Flu flag green

The University is currently in the green zone pandemic phase - no pandemic flu.


Flu pandemic information

Flu pandemic planning by the collegiate University

The University has developed a planning framework for action to be taken in the event of a flu pandemic (see right, 'useful information'). The University's aim is to minimise the impact of the flu pandemic on students, staff, and visitors to the University, whilst as far as possible maintaining the University's core activities of teaching and research. Information and guidance on the framework has been distributed to departments. Colleges also have plans for dealing with a pandemic.

The University's response will be guided by information from recognised regional, national, and international bodies. Close co-operation exists between the University and the regional health authority in planning for a possible flu pandemic. As part of the planning process the University has produced a colour-coded guide to the University of Oxford pandemic plan phases. 

A decision to move between Pandemic Phases will be made by the University authorities, in close consultation with regional and national bodies.

This website is used to post new information in a developing pandemic situation, so you may wish to bookmark this site.

Further information and advice

This website will be updated at any time when the University's pandemic alert phase changes, so it is worth visiting this site and familiarising yourself with its content from time to time.