travel costs. Visits for the sole purpose of attending a conference will not normally be eligible for support from the fund.

The maximum level of grants is likely to be up to £1,000 per month for subsistence and up to £700 for the cost of travel between Oxford and South Africa. Applications for grants from the fund should include a statement of the purpose of the proposed visit, duration and estimated costs, details of any other available sources of funding, and, in the case of visits to Oxford, a curriculum vitae of the staff member it is proposed to invite and a letter of support from a senior member at Oxford. Applications should be sent to the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, by 29 November.

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Wingate Scholarships are awarded to individuals of great potential or proven excellence who need financial support to undertake pioneering or original work of intellectual, scientific, artistic, social, or environmental value, and to outstandingly talented musicians for advanced training. They are designed to help with the costs of a specific project which may last up to three years. The average total award is about £7,500 and the maximum in any one year is £10,000. The work undertaken may or may not be in the context of a higher degree, but awards are not made for taught courses of any kind, for electives or, normally, for completing courses already begun.

Applicants must: be citizens of the United Kingdom or other Commonwealth country, Ireland, or Israel; satisfy the Scholarships Committee that they need financial support to undertake the work projected; be living in the British Isles during the period of application; be twenty-four or over on 1 September 1997; and be able to show why the proposed work is not eligible for Research Council, British Academy, or major agency funding.

For more detailed information and application forms, send a stamped (31-pence) and addressed A4-size envelope to the Administrator, Wingate Scholarships, 38 Curzon Street, London W1Y 8EY. The closing date for applications is 1 February 1997 but candidates are strongly advised to obtain application papers and send them in well in advance of this date.

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The Royal Society of Canada administers the Sir Arthur Sims Scholarships, established to support a Canadian student enrolled in a postgraduate programme in Britain. The society has now decided to award two scholarships for future terms: one in science and one in arts and humanities. The scholarships are awarded for outstanding merit and promisze in any subject of the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences. It is open to graduates of Canadian universities who have completed one year of postgraduate study at a British institution and are continuing towards an advanced degree. The annual value of each scholarship is £700. It is normally awarded for two years, subject to satisfactory reports of progress. Application forms are available from the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70134). The deadline for completed applications is 15 February 1997.

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