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Gibbs Prize in Biochemistry

The Prize has been awarded to STEVEN L. DYSON, Magdalen College.

Proxime accessit: HILKE A. NENTWICH, St Anne's College.

Book Prizes: JAMES A. APPERLY, St Anne's College, LISA H. COLLEDGE, University College, and CHRISTOPHER B. PHELPS, Pembroke College.

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Gibbs Prize in Chemistry

The Prize has been awarded to ARIEL BEN MIDDLETON, Keble College.

Proxime accessit: WAYNE M. LESLIE, Queen's College.

Book Prizes: HELEN DICKINSON,, Merton College, and MALCOLM K. WALTERS, St John's College.

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Gibbs Prize in Geography

The Prize has been awarded to DOMINIQUE L.I. MORAN, Christ Church.

Proxime accessit: HARPAL SINGH, Mansfield College.

Book Prizes: DAVID B.M. JACKSON, Brasenose College, PHILIP M. SCHLUTER, Jesus College, and JEREMY N. SMITH, St John's College.

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Gibbs Prize in Modern History

The Prize has been awarded to CLAIRE TRACEY, Balliol College.

Proxime accessit: TURLOUGH STONE, Merton College.

Book Prizes: ANNABELLE RITCHIE, Magdalen College, KATHERINE WILLIAMS, New College, TARIC AMAR, Balliol College, and MATTHEW MOORE, St Anne's College.

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Gibbs Prize in Politics

The Prize, for the best papers in Politics in the Final Honour School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, has been awarded to YUNG-SUNG KANG, Jesus College.

Proxime accessit: LEANDER G. SCHNEIDER, Queen's College.

Book Prizes:: CHRISTOPHER R. BROOKE, Balliol College, BENJAMIN J. FENDER, Balliol College, and LEONIE C. HIRST, Somerville College.

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Gibbs Thesis Prize in Politics

The Prize, for the best thesis in Politics in the Final Honour School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, has been awarded to PUZANT A. MERDINIAN, Merton College.

Proxime accessit: PAUL J. MARTIN, St John's College.

Book Prizes:: ELIZABETH BARRATT, Oriel College, TAMARA H.P. OPPENHEIMER, Merton College, and DOMINIC A. WILSON, Merton College.

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Gibbs Prize in Zoology

The Prize has been awarded to HOR Y. WONG, New College.

Proxime accessit: JOSEPH P. GARNER, New College.

Book Prizes:: SUZANNE J. BAKER, St John's College, ANNETTE B.C. KILLMER, Worcester College, and REBECCA A. LAWRENCE, Worcester College.

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Appointment of Acting Director

DR P.J. WEINDLING has been appointed as Acting Director of the Wellcome Unit for the period 1 October–31 December 1995. The Reader-elect in the History of Medicine, Professor Jane E. Lewis, will take up the Directorship with effect from 1 January 1996.

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Chinese Language Training for Social Scientists

The Institute for Chinese Studies is offering Chinese language training courses for social scientists. The course will serve all levels, from beginners to advanced, and will take place during Full Term. The courses are intended for social scientists at the University who need to learn the language for research purposes. Participants will be given an assessment test in advance of their attendance to ascertain the appropriate level of instruction. The content of the course will be predominantly practical in nature. The students at beginners level will be involved in undergraduate classes offering intensive language instruction and substantial work in the language laboratory. Those who are more advanced will be expected to focus on selected readings from Chinese newspapers and periodicals, and from othe relevant Chinese sources. Further information may be obtained from Dr T.T. Liu (telephone: (2)80390), or Ms Y. Song (telephone: (2)80395), at the Institute.

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OLIS, the University's Library system, is an integrated library system which offers online cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions, and periodicals registration. Sixty-seven Oxford libraries now catalogue onto OLIS. Please see below for a complete list of member libraries with information about when they began cataloguing and if they also use the Acquisitions Circulation or Periodical registration modules.

OLIS is a union catalogue which contains cataloguing information (i.e. bibliographic records) from all of the member libraries. This enables a reader to search for any book held in any OLIS member library from any terminal or microcomputer connected to OLIS. Copy information (i.e. shelfmark) which is specific to a particular library has been separated so that when searching for a book, you will first be shown the copy information for the items held in the library where you are conducting your search. If there are copies in other libraries, for which there is information in the OLIS catalogue, you will be given the chance to see the information about them. It will still be necessary to check other catalogues in the libraries concerned to find information about holdings not yet catalogued on OLIS. In common with most other academic libraries in the UK, the catalogue can be searched from any terminal capable of connection to the JANET network.

Retrospective conversion of card and other catalogues into machine-readable form so that they can be interrogated online is seen to be a major priority. The OLIS catalogue currently has over 2 million copies attached to 1.5 million titles. The Bodleian Library's Pre-1920 catalogue comprising 1.2 million titles is now available on CD-ROM. This represents the culmination of a project commenced in 1966 by John Jolliffe, Bodley's Librarian from 1982 to 1985.

Funds have been allocated to enable conversion of records in the Bodleian Guard Book catalogues, and in the card catalogues of the Bodleian-dependent libraries. It is planned to complete this project within the next three years. During this period over 500,000 records will be added to the OLIS database each year. A programme for the conversion of periodical titles by a team based in the Radcliffe Science Library and other departmental science libraries is nearing completion. Other conversion initiatives have been undertaken by individual libraries with special emphasis on libraries wishing to adopt the OLIS circulation module.

Online circulation (issuing, reservations, and fines) has been introduced into seventeen OLIS libraries. This allows readers registered in these libraries to find out what they have on loan and to place reservations from any terminal. Online acquisitions allows a reader to find out when a book has been ordered and received by one of the twenty-nine libraries now using the Acquisitions module. Seven libraries are now using the periodicals registration module. This allows readers to find out when a specific issue of a journal has been received or declared missing.

Searching the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) allows you to access the items catalogued by any of these sixty-seven libraries. By selecting `Information about OLIS libraries' from the Introductory menu screen on the OPAC it is also possible to find out the address and opening hours of any member library, information about the holdings of that library, its admission procedures, and library news.

The online catalogue is designed so that it can be used easily, but guidance in how to use it is also provided. Help screens are now available on OLIS by pressing the F2 key, and explanatory leaflets about basic searching procedures and remote connection to OLIS are available in any library or from the Libraries Automation Service ((2)78170). A more complete description of OLIS and the special features available on the online catalogue can be found in a black booklet entitled `Making the most of OLIS' which is located next to every reader terminal. Library staff are able to show readers how to use the online catalogue and give advice on how to search the catalogue. Assistance with problems is also provided by an Online Catalogue Help Desk ((2)77163), staffed by members of the Bodleian Library Cataloguing Division. This is located in the Lower Reading Room of the Bodleian Library.

An advanced course demonstrating how to use OLIS more efficiently by chaining OLIS commands, how to save search files so that you can combine (And, Or, But Not) or limit (by date, by type of material, by holding library) the bibliographic records you have located on OLIS would be appropriate for anyone who is already familiar with basic searching on OLIS. The course, which is held in the Radcliffe Science Library Training room, is open to all members of the University. Please book a place on the course by telephoning Zohra Fatima (telephone: (2)78271, e-mail: zohra@vax).

A comprehensive evaluation of possible successors to the system software underlying OLIS was completed in Trinity Term 1995. A description of the new OLIS and the timetable for implementation will appear in a future issue of the Gazette.

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OLIS Member Libraries

                                   (1)    (2)     (3)     (4)        

All Souls College                  2/90  
Ashmolean                          6/90           8/91
Balfour Library (Pitt Rivers)     11/93           8/95
Balliol College                    9/89           8/91  
Biochemistry Department            7/94
Bodleian                           9/88           8/92     
  Indian Institute                 9/88           8/92        
  Japanese Library                 1/88   10/94   8/93
  Law                              9/88           8/92
  Radcliffe Science                9/88           1/91    1/93
  Rhodes House                     9/88           8/92
Brasenose College                  8/93
Classics Lending                  10/92   4/94 
Computing Laboratory               6/90   10/94
Corpus Christi College             8/89   10/92   8/90    1/95
Criminological Research            2/95
Earth Sciences                     2/92           8/93    1/95
Educational Studies                3/91    8/95   8/95
Engineering Science                2/91
English Faculty                    1/89   4/90    8/91     
Experimental Psychology            1/90   10/92    
Geography                          1/90   1/95    8/91            
History Faculty                    5/91    
History of Art                     1/92           8/93    
Hooke                              1/89   10/89   10/92     
Institute of Economics and
   Statistics                      1/90   
Jesus College                      8/92    
Keble College                      1/93    
Kellogg College/
  Continuing Education             9/92
Lady Margaret Hall                 7/92           10/93  
Latin American Centre              1/91           11/91            
Lincoln College                    1/92    10/94
Magdalen College                   1/93    
Maison Française                   1/91   
Materials Department               1/93    10/95 
Mathematical Institute             5/90    
Middle East Centre                 1/91           11/91            
Modern Languages Faculty           1/89   4/90    9/92     
Music Faculty                      6/90     
New College                        9/89     
Nuffield College                   9/89   10/94   8/90    1/93       
Oriental Institute                 1/88           8/92       
   Eastern Art                     1/88           8/92
Philosophy                        11/90    4/95       9/92           

Physics (Astro, Nuclear, 
   Clarendon Lab)                  1/93   10/95
Physiology Departmental            6/90    
Plant Sciences                     1/90   10/93    
Queen Elizabeth House              1/90   10/92   8/91     1/95
Queen's College                    2/92       
St Anne's College                  1/91           9/92             
St Antony's College                1/91           12/91
St Cross College                  10/93
St Edmund Hall                     1/92
St Hugh's College                  7/95  
St John's College                  1/95
St Peter's College                10/93           9/94
Social and Cultural Anthropology   1/92   
Social Studies                     1/89   1/90    8/91      
Staff Library                      9/89           1/93  
Taylor Institution                 9/88   
Theology                           1/90   10/94     
Trinity College                    4/92   
University Museum                  1/91        
Wadham College                     4/92
Wellcome Institute                10/93   
Wolfson College                    7/90            8/92            
Zoology                            1/90   
      Alexander                    1/90   
      Elton                        1/90   


(1) Cataloguing
(2) Circulation
(3) Acquisitions
(4) Periodicals registration

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BIDS Databases

Members of the University have free access to the following databases. Please note that some require registration. For details, see below.


Science Citation Index (1981–94)
Social Science Citation Index (1981–94)
Arts and Humanities (1981–94)
Index to Scientific and Technical Proceedings (1982–94)

These databases offer author, title, keyword, cited reference, corporate name, conference sponsor, etc., access to articles, reports, letters, book reviews, music reviews, conference proceedings, seminars, editorials, etc. from over 7,000 journals world-wide. Many of the articles in these databases also include abstracts.

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Compendex Plus

This database offers a broad coverage of all engineering disciplines (as well as physics) and includes over 170,000 bibliographic citations with abstracts and 330,000 Table of Contents citations. It indexes 1,840 core journals from cover to cover and 535 conferences. It has a thesaurus composed of 9,400 preferred terms, 18,000 access terms and a system of cross-references which include related, narrower and broader terms. Contact Gill Cooper in the Radcliffe Science Library or Ann Greig of the Engineering Science Library for assistance.


EMBASE is bibliographic database of published scientific literature. It offers comprehensive coverage of human medicine, clinical medicine, drugs and toxicology, biological science, health affairs, psychiatry, environmental health, etc. Selective coverage (if drug related) of nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, alternative medicine and psychology is also included. The overlap with MEDLINE is claimed by Excerpta Medicus (the producers of EMBASE) at about 37 per cent. As with Compendex Plus, there is a thesaurus, EMTREE with terms in a hierarchical arrangement. Sub-headings which are defined as `medical links' and `drug links' are used to qualify terms. Drug and medical indexing terms are used. In 1993, MESH terms were included and are treated as synonyms with connections to one of the 35,000 preferred EMTREE terms.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

The data is taken from over 2,600 selected international social science journals and around 6,000 books per year. Subject coverage includes economics, political science, sociology and anthropology.

The journals indexed for the IBSS are from over sixty countries so it is more international in scope than the other BIDS databases. One of the most interesting feature of the IBSS is the network of correspondents from all over the world who index journals and publications which would not be available outside the region (e.g. Parliamentary papers of Hungary) for inclusion in the database.

Ecological Flora of the British Isles

This database, created by Fitter and Peat from the University of York, is searchable by the Latin name, vernacular name, distribution, habitat, diseases, etc. Includes 1770 species of higher plants, 130 ecological characteristics, etc. For example, using this database it is possible to find all herbal plants which live at 2,000 feet. Contact Linda Atkinson of the Geography Library for registration and assistance.

Registration for BIDS: to obtain a user-name, password, and pocket user guide to one or more of the BIDS services listed below, please register in one of these libraries or departments: Cairns Medical Library, Clarendon Laboratory, Computing Service, Engineering Department, Institute for Chinese Studies, Music Faculty, Physics Department, Radcliffe Science Library, St Peter's and Templeton Colleges.

Electronic update: a new mailing list has been set up in Oxford for those people interested in keeping up-to-date with BIDS changes and enhancements, the work of the user group, etc. Subscribe to the list `bids-info' by sending an e-mail message (on Vax or Sable) to the address `'. Type the message `subscribe bids-info' and send the message in the usual way.

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OCLC FirstSearch

Members of the University can obtain a user-name and password, as well as the necessary log-on instructions, for accessing the OCLC FirstSearch databases from their college, departmental, or faculty librarian.

The searching procedure is very easy. There are clear prompts and excellent help screens. Below is a brief description of the many databases accessible free from office or library.

OCLC databases

Worldcat: over 30 million records of any type of material catalogued by OCLC member libraries world-wide, including (for some libraries, manuscripts holdings). Updated daily.

ArticleFirst: over 8,500 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture. 1990 to the present. Updated daily.

ContentsFirst: complete table of contents page and holding information for more than 8,500 journals in many fields. January 1990 to the present. Updated daily.

FASTDOC: this is a subset of the articles indexed in ArticleFirst. There are over 340,000 records with a high percentage of citations that can be ordered for online viewing or one-hour fax delivery.

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Other databases

Applied Science and Technology Index (Wilson): more than 350 international, English-language periodicals, covering engineering, mathematics, physics, and computer technology. Includes articles, interviews, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, new product reviews/announcements, and more. October 1983 to the present. Updated monthly.

Art Index (Wilson): more than 200 key international, English-language arts publications. Includes periodicals, yearbooks, museum bulletins, competition and award notices, exhibition listings, interviews, film reviews, and more. September 1984 to the present. Updated monthly.

Biography Index (Wilson): More than 2,700 English- language periodicals. More than 1,800 books added each year. Very wide range of material covered including autobiographies, bibliographies, critical studies, book reviews, collections of letters. July 1984 to the present. Updated monthly. BioDigest (Plexus)\: more than 8,500 records covering the life sciences for undergraduates and high school students. September 1989 to the present. Updated monthly, September through May.

Biology Digest: more than 8,500 records covering the life sciences. September 1989 to the present. Updated monthly, September to May.

Book Review Digest (Wilson): approximately 100 periodicals published in the US, Canada, and UK, covering over 7,000 adult and children's books each year. Includes English-language fiction and nonfiction. January 1983 to the present. Updated monthly.

Business Periodicals Index (Wilson): over 340 business magazines in accounting, advertising, finance, personnel, business etc. July 1982 to the present. Updated monthly.

Consumer Index (Pierian Press): more than 110 periodicals and services covering product evaluations, descriptions, recalls, alerts, and warnings. 1986 to the present. Updated quarterly.

Education Index (Wilson): more than 400 English-language periodicals and yearbooks published in the US and elsewhere. Subjects include adminstration, teaching methods and curriculum, literacy etc. June 1983 to the present. Updated monthly.

ERIC: over 800,000 references to thousands of educational topics. Includes journal articles, books, theses, curricula, conference papers, and standards and guidelines. 1966 to the present. Updated monthly.

FACTSEARCH (Pierian Press): facts and statistics from some 300 works, including newspapers, periodicals, the Congressional Record, and Congressional hearings. 1984 to the present. Updated quarterly.

General Sciences Index (Wilson): more than 100 journals and magazines from the US and UK, covering subjects such as anthropology, astronomy, biology, computers, earth sciences, medicine and health etc. Includes articles, reviews, biographical sketches, letters to the editor. May 1984 to the present. Updated monthly.

GPO Monthly Catalog: over 380,000 records on all subjects of interest to the US government. July 1976 to the present. Updated monthly.

Library Literature (Wilson): More than 200 library and information science periodicals published internationally, and more than 600 books a year. December 1984 to the present. Updated monthly.

MEDLINE: more than 3,500 journals published internationally, covering all areas of medicine. Updated monthly.

Microcomputer Abstracts: more than 75 popular magazines and professional journals on microcomputing in business, education, industry and the home. Includes articles, reviews and product announcements. January 1989 to the present. Updated monthly.

Readers' Guide Abstracts (Wilson): popular periodicals published in the US and Canada on a very wide variety of subjects. January 1983 to the present. Updated monthly.

Social Science Index (Wilson): more than 350 international, English-language, periodicals in sociology, anthropology, geography, economics, political science and law. February 1983 to the present. Updated monthly.

Queries and problems should be referred to Margaret Robb (78172) or Vicky Mills (71072).

Electronic update: a new mailing list has been set up in Oxford for those people interested in keeping up-to-date with BIDS changes and enhancements, the work of the user group, etc. Subscribe to the list `oclc- info' by sending an e-mail message (on Vax or Sable) to the address `'. Type the message subscribe `oclc-info' and send the message in the usual way.

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Two wine-tastings will take place at the University Club (6/8 South Parks Road) this term, at 5.45 p.m. on the following Wednesdays.

Members and their guests are welcome, the fee being £2 per person.

18 Oct.: Some recent additions to the wine-list.

6 Dec.: Wines for Christmas.