This World Lousy: A New Musical | University of Oxford

This World Lousy: A New Musical

27 Jan 2016 to 30 Jan 2016
20:00 - 22:00
St John the Evangelist Church
109A Iffley Road

'This World Lousy' is an innovative and thought-provoking piece of student writing following the journey of a fugitive from the law and focusing on the inner narrative, self-doubt, and personal motivations- or lack thereof- of the characters. The musical score by Peter Shepherd is at times chaotic, despairing, and hopeful. With an incredibly talented group of singers, actors, and musicians, we are working to bring an extremely emotionally resonant performance to the stage at the church of St. John the Evangelist.

In many ways, This World Lousy is a timeless tale-in-the-woods, with all the moments of intrigue and passion that mark any captivating classic. But This World Lousy is not your typical story: it intends to subvert our comfortable expectations – brave hero, self-destructive villain, happy ending – and cast an inquisitive eye at the failings of human nature. What happens to others when we don’t step up to our challenges? Who suffers when we tussle for power and control? What can fear do to a man on the run? These questions, and more, will be fleshed out by some of Oxford’s best new music.