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1 Decree

Council has made the following decree, to come into effect on 29 December.

Explanatory note to Decree (1)

The following decree, made on the recommendation of the Social Studies Board and with the concurrence of the General Board, authorises the University to accept the sole trusteeship of the Oxford Project for Peace Studies, to be managed by the Committee for the Cyril Foster and Related Funds.

Decree (1)

In Ch. IX, Sect. I (Statutes, 1995, p. 634), insert § 257:

`§ 257. Oxford Project for Peace Studies

1. Upon the kind invitation of the retiring trustees, the University consents to be and act as sole trustee of the charitable trust deed of 21 December 1982 of the Oxford Project for Peace Studies in place of the retiring trustees, who upon their retirement are discharged from the trusts of the charitable trust deed.

2. The Committee for the Cyril Foster and Related Funds shall be the board of management of the trust funds associated with the Oxford Project for Peace Studies and shall apply the trust funds in accordance with the charitable trust deed.

3. Council shall have power from time to time to alter this decree provided that the purposes of the trust funds, as stated in the charitable trust deed, shall always be kept in view.'

2 Status of Master of Arts

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the status of Master of Arts under the provisions of Ch. V, Sect. vi, cl. 1 (Statutes, 1995, p. 345) has been accorded to the following persons who are qualified for membership of Congregation:

NIKOLAOS GONIS, D.PHIL., St John's College

NURIA MARTI GIRBAU, Taylor Institution


ELEANOR ROBSON, Wolfson College

CHRISTOPHER JOHN SCOTCHER, Department of Engineering Science

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3 Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Gonis, N., MA status, D.Phil., St John's
Kirwan, J.P.A., MA, Greyfriars
Marti Girbau, N., MA status, Taylor Institution
Page, C.D., MA status, Wolfson
Robson, E., MA status, Wolfson
Scotcher, C.J., MA status, Department of Engineering Science