No. 4420 Thursday 5 December 1996 Vol. 127

Diabetes genes found by Oxford researchers : Research teams working at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and the Diabetes Research Laboratory in Oxford have played a key role in finding a network of genes involved in `adult-onset' diabetes.

New support for Japanese scholars : Laura Ashley, the textile company, has agreed to join other British companies with Japanese interests, in supporting the New Century Scholarship Scheme to fund Japanese graduate scholars at Oxford.

East–West divide in Europe `to end' : The old division between East and West in Europe will soon become a `mere historical curiosity,' according to Professor Norman Davies, former Professor of History at London University.

Anatomist to come to Oxford : Distinguished developmental neurobiologist, Professor Jose Campos-Ortega, Chairman of the Institute for Developmental Biology at the University of Cologne since 1982, has been elected to the Newton–Abraham Visiting Professorship for 2000–1.

Secret meetings `to reconcile' the ANC and Boers : An intriguing tale of clandestine meetings, negotiated compromise, conflict resolution, and an amnesty on retribution involving the African National Congress and Afrikaner leaders, was revealed by Dr Frene Ginwala, Speaker of the South African Parliament and an Oxonian graduate.

Debunking myths of the Oxford interview : Undergraduates, drawn from ethnic minority backgrounds and inner city schools, organised a training workshop to help applicants from similar backgrounds overcome their fears of `the Oxford interview' at St Hilda's College on 23 November.

Professor Ian Brownlie: Professor Ian Brownlie, CBE, QC, Chichele Professor of Public International Law and a Fellow of All Souls College, has been elected a member of the International Law Commission of the United Nations, on the nomination of the Governments of the UK and India.

Professor Sir Peter Hirsch: Professor Sir Peter Hirsch, FRS, who retired as Head of the Department of Materials in 1992 but still continues to work in the Department, has been awarded the Acta Metallurgica Gold Medal for the significance of his contribution to Materials Science.

Biological patents seminar: The Department for Continuing Education has organised an afternoon on innovation and patents, for all graduate students in the biological, physiological, and psychological sciences, and clinical medicine on 16 December. For more information, e-mail: dominic.wynn@conted. ox.ac.uk.

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