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The Finnish Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) is offering scholarships for postgraduates and young researchers under thirty- five years of age to study at a Finnish university for three to nine months. The value of the scholarship is FIM 4,000 per month (about £600). Travel expenses are not included in the scholarship. Candidates should establish contact with the receiving institution before submitting their scholarship application.

The deadline for receipt of applications for the academic year 1996–7 is 2 February. Further particulars and application material are available from Ms Anne Melas, Embassy of Finland, 38 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HW (telephone: 0171-838 6200).

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The Dr Wali Mohammad Trust offers partial awards to Pakistani students who are registered for a doctoral degree in natural sciences at a British university. Applicants must be under thirty-five years of age, self-financed (i.e. without a grant or scholarship awarded by any other institution), and in the third year of a doctoral course. Further information is available from the Education Attaché, High Commission for Pakistan, 39/40 Lowndes Square, London SW1X 9JN. The deadline for receipt of applications is 29 February.

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Up to nine Scatcherd European Scholarships will be available in 1996–7 for undergraduate or graduate students, who will continue to be registered for a degree at Oxford, to undertake study or research in another European country (including Russian and all countries to the west of the Urals, but not Turkey). The scholarships are tenable in any subject area and will not normally be awarded for a period of study of less than three months or more than one year.

The award will cover the cost of tuition or registration fees and provide a maintenance grant towards living costs, which is expected to be about £6,200 for a full year. The precise level of funding will be determined according to the proposed place of study and any funding which the student will continue to receive, such as funding from a Research Council.

Further information and application forms may be obtained from the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70105).

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The Cha Fund provides postgraduate students who are working on research degrees in any aspect of south, south-east, and/or north- east Asian studies with grants towards the costs of their thesis research. Students from any college within the University of Oxford may apply. The maximum grant available is £500, and no student who has been awarded a grant from the fund for any amount up to that limit will be eligible for another. Nor are students with probationary status, students for the M.Phil. degree, or students whose thesis deals only tangentially with Asia eligible for consideration.

Among the purposes for which grants may be given are: travel essential to thesis research, the acquisition of materials essential to thesis research, and the preparation of artwork or other material for inclusion in the completed thesis. Grants for subsistence or for the editing of theses will not be made; nor is funding available to present papers at conferences, except when a very strong case can be made for the relevance of such a presentation to the applicant's thesis research. Candidates are expected to apply for grants before incurring expenses.

Applications for grants are considered twice a year, early in Michaelmas Term (for grants needed at any time up to the end of the following April) and early in Hilary Term (for grants needed at any time up to the end of the following September and/or during all or part of the following academic year). Applications should be made on a form available from the Secretary of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF, and should be submitted by the end of the fourth week of the relevant term. No awards are made during Trinity Term.

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The Oppenheimer Fund provides grants to assist the academic exchange of senior members between the University of Oxford on the one hand and universities and similar institutions of higher education in the Republic of South Africa on the other. Applications are invited from senior members of the University who wish either to visit one or more universities in South Africa or to invite a staff member from a South African university to Oxford. Grants may be awarded to assist with living expenses for a maximum of six months, and travel costs. Visits for the sole purpose of attending a conference will not normally be eligible for support from the fund.

Applications for grants from the fund should include a statement of the purpose of the proposed visit, duration and the estimated cost, details of any other available sources of funding, and, in the case of visits to Oxford, a curriculum vitae of the staff member it is proposed to invite. Applications should be sent to the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, by 8 March.

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