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Magdalen College

MICHAEL LEONARD GRAHAM BALFOUR, 16 September 1995; Senior Demy 1931, Lecturer in Politics 1932–6. Aged 86.

PATRICK OWEN ALEXANDER DAVISON BROUGHSHANE, second baron, 22 September 1995; Demy 1921–5. Aged 92. WILLIAM GRANVILLE WONTNER BROWN, 10 July 1995; commoner 1926–9. Aged 87.

JOHN MASON CHAMBERS, 1995; commoner 1925–8. Aged 87.

KENNETH NEILL FISHER, 18 October 1995; commoner 1933–7. Aged 81.

RICHARD PATRICK FRENCH, 17 July 1995; commoner 1954. Aged 74.

ADRIAN S.F. HAMID, 27 August 1995; commoner 1979. Aged 34.

ROBERT WILLIAM HAMILTON, 25 September 1995; Demy 1924–8. Aged 89.

DAVID RICHARD HOLLOWAY, 31 August 1995; commoner 1946–9. Aged 71.

DANIEL JOHN HUGHES, 23 August 1995; commoner 1990–1, Demy 1991–4. Aged 24.

RAGHAVAN IYER, 20 June 1995; Rhodes Scholar 1950–3. Aged 65.

ANTONY CHARLES WYNYARD NORMAN, 1 June 1995; commoner 1930–3. Aged 83.

GERALD ISAAC MACDONALD SWYER, 19 September 1995; Senior Demy 1940–1. Aged 79.

SIR FREDERICK WARNER, 30 September 1995; commoner 1937–9. Aged 77.

SIR GEOFFREY JAMES WARNOCK, 8 October 1995; Fellow by Examination 1949–50, Fellow and Tutor 1953–71; Principal, Hertford College, 1971–88; Vice-Chancellor 1981–5. Aged 71.

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St Edmund Hall

THE REVD CANON THOMAS CHARLES HERITAGE, MA, 28 September 1995; commoner 1926–30. Aged 87.

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St Hilda's College

EVELYN BEARD (née Mace), 18 September 1995; commoner 1924–7. Aged 89. MARY DAPHNE COX (née Webb), MA, 1995; exhibitioner 1929–32.


Linacre College

A Memorial Service for HARRIETT HAWKINS BUCKLEY, MA, will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, 2 December, in St Cross Church. Tea will be served in Linacre College after the service.

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Brasenose College

To a Visiting Fellowship (HT 1996):

STEPHEN BROOKE, Associate Professor at the Department of History, Dalhousie University

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Magdalen College

To an Exhibition:

OLIVER MILLINGTON, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

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Queen's College

To an Emeritus Fellowship:

HENRY JAMES MARTIN DALTON, MA, FRCO, Fellow and Organist of the college

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To Taberdarships:

MICHAEL P. EASTWOOD, BA, formerly of Millfield School, Street

GRAHAM R. SHARP, BA, formerly of Tapton School, Sheffield

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To Scholarships:

JONATHAN S. BARRETT, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

MARK N. BOWLES, formerly of Wolverhampton Grammar School

IAN A. BROWN, formerly of Warwick School

MAX E. BRUCHE, formerly of Schule Birklehof, Hinterzarten

CHARLES W.H. CHAMPION, formerly of Arnold School, Blackpool

SOO HIAN CHIA, formerly of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore

ADRIAN R.H. CREIGHTON, formerly of Friends School, Lisburn

MATTHEW R. ENTWISTLE, formerly of Bolton School, Boys' Division

CHRISTOPHER J. EVANS, formerly of St Mary's Comprehensive School, Ilkley

CHARLES F. HARFORD-CROSS, formerly of Ripon Grammar School

SIMON HORNER, formerly of Huddersfield New College

JOHN P. HULL, formerly of Bolton School, Boys' Division

JONATHAN P. JONES, formerly of Bolton School, Boys' Division

SARADA KRISHNAN, formerly of Cheltenham Ladies' College

WAYNE M. LESLIE, formerly of Leeds Grammar School

BRENDON W. LOVETT, formerly of Matthew Murray High School, Leeds

PIERS H. MASTER, formerly of Harrow School

ANDREW H. MERRILLS, formerly of King Edward VII School, Sheffield

OLIVER G.G. MICHELL, formerly of Dulwich College

RANICK K.M. NG, formerly of Queen's College, Taunton

KALIN O. NIKOLOV, formerly of Loreto College, Manchester

JONATHAN PALIN, formerly of Elizabeth College, Guernsey

ANDREW J. PEAKMAN, formerly of Millfield School DAVID PERCIK, formerly of Bolton School, Boys' Division

ADAM G. PETERSEN, formerly of Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield

WILLIAM D. PRICE, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

NICHOLAS D.M. RAVENEY, formerly of Judd School, Tonbridge

VANI RAVINTHIRAN, formerly of Leeds Girls' High School

TIMOTHY R. RILEY, formerly of Eton College

MARK E. SANSOM, formerly of Townsend School, St Albans

MARTIN W.G. SCOTT-BROWN, formerly of Abingdon School

CHARLES W.D. SKRINE, formerly of Marlborough College

ADAM M. SQUIRES, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

MICHELLE S.-Y. TEO, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore

To Exhibitions:

SARAH. C. BROPHY, formerly of Sale Girls' Grammar School

CECILIA M. BRUCCIANI, formerly of Cours Notre Dame des Victoires, Lievin

SIMON J. BUCKLEY, formerly of Trinity School, Leamington Spa

GORDON E. BUTTERWORTH, formerly of Bolton School, Boys' Division

NATHAN DUCKWORTH, formerly of Nottingham High School

VICTORIA J. DUTCHMAN-SMITH, formerly of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith

ROBERT J. FITT, formerly of King Edward VI School, Southampton

CATRIONA J. FONES, formerly of Idsall School, Telford

CLYDE FRANCKS, formerly of Ysgol Y Gader, Dolgellau

VICTORIA L. GRAY, formerly of Brighton and Hove High School

NADIA J. HALL, formerly of Beacon Community College, Crowborough

JEREMY J. HORNE, formerly of Totton College, Southampton

ANDREW T.M. JOLLY, formerly of Chigwell School

PHILIPPA J. KEGGIN, formerly of Millfield School

URSULA M. MCCANN, formerly of Loreto College, Coleraine

PETER J. MCDONALD, formerly of St Bede's College, Manchester

SAID A. MOHAMED, formerly of John Ruskin College, Croydon

ANDREW D. MORRISON, formerly of the King's School, Chester

STEPHEN MULLAN, formerly of Belfast Royal Academy

LIAM PARSONAGE, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Lancaster

JANE C. RANKIN, formerly of Godolphin and Latymer School

SIMON J. REXWORTHY, formerly of Leys School, Cambridge

ANDREW P. SPRATLEY, formerly of Deeping School, Peterborough

MARIELLE J. SUTHERLAND, formerly of Hartlepool Sixth-Form College

CHYE HEE TAN, formerly of Victoria Junior College, Singapore

ADRIAN J. WATTS, formerly of Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury

BEN E. WESTAWAY, formerly of Malvern College

To College Bursaries:

TROY Z.M. ARNOLD, formerly of Cheltenham College

JAMES R. HURRION, formerly of Solihull Sixth-Form College

CLARE E. MARTIN, formerly of Cross Keys College, Gwent

CAROLYN A.L. MAY, formerly of George Abbot School, Guildford

NEIL PABARI, formerly of Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

CLARE F. PICKFORD, formerly of Parkstone Grammar School, Poole

IAIN J. SUTCLIFFE, formerly of Leeds Grammar School

S. CLAIRE TAYLOR, formerly of Kendrick School, Reading

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St Edmund Hall

To a Senior Research Fellowship:


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St Peter's College

To an Emeritus Fellowship:


To a Michael Latner Scholarship in Law:

SUZANNE BURRELL, formerly of the Weald School, Billingshurst

To a Steven Latner Scholarship in English:

ELEANOR REES, formerly of Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton

To Scholarships:

JOHN DANES, formerly of Eltham College

MARK ELKINS, formerly of Monkton Combe School, Bath

DOMINIC ERDOZAIN, formerly of Ampleforth College

RICHARD HARRISON, formerly of Little Heath School, Reading

ALUN HOWARD, formerly of Addey and Stanhope School, London

JULIAN LITTLEWOOD, formerly of Magdalen College School, Oxford

THOMAS STORY, formerly of King's School, Rochester

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To Exhibitions:

ALEXANDER DENT, formerly of Saltash Community School, Cornwall

ELIZABETH HARTLEY, formerly of St Edward's School, Oxford

FIONA WILLIAMS, formerly of Pembroke School, Adelaide

To a Choral Scholarship:

LUKE MASSEY, formerly of Ampleforth College

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University College

To a Burn Scholarship in Modern History:

J.C.N. GRAY, formerly of Tiffin School, Kingston

To a Rowe and Maw Scholarship in Law:

B. MCFARLANE, formerly of Bedford Modern School

To a Waddington Scholarship in Classics:

N.J. SEWELL-RUTTER, formerly of Cheltenham College

To a Weir Scholarship in Engineering Science:

H.A. KEARON, formerly of King's School, Worcester

To Scholarships:

T.K. BOON, formerly of St Albans School

C.P. BRYAN, formerly of Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

J.L. COTTRILL, formerly of Grange School, Northwich

D.R. COULTHARD, formerly of Egglescliffe School

L. DAVISON, formerly of Dunblane High School

J.M.H. DEAN, formerly of Bishop Vessey Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield

S.J. GASKELL, formerly of Brighton, Hove, and Sussex Sixth-Form College

S.J.E. HAREN, formerly of Wesley College, Dublin

M.S. HILL, formerly of Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

I.J. HOVELL, formerly of Hedley Walter School, Brentwood

Z.A. HUGHES-THOMAS, formerly of Masonic School, Rickmansworth

S.M.JOHNSON, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Colchester

A.D. KER, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

N.W.F. LINTON, formerly of Westminster School

C.T. NG, formerly of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore

C.V.H.V. NG, formerly of United Christian College, High Wycombe

R.M. PRICE, formerly of Morrison's Academy, Crief

J. PEVERLEY, formerly of Lutterworth Grammar School

T.E. RANDALL, formerly of the School of St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon

A.K. THOMSON, formerly of Winchester College

C.P. VAN DEN BOSCH, formerly of Luton Sixth-Form College

T.O. WHITE, formerly of Dundee High School

K.Y. YAP, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore

N.P. YEUNG, formerly of King's School, Peterborough

To Exhibitions:

C.D. ALLAN, formerly of Glenalmond College

D.A. ASHTON, formerly of Whitgift School, Croydon

S.L. BACON, formerly of Grove School, Newark

J.J. BRADLEY, formerly of Sevenoaks School

D.N.S. CLARK, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

J. DONOVAN, formerly of Wellington School

E.D. GARDNER, formerly of Cheadle Hulme School

R.R. GIBBONS, formerly of Queen Elizabeth's Community College, Crediton

S.J. GIBBS, formerly of Godalming College

A.A. GOUDINSKAYA, formerly of Wellington College

G.N.L. JAMESON, formerly of Harris Academy, Dundee

B.D.O. LADD, formerly of Oundle School

C.H. LEAR, formerly of Parkstone Grammar School

A.M. LEDINGHAM, formerly of St Paul's Girls' School

A.S. MCBURNIE, formerly of Sir Thomas Rich's School, Gloucester

P.C. MAYNARD, formerly of St Ambrose College

M.M. MOIN, formerly of St Olave's School, Orpington

J.B. MURRAY, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

N.M. RAHMAN, formerly of Birkdale School, Sheffield

S.C. TAYLOR, formerly of International School, Paris

R.B.J. WILLIAMS, formerly of Olchfa School, Swansea

A.M. WILSON, formerly of Christ's Hospital

H.J.K. WRIGHT, formerly of Durham High School

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St Hilda's College

Dorothy Whitelock Prize for Old English:


College Prize for Biochemistry:


College Prize for Medicine:


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