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The trustees of the late Lady Consuelo Maria Allen wish to offer a Lady Allen Scholarship for research study in Spain, tenable for one year with effect from 1 October 1996.

The Lady Allen Scholarship is open to students who are working for a higher degree of the University of Oxford in the field of Spanish history, literature, languages, music, and other cultural aspects of Spain. Because of Lady Allen's interest in promoting cultural understanding between Spain and the United Kingdom, preference may be given to candidates who are citizens of the United Kingdom.

The trustees will offer an award towards the cost of either research study in Spain or a taught course at a Spanish university in the field described above. The award will be tenable for either one academic year or one twelve-month period, as appropriate, and will be in the region of £5,000, the precise level to be set at the discretion of the trustees, depending on the estimated costs.

A committee comprising representatives from the Modern History Board, the Modern Languages Board, and other boards as appropriate, will draw up a short-list of candidates on the basis of their academic merit for the consideration of the trustees. The trustees will award the scholarship primarily on the basis of academic merit, but if all other things are equal, they may give preference to a candidate from Exeter College.

Application is by a form available from the Administrator, Faculty of Modern History, Broad Street (telephone: (2)77253), together with a proposal, not exceeding four sides of A4 paper, setting the academic context of the work which the applicant wishes to undertake in Spain and outlining what he or she would hope to achieve during tenure of the Allen Scholarship. The deadline for applications, which should be addressed to the Administrator of the Modern History Faculty, is 7 June. Applicants are asked to arrange for two references, one of which must be from their supervisor, to be received by the Administrator by the same date.

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The Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund invites applications from members of the University for grants towards the costs of research in economic history. Applications will be considered from undergraduates, graduate students, and members of academic staff, and may related to research into the economic history of any period or country.

Applicants should (a) provide sufficient information about the general nature of their research to establish that it falls within the field of economic history; and (b) specify the precise nature and cost of the expenditure for which a grant is requested. They should also give the name of one referee who might be consulted by the committee.

It is intended by the committee that grants should normally be made for sums of up to £250, though this may on occasion be exceeded. Retrospective grants will be made only in exceptional circumstances.

The committee will consider applications twice in each year. The closing date for the first round is Monday of the third week of Hilary Term, and for the second round Monday of the third week of Trinity Term. Applications should be sent to Mrs E.A. Macallister, Secretary of the Committee for the Sir John Hicks Fund, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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