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Prizes have been awarded to the following:


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The Curators of the University Parks give notice that the locks to the Parks will be changed in the week beginning 5 May 1997.

In Hilary Term 1996 the Explanatory Note to a decree amending that governing the Curators of the University Parks stated that the gates to the University Parks had locks which were of an obsolete pattern and which would shortly need to be replaced (Gazette, Vol. 126, 14 March 1996, p. 866). It also noted that, owing to the presence of the Marston--Oxford cycle track and footpath on the south side of the Parks, there was now a route between South Parks Road and Ferry Road, Marston, open twenty-four hours a day, except on 1 January and 25 December of each year. In these circumstances, the Curators of the Parks would no longer be issuing keys to the gates of the University Parks to members of the University. In reaching this decision, the curators had been influenced by a number of factors: (1) It was impossible to make the Parks' boundaries totally secure from illegal entry, and the curators did not have the resources to enable them to protect legitimate key-holders when the Parks closed. (2) It had been the habit of some key-holders to admit non-key-holders after the gates had been locked. This had led to those admitted being unable to get out without either climbing out (and, on occasion, causing damage while doing so) or calling out the Superintendent to open a gate. (3) Regrettably, some key-holders had removed padlocks from those gates to which fixed locks could not be fitted. This had been a continuing, costly problem. (4) Closure of the Parks to all persons after sunset would make the effective protection of buildings and equipment by the University Security Service more practicable.

The locks still need to be changed but the curators have now revised their proposal with regard to the issue of keys: a limited number of keys to the new locks will be available, on application, and on payment of a deposit of £100 and an annual fee of £10. The deposit will be refundable on return of the key, less any sums outstanding from the annual charge, which will be payable in advance. Application forms for keys are available from Mr C.E. Willis, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. Initial applications will be considered by the curators; if the number of applications received by 30 April exceeds the number of keys available, allocations will be made on the basis of need as reasonably determined by the curators. When all keys the curators have agreed to allow into circulation have been issued, no more keys will be issued until key-holders return their keys. Persons to whom the curators have issued keys (for the old locks) may return them for a refund of their deposit. The keys should be returned, with an indication of the approximate date of issue, to Mr Willis at the above address.

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As part of its system of rolling reviews of departments and faculties every ten years, the General Board has established a committee to review the School of Geography. The membership of the review committee is as follows:

Mr P.M. Oppenheimer (Chairman), Christ Church
Professor G.C.K. Peach, St Catherine's
Professor Ron Johnston, University of Bristol
Professor David Harvey, Johns Hopkins University
Professor David Sugden, University of Edinburgh
Professor Albert Pissart, University of Liège, Belgium

The General Board has recommended that the terms of reference of the review be as follows:

(a) to consider both the provision and quality of teaching, and the future development of teaching and the quality of research in the School of Geography, and the balance between teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels on the one hand and research on the other, having regard to international standards of excellence;

(b) to consider the extent, balance, and method of examination of the syllabus;

(c) to review the organisational and management structures and facilities in the School of Geography, including such matters as academic and non- academic staff planning and recruitment; accommodation and future space needs; the relationship between the School and associated units and cognate disciplines, bearing in mind the recommendations of the Review Committee for Earth Sciences;

(d) to make recommendations, bearing in mind if funding is required to implement them, the likely measure of available resources.

The Review Committee will start its work early in Trinity Term and intends to submit its report before the end of Michaelmas Term 1997. It will be inviting written comments from senior and junior members of the School, the Environmental Change Unit, and the Transport Studies Unit. Any other members of the University who wish to submit written comments on the issues covered by the committee's terms of reference are invited to send them to the Secretary to the Review Committee, Dr A.M. Knowland, Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE, as soon as possible, and in any case no later than 9 June.

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From time to time the attention of the University is drawn to individual cases of financial hardship among widows of former members of the Federated Superannuation System for Universities (FSSU) and the University of Oxford Employees Pension Scheme (EPS). Limited resources are available to alleviate proven cases of hardship and any enquiry should be addressed to the Superannuation Officer, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. All cases are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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Sun Alliance Connections, the personal insurances division of the main insurer of the University, provides discounts for members, staff, their families, and pensioners of the University of Oxford. The following savings can be achieved:

Household (buildings and/or contents: 20 per cent;
Travel (including winter sports): 12.5 per cent;
Private medical expenses: 10 per cent;
Private car: 5 per cent.

The University acts solely as an introducer of business to Sun Alliance Connections, receiving no commission or other remuneration, with all savings passed on to the subscribing member. For further information, a brochure may be obtained from Graham Waite (telephone: (2)80307), or Gill Tombs (telephone: (2)70110) at the University Offices. To obtain a quotation or receive specific information on the covers available, telephone Sun Alliance Connections' regional office on 0800 592 829 and quote reference number 34V0067.

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Wine-tastings will be held at 5.45 p.m. on the following Wednesdays in the University Club, 6/8 South Parks Road. All members and their guests are welcome, the fee being £2 per person.

7 May: Wines from the southern hemisphere.

18 June: Wines for summer drinking.

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Vivien Leigh Prize

A prize of £275 is offered by the Ashmolean Museum from the Vivien Leigh Fund for a two-dimensional work of art on paper, not exceeding 55 by 40 centimetres, by an undergraduate member of the University. The work will be chosen, if a work of sufficient merit is submitted, by the Keeper of Western Art in the Ashmolean Museum, from work submitted to the Print Room by Wednesday, 11 June, or work submitted at the annual degree show at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. It is a condition of the award that the winning work be given to the Ashmolean.

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Faculty of Music

THE ALLEGRI STRING QUARTET will give the following concerts at the times shown in the Holywell Music Room. Tickets for the midday concert cost £5/£2.50; tickets for the evening concerts cost £8/£6/£4. Tickets may be obtained from Blackwell's Music Shop or at the door.

Tue. 6 May, 12 noon (with Ben Wright, double bass; Alexandra Davidson, bassoon; Dave Skinner, clarinet; and Julian Faultless, horn): Beethoven's Septet, op. 20.

Wed. 21 May, 8 p.m.: quartets by Schubert (D.94), Mendelssohn (op. 12), and Beethoven (op. 59, no. 2).

Wed. 4 June, 8 p.m. (with Rachel Norman, viola, and Augusta Harris, cello): the Capriccio by Mendelssohn, Shostakovitch's Third Quartet, and the Sextet (op. 36) by Brahms.

PHANTASM will perform Music for Viols; J.S. Bach: Twelve Contrapuncti from The Art of Fugue, at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 14 May, in the Holywell Music Room. Tickets, costing £8/£6/£4, may be obtained from Blackwell's Music Shop, or at the door. The programme will include a lecture-demonstration by Professor Laurence Dreyfus.

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Les films de François Truffaut

The following films by François Truffaut, with English sub-titles, will be shown at 8.15 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Maison Française.

For details of this term's lectures and conferences at the Maison, see `Lectures' below.

6 May: Jules et Jim (1961; 100 minutes)

13 May: La peau douce (1964; 116 minutes)

20 May: Baisers volés (1968; 90 minutes)

27 May: Domicile conjugal (1970; 100 minutes)

3 June: Les deux Anglaises et le continent (1971; 132 minutes)

10 June: Le dernier métro (1980; 130 minutes)

17 June: Vivement dimanche (1983; 111 minutes)

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Les poèmes d'Apollinaire: poèsie et musique

This reading/recital will be held at 8.15 p.m. on Thursday, 15 May, in the Maison Française. Nicole Gore will read Apollinaire; at the piano, Inger Dahlin will play Debussy, Poulenc, and Satie.