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St Edmund Hall

DAVID BAND, MA, 28 March 1996; commoner 1961–4. Aged 53.

JOHN MICHAEL EUGEN DOBSON, MA, 28 January 1996; commoner 1968–71. Aged 45.

PROFESSOR RICHARD LESLIE HILL, B.LITT., MA, March 1996; commoner 1922–5. Aged 95.

DAVID MONRO THOMAS, 13 February 1996; commoner 1934–7. Aged 80.

THOMAS DERRICK WESTON, MA, 13 January 1996; commoner 1944–7 and 1950–1. Aged 69.

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Balliol College

A Memorial Service for RICHARD CHARLES COBB, CBE, MA, FBA, will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 4 May, in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin.

Tea will be served in the hall, Balliol College, after the service.

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Magdalen College

To Visiting Fellowships:

PROFESSOR K.R. BUSBY (1 October–31 December 1996)
DR R.R. PAINE (1 January–15 April 1997)
PROFESSOR R. BOGHOSSIAN (16 April–31 July 1997)
PROFESSOR R. BOTIGHEIMER (16 April–15 June 1997)

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Oriel College

The Eugene Lee-Hamilton Prize 1996

The Provost and Fellows of Oriel College offer a prize of £60 for the best Petrarchan sonnet in English submitted by an undergraduate of Oxford or Cambridge, on a subject to be chosen by the candidate. Enjambment between the eighth and ninth lines will be permitted.

No candidate may submit more than one sonnet, nor may the prize be awarded more than once to the same person. The competing sonnets should be sent to the Provost, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW, not later than Monday, 3 June. Each sonnet must be accompaned by a certificate from the Head or a Fellow of the candidate's college, stating that the candidate is an undergraduate.

The winner will have been deemed to have given permission to publish his/her sonnet in the Oriel Record.

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