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Procedure for submission of dissertations, extended essays, and other similar material to ensure anonymity of candidates in undergraduate and taught course graduate examinations

In 1993, following a decision in principle by Council that, unless the circumstances of the examination made it impossible, candidates' work for undergraduate and taught graduate degree examinations should be anonymous at the point at which it was assessed, the General Board reviewed the existing practice and asked boards and committees to put this into effect. So, from 1993 (or 1994, if implementation was impractical in 1993) dissertations and extended essays have carried only candidates' examination numbers on submission to the Examination Schools.

Experience of these procedures had highlighted the difficulty caused by a dissertation, extended essay, or other similar material being accompanied (as is required) by a signed statement that it is the candidate's own work: an immediate link can be made between the signed name in the statement and the candidate number which the submitted work should bear, and the principle of anonymity for examination candidates is undermined. The Board has decided that henceforward the signed statement should be submitted separately in a sealed envelope to the chairman of examiners (the sole examiner to have the list linking candidate names to numbers).

A number of changes in regulations for final honour schools, with effect from 1 October 1996 (for first examination in 1997), have already been published in the Gazette; other changes to give effect to this change from the same date are being made editorially.

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With the approval of the General Board, the following changes in regulations made by boards of faculties will come into effect on 31 May.

1 Board of the Faculty of English Language and Literature

Honour School of English Language and Literature

With effect from 1 October 1996 (for first examination in 1997)

In Examination Decrees, 1995, p. 217, l. 15, delete `One typed copy' and substitute `Two typed copies'.

2 Board of the Faculty of Law

With immediate effect

(a) Honour School of Jurisprudence

1 In Examination Decrees, 1995, p. 260, l. 25, after `Comparative Law: Contract' insert `(French)'.

2 Ibid., p. 261, l. 40, after `COMPARATIVE LAW: CONTRACT' insert `(French) (French and English Legal Systems and Law of Contract)'.

(b) Diploma in Legal Studies

In Examination Decrees, 1995, p. 901, delete ll. 23–4 and substitute: `1. The examination for the diploma shall be in each Trinity Term.'

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The Board of the Faculty of Theology has granted leave to K. CRACKNELL, Lincoln, to supplicate for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity. The evidence submitted by the candidate was entitled: `Theologians and missionaries encountering world religions 1846–1914'.


The examiners appointed by the following faculty boards give notice of oral examination of their candidates as follows:

Biological Sciences

S.E. RANKIN, Worcester: `Lipid–protein interactions and nicotinic acetylcholine receptor function'.
University Laboratory of Physiology, Tuesday, 21 May, 2 p.m.
Examiners: J.C. Ellory, A.G. Lee.

M.S. TSIANTIS, New College: `Regulation of V-atpase gene expression by ionic stress in higher plants'.
Department of Plant Sciences, Monday, 27 May, 2 p.m.
Examiners: N.J. Robinson, M.D. Fricker.

Clinical Medicine

J.T. NORWICH, Wolfson: `The sequence characterisation of alpha-globin haplotypes in human populations'.
Department of Biochemistry, Tuesday, 21 May, 1.30 p.m.
Examiners: K.E. Davies, J. Armour.

Physical Sciences

T. ARGLES, St Anne's: `Tectonometamorphic studies in the crustal envelope of mantle peridotites in the Western Betic Cordillera, southern Spain'.
Department of Earth Sciences, Wednesday, 19 June, 10 a.m.
Examiners: G. Droop, J. Dewey.

M. ZINKIN, Linacre: `Neutron and X-ray scattering studies of Rb2 Zn Cl4, frustrated pyrochlore magnets and Nz'.
Sub-department of Theoretical Physics, Wednesday, 29 May, 11 a.m.
Examiners: P.W. Mitchell, J.T. Chalker.

Physiological Sciences

CHIUN-CHIEN HUANG, Linacre: `Membrane transport and intracellular calcium regulation in erythroleukemic cells'.
University Laboratory of Physiology, Thursday, 30 May, 2.30 p.m.
Examiners: G.W. Stewart, R.J. Wilkins.

Social Studies

W. BARRY, Merton: `The missile design bureaux and Soviet manned space policy 1953–70'.
Wolfson, Wednesday, 29 May, 10.30 a.m.
Examiners: C.M. Davis, J. Erickson.

S.S.-L. CHEN, Nuffield: `John Locke, toleration, and liberalism'.
St Catherine's, Tuesday, 18 June, 3 p.m.
Examiners: R. Plant, D.A. Lloyd Thomas.


A.T. GRAY, Wolfson: `Hell: an analysis of some major twentieth century attempts to defend the doctrine of hell'.
Trinity, Friday, 24 May, 10 a.m.
Examiners: T.S.M. Williams, T. Hart.

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The examiners appointed by the following faculty board give notice of oral examination of their candidate as follows:


A. HUSAIN-NAVIATTI, Christ Church: `Mendelssohn's Lobgesang: the genesis of the symphony-cantata and a critical edition of its original version'.
Faculty of Music, Friday, 24 May, 3 p.m.
Examiners: J.C.A. Brown, B.L. Trowell.

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