University-wide scholarships

University-wide scholarships are available in multiple departments and colleges. A list of University-wide scholarships organised by region is below, with links to further information.

These scholarships are generally fully funded (covering all fees and living expenses), although some awards are smaller. Most have eligibility restrictions, for example, based on country of ordinary residency or programme of study at Oxford. The vast majority of University-wide scholarships are only open to candidates applying to start a new graduate course of study. Students who have deferred their place at Oxford are not eligible to apply for these scholarships.

To search the full range of scholarships offered across the University, use the Fees, Funding & Scholarship Search. If you want to investigate funding from bodies external to the University, refer to the External Scholarships page.

Multiple regions

Students from the UK and Europe

Students from Africa

Students from Asia

Students from Australasia

Students from North America

Students from South America