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The ORS Awards Scheme for Overseas Research Students, established by the Department for Education and administered by the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals, provides awards for the partial remission of tuition fees to overseas postgraduate students registered for research degrees at UK academic institutions. The only criteria for the awards are outstanding merit and research potential; other factors, such as means, nationality, and proposed field will not be taken into account by the national ORS Committee. The value of each award is the difference between the 1996–7 univesity tuition fee for a UK/EU postgraduate student and the rate chargeable to an overseas postgraduate student for his/her particular course of study.

Further information and application material for the 1996 ORS Scheme at the University may be obtained from the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70134). The closing date for applications is 29 April.

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An award, of a value of £1,000, is available to a graduate student of the University to enable him/her to undertake research in banking economics outside the United Kingdom.

Applications, stating what the candidate would hope to achieve if the application is successful, should be sent to the Administrative Secretary, Social Studies Faculty Centre, George Street, Oxford OX1 2RL, by 12 April.

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