Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Brasenose College

REGINALD JOSEPH MITCHELL, MA, 21 November 1995; scholar 1929–33. Aged 85.

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Corpus Christi College

PETER MAURICE COOKE, 14 July 1995; commoner 1949–51. Aged 68.

DAVID ERIC HOLT, MA, D.PHIL., 1 July 1995; exhibitioner 1970–6. Aged 44.

JOHN MONTGOMERIE, 21 July 1995; Haigh Scholar 1930–4. Aged 83.

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Hertford College

ARTHUR COLLIS-JONES, 5 November 1995; exhibitioner 1926.

PROFESSOR GROVER JEREMIAH CRONIN, 11 October 1995; commoner 1935.

FRANCIS DUDLEY DOWSETT, 5 November 1995; commoner 1927.

JAMES EDWARD HOLT, 22 September 1995; commone 1947.

DENIS GORDON JOHNSON, CBE, 24 October 1995; commoner 1930.

PROFESSOR JAMES EDWARD MEADE, CB, HON. D.LITT., FBA, 22 December 1995; Fellow 1930–7, Honorary Fellow; a Vice-President of the Hertford Society. Aged 88.

KENNETH STRAHAN WATT, MBE, 14 November 1995; commoner 1928.

LESLEY PERCIVAL WHATLEY, 8 November 1995; commoner 1928.

ALFRED ARDEN WOOD, CBE, TD, 8 December 1995; commoner 1944. Aged 69.

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Pembroke College

ROBERT FRANCIS VERE HEUSTON, MA, DCL (MA, LL.B. Dublin), FBA, QC (NI), 21 December 1995; Fellow and Tutor in Law 1947–65, Dean 1951–7, Supernumerary Fellow 1965–82, Honorary Fellow 1982–95; Regius Professor of Laws, Trinity College, Dublin, 1970–83. Aged 72.

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St Hilda's College

CECILIA LUCY WALHOUSE TOMPSON, BA, October 1995; commoner 1919–22.

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Somerville College

CATHERINE BEESTON, 26 November 1995; commoner 1992–5, St Cross College 1994–5. Aged 40.

ANNA KELHAM (née Crichton), MA, 21 October 1995; commoner 1925–8. Aged 89.

SUSAN DAVIDSON KELLY (née Willsher), MA, 23 November 1995; commoner. Aged 54.

MARY LASCELLES, MA, 10 December 1995; Fellow in English 1932, Vice- Principal 1947. Aged 95.

MARGARET LEAN (née Appleyard), MA, June 1995; commoner 1930–3. Aged 85.

MARY WALDEGRAVE (née Grenfell), 13 November 1995; scholar 1928–30. Aged 87.

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New College

A Memorial Meeting for PROFESSOR SIR RUDOLF PEIERLS will be held at 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, 20 January, in the Sheldonian Theatre.


Christ Church

To Lecturerships in French (from 1 January 1996):



To a Lecturership in Mathematics (from 1 January 1996):


To a Lecturership in Spanish (from 1 January 1996):


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Nuffield College

To Visiting Fellowships (from 1 October 1995):

TIM HOLT (B.SC., PH.D. Exeter), Director, the Central Statistical Office

WILL HUTTON (B.SOC.SCI. Bristol, MBA Fontainebleau), Economics Editor, The Guardian

TESSA JOWELL (MA Aberdeen, DSA Edinburgh), Labour Member of Parliament for Dulwich

To a Visiting Fellowship (from 1 October 1996):

SHEILA MCKECHNIE (MA Edinburgh, MA Warwick), Director, the Consumers' Association

To Associate Membership:

HANS-MARTIN KROLZIG (BA Bochum, MA Bielefeld), Institute of Economics and Statistics

MAIRE NI BHROLCHAIN (BA, M.SC. Dublin, PH.D. Southampton)

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Worcester College

To a Supernumerary Fellowship in Physics (with effect from 1 January 1996):


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